A Week With Elizabeth


It's with great pleasure that we invite you on another journey.

This week we invite you to follow a great veteran from our community. An always inclusive and hearty, inventive professional no-troll-accepting designer and businesswoman. One that understands the true power of giving, an important leg of the long gone Nxt Starfish, co-founder of the Nxt Foundation, now head of the ARDOR & NXT GROUP. QBTC, The Cryptowoman, Elizabeth Mong, once lost but also returned (to the foreground), strengthened, and with even greater warmth, knowledge - and nice Ardor stickers too. 🙂

Madfox (as Sazan and you all rocked the Nov II puzzle), wrote:

This is the beginning of a great series. Next week (Nov III) I'll make A Week With Elizabeth. We will highlight them all!!

To solve the puzzle - you should wait for the puzzle!
What are the clues - encrypted message in the prize account will tell

The prize account: ARDOR-SGZ8-EC8Y-TWZC-5VL4T. 100 IGNIS in it. [UPDATE: 300 IGNIS now!] Bit by bit Elizabeth announces the passphrase. Puzzlers follow her feed, pick out words, and will in the meantime stay updated about the greatness of blockchain.

But... Alice and Bob know: that's not even a puzzle. Therefore, this week:
The first person to pick up the full passphrase and access the prize account first will be able to claim IGNIS, BUT. Anyone that picks up the passphrase and accesses the prize account will get to know how to solve...

...which might lead to a bonus prize. Good luck.

The puzzle prizes are sponsored by the ANG.

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