MOFO Wallet 0.3.3

Mofo wallet update


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Supported coins and their embedded server versions:

1. FIMK 0.3
2. NXT 1.3.4

Available as online version and as cross platform installable download:


(You might need to CTRL+F5 to refresh your browsers cache in case the old version is shown – see browser title bar for version number)



SHA256 7d2307325c05ca23b4ef05bcf4fb835a2daa5d23ef2ae8acc27c89db408e2cbb
MD5 ce393d71345f77cb02d722035793db7c

SHA256 7d2307325c05ca23b4ef05bcf4fb835a2daa5d23ef2ae8acc27c89db408e2cbb
MD5 ce393d71345f77cb02d722035793db7c

SHA256 e1119fab1de21d35b23afbc7ae555868dbf043866badc65eb3816b9419880b5e
MD5 6eac355f218ec86ad12a2def7359d32d

This is the first major update after initial mofowallet release. Improvements were made on almost all levels.

API Request Manager

The network request layer has been completely rewritten, it is now aware of all active and pending (API) requests. Requests are grouped and can be prioritized or cancelled all together, requests are bound to the controllers that started them and are automatically destroyed when the controller is destroyed.

Network requests are executed from a central interval (timer) and is no longer event based. The interval acts as an external agent that can take action and cancel requests if they either time out or take too long to start (when higher ranked requests take up all available slots).

The number of concurrent requests are set at six for now, this seems to work well while running on localhost and when connected to public API servers.

Decentralized API

Improvements are made in the usage of the decentralized API, users can run their own API server and add these to mofowallet. Because multiple public API servers are used, synchronization among those servers has to be performed on startup. Synchronizing involves a check if the server is up and functioning and a detailed analysis of the fork that the server is on.

Public API servers that are on a fork are ignored for the current session, thereby not wasting any network traffic.

API servers are required to have SSL enabled and must use a proper certificate.

Embedded Servers

Users are prompted if they want to start the embedded FIMK and/or NXT server on startup, options for each server are available to either start automatically or never start at all.

Users can run both servers at the same time but this does put a higher load on your system. However, running the servers is not required since mofowallet is fully functional when operating on the public API servers only.


Forging/mining is supported for all embedded servers. The blockchain must be downloaded before you can forge blocks. The forging UI has been updated and now requires your secret phrase to be entered only once, either enter your secret phrase or open your wallet file containing your secret phrase.

To see if you forged any blocks you will, for now, need to look at the amount forged label in the accounts section. Better feedback of exactly what blocks you forged and other info, like charts and averages, are under development.

Namespaced Aliases

Namespaced aliases now support encryption. This is the same encryption AES encryption offered for normal messages. Namespaced Aliases can be encrypted so only the owner account can decrypt or where the owner account and one other account can decrypt that.

Asset Exchange

Introducing the initial Asset Exchange UI for FIMK and NXT. UI is read only in this release meaning you cannot enter or cancel orders. Asset Exchange is a work in progress and it’s anticipated that it will change considerably. Our aim is to offer a professional full featured interface to both the FIMK and NXT decentralized exchanges. We consider a professional UI one that offers traders all tools required to do your daily trading.

Current AE UI includes:

1. historical price charts
2. listing of all available assets
3. display of current price and 24 hour percent change

Planned AE UI additions:

4. in client per asset blockchain based commenting
5. better charting (moving average, candle stick etc..)
6. automatic actions based on blockchain events (this requires the client to stay on)

Better Messaging

Better support for sending plain text or encrypted messages. Message transactions in the transaction history are displayed inline now. If you provided your secret phrase, messages are decrypted on the fly and can be seen inline in the account transaction history but also in the blockexplorer.

Startup Service

New service available to all plugins, plugins register with the startup service to do intialization upon application startup. Plugins register so called activities that show progress in the startup dialog, activities can be made to run only after certain other activities have finished running.

The startup dialog can be hidden by the user and the mofowallet is usable from that moment on. If certain functionality in mofowallet depends on an activity to complete it will be disabled until the activity has completed.

Highly Contextual Identifiers

All identifiers for blocks, transactions, accounts, aliases, block heights and more now support mouse events. Plugins can register for mouseover, mouse out and click events. This has enabled everything from the blockexplorer to the account section to be *clickable* and will show you a details dialog in which everything is again clickable.

Bugs fixed

Fixed a bug where sometimes sending a transaction does not immediately show up in your list of recent transactions. This now works correctly for all broadcasted transactions.

Fixed numerous performance bottle necks, desktop mofowallet is much faster than the initial 0.3 release.

Fixed the problem of mofowallet constantly sending requests to obtain state from the public servers. The rewritten network layer fixed this.

Fixed a bug where sending a transaction gave no meaningful feedback, on sending transactions the user now sees a dialog that shows transaction creation, signing and broadcasted feedback.

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