A light wallet for the Ardor blockchain and all of its childchains. It uses local signing of transactions, so your passphrase is never sent over the net. You can send/receive tokens on any of Ardor's chains and perform cross chain exchanges.


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Ardor Lite features

• Local signing
• Balance converted to fiat currencies, BTC, or ETH
• Contact saving and naming on device
• View recent transactions and balance on any chain
• Broadcast offline transactions
• Connect to a custom node
• Ability to lease forging power to another account
• Coin Exchange
• Barcode generating and scanning
• Save accounts for quick access
• Save passphrase on device protected by your fingerprint
• New account generation
• Ability to login or send to aliases
• Multi Language: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
• Supports all child chains including: IGNIS, BITSWIFT, and MPG.


Ardor Lite is developed by Mrv777.
Active part of the Nxt- and Ardor community since 2013.

You'll find him in ardornxt.slack, pushing ideas, asking for ideas, helping others, proposing optimizations, or announcing another new update of his Ardor Lite app for Android, iOS, and browsers. He's on Discord, on Twitter, and in front of the screen programming open source apps and services, what he finds the community needs. Like... this blockchain explorer!

Customers Feedback



I’ve been waiting for this!
I’ve just celebrated the new Ardor Wallet on Apple by sending my first transaction. It worked seamlessly! I’ve been waiting for this app. Thank you, MrV.



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Source code on Github.
Ardor Lite is also available as a web wallet.


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