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Release 1.3.4

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Change log:

This release is focused on improving the Nxt Marketplace (Digital Goods
Store) by adding search and browse capabilities.

Implemented full text search using the Lucene library, as supported by H2.
Table columns currently indexed are, asset.description,, goods.tags, goods.description. A rebuild of the search index
can be forced using the luceneReindex debug API.

The full text search query parameter supports the standard Lucene syntax, which
makes AND, OR, phrase queries, or wildcard queries possible. The default
query operator is OR, to do an AND search need to specify AND between keywords

Added searchAssets API which takes a query parameter and returns assets
having name or description matching the query.

Added searchDGSGoods API which takes a query parameter and returns goods
having name, tags, or description matching the query. The results can also
be restricted to a specific seller, goods in stock only, or goods with a
specific tag only.

getDGSPurchases API now takes an optional withPublicFeedbacksOnly parameter.
If true, results are filtered to include only purchases with public feedbacks.

Added getDGSGoodsPurchases API to retrieve purchases for a specific goods,
optionally those with public feedbacks only.

Added getDGSTags API returning all DGS Goods tags, sorted by number of goods
in stock with that tag and total number of goods with that tag. Takes an optional
inStockOnly parameter, default true, to retrieve tags for goods in stock only.
At most three tags per goods are used, tags longer than 20 characters or shorter
than 3 are ignored, and the parsing of tags is done using the Lucene

Show purchase counts and public feedback counts in all API responses returning
Goods JSON, unless includeCounts parameter is false.

Include total numbers of Goods, Purchases, and Tags in the getState API.

Added getAccountAssetCount, getAliasCount, getDGSGoodsCount,
getDGSGoodsPurchaseCount, getDGSPurchaseCount APIs, to be able to retrieve the
corresponding total counts directly.

To populate the tags table in the database, a blockchain rescan will be done at
first start.

Updated jetty to version 9.2.5. If unpacking on top of a previous installation,
delete your lib directory first to remove the old jetty libraries.

UI changes:

The Marketplace page now shows a listing of tag keywords, ordered by number of
goods in stock with that tag. Clicking on each tag brings the list of goods
having that tag. Searching for goods is now possible using keywords from the
goods name, description, or tags. The list of goods also display the number of
completed purchases, and for goods with a public feedback available, a link to
display that feedback.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


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Arthur founded NXTER.ORG in December 2013 and started writing Nxt newsletters to the Nxt community.

Managed the development and implementation of Nxt's visual brand in 2014, with web design bureau Ideenfrische.

Issued the NXTP asset in 2014, a profit sharing asset given to early contributors to that helped turn the site into a magazine, publishing news and articles in several languages, and running faucets, contests and social media campaigns for Nxt. ESMA based a report on's coverage of the Nxt AE in 2015.

Arthur is still one of the driving forces behind He compiled the acclaimed book about Nxt 'SNAPSHOT', which got published in early 2017.
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