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Wherever Smart People Work, Doors are unlocked

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

There are more good reasons than usual to join ardornxt.slack this week, if you aren't a member already. One is the AMA with Jelurida, that will take place on November 14th, and be about Lightweight Contracts and the Ardor Hackathon. Another is a new channel called #MOBS. Read more below. Yes, it's warming up.

After a week where the so-called crypto media have been occupied with covering the delays and problems with plasma, sharding, Eth PoW difficulty, SEC charging DEX founders, and price speculation, we at Nxter Magazine bring you another weekly round of positive blockchain news. As Jelurida's 10-second blocks run full steam ahead on testnet, a snapshot of DOM tokens will take place, a new video demonstrates how you can create Euro-backed tokens in less than 15 minutes on the Ardor platform, the snapshot for the RYA + TRUST airdrop is closing in, and yes, there's the Mobs team saying hello, announcing a killer video app and marketplace, which might be powered by a new Ardor child chain token when it launches in 2019.

We thank you, for letting us take you through another week that was;

Jelurida Status Update

AMA on Wednesday 14

Now is your chance to ask technical questions and learn from the core developers of Nxt and Ardor, as Jelurida has put forth the date for their Hackathon/Lightweight Contract AMA session

Jelurida announced:

An AMA session about Lightweight Contracts and the Ardor Hackathon will be held on Wednesday, Nov 14 at 17:00 UTC on the Ardor & Nxt Slack! If you are not a member yet, join our slack now!



The Ardor core dev team will be live for 1 hour to answer questions about LCs & the ongoing Online Hackathon. If you can't attend, ask your questions before the AMA here:

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The Hackathon

The challenges are known, the development environment just got faster with Ardor 2.0.2e processing 10-second blocks on the testnet - the time is now for you to join the Ardor hackathon!

How is it coming along? There's room for more attendees - so come and play along.

Veronica Torras informs:

This is the first of a series, and Jelurida will learn and improve for next editions. The promotion of the hackathon won’t stop until the deadline (social media posts and contact with developers targeted through our team), but I would say that there are good chances to win a prize if you code a great solution to one or several of the challenges *wink*

The real number of participants is unknown though, as there is no application process - Jelurida decided to do it like this to make the process easier. 40 people have joined the hackathon mailing list, but this is not a requirement to participate.

More info


Blockchain MT - continued...

How do you sell a unique product?

Last week we published a notice about Jelurida's meeting with the MITA (Malta Information Technology Agency) before the official Malta blockchain Summit. Here's the video.

Learn about the various Cloud Baas offerings, and how Ardor's "Full Blockchain as a Service" offering makes it fast and efficient for businesses to launch customized, feature-rich blockchains that rely on a distributed network of nodes for security.

From 29:57 Skylar Hurwitz (CryptoDemetrius) demos the Ardor client, demonstrating how to launch your own EURO-backed Reward Points, Loyalty Points, and Game Tokens in just 15 minutes, using the Euro-pegged AEUR Ardor child chain.

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Nxter Puzzle | A Week With Sazan

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Seek Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

Last week, we had a tribute to awesome community member SAZAN.

The rules of the puzzle are HERE, and you should know this. The 100 IGNIS, kindly sponsored by the ANG, got transferred from the prize account - as Crypto_Case took it all. Well done 🙂

This week expect a NxterPuzzle much like it. An announcement will be made by Madfox the NxterPuzzlemaster, and the details, of course, be published here on Nxter.org.

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - and there are still more hidden IGNIS to find.











Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.

Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 

Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc


Upcoming Events

The second Ardor Meetup in São Paulo with exclusive presentations on the Ardor platform. The event will be free and held on November 16 at Galpão da Pizza from 19:00 to 22:00.


Jelurida attends Asia Blockchain Week, one of the major international platforms for showcasing innovative Blockchain solutions.

More information

Been there

LIBERTHON, Tel Aviv, Nov 8-9

Lior went:

"Back from a two days marathon at https://www.liberthon.org, the tides are starting to turn, Ehereum is still strong but most teams are seeking a way out and are willing to discuss alternatives.

The choice of first place was really weird, it was given to the weakest entry out of 13, I was really surprised. Having a working product was around 55% of the score, all 3 winners did not demonstrate a working product." 

West Africa cyber security & blockchain technology conference


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?


A SNAPSHOT of DOM balances will be taken on November 12, and another property bond has been launched on Dominium

If you own DOM, now would be a good time to associate your account with an Ardor wallet and identify yourself (KYC) on their website. All accounts that have passed KYC (minimum Clearance Level 1) and have an Ardor wallet associated with their account will get their balance transferred to the upcoming Ardor child chain for free through a JSON file which will be created on the 12th. Transactions after the 12th of November will carry a small publishing fee. Dominium PROMISES that your passphrase never leaves your device and that only your wallet address and public key are shared with Dominium.

Ahem. ...

Erwin, (Dominium):

We'll never send a passphrase across the internet nor store it. We are using the exact same javascript code Ardor client is using for in browser wallet generation. Fair point you can't see/verify this. Like I said, it's a matter of trust. For those who don't trust this to be the case, we will offer an alternative shortly by allowing to sign/provide proof of ownership with a generated token.

Well, we trust you, Dominium. Nevertheless, quite a few hardboiled community veterans can be trusted to NEVER comply. Entering your passphrase, the access key to your whole investment on to a website is simply a no go, and the reason for Nxt and Ardor having a feature called "token generation". By generating a token with your passphrase, you can prove ownership of your account without exposing its passphrase. That's how Ardorgate does it. You can generate new accounts, prove ownership of your account, and also sign transactions OFFLINE, with a tool like SIGBRO. It's not about trusting/not trusting Dominium (or ardor.nxter.org). It's making sure that neither investors nor Dominium run the risk of losing millions to a hacker of the website. A legit concern in this brave new Cryptoworld. Therefore it's good to see Dominium follow up with the announcement that "multiple accounts will soon be supported as will generated token signing instead of passphrase signing". Then it's up to the investor to decide, whether you want to run a risk or wait a sec.

In other news:

The second property bond was launched on Dominium:

Max Property Fund II

As announced last week, Max Property Group released a tokenized property fund on Dominium's platform. The fund invests in residential property in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, promises 6.25% annual return, a profit share of 40% upon exit after term, the term is 10 years + 2 months, the lock-in period is 1 year, after which the tokens can be traded freely on the platform.

Max Property Deutschland NEW!

This newly released fund invests in residential - and some commercial - property in Lower Saxony, Germany, pays 8% annual return, a profit share of 30% upon exit after term, the term is 10 years, the lock-in period is 1 year, after which the tokens can be traded freely on the platform.

Max Property Group UK - will go live this week!

Invests in residential - and some commercial - property in the United Kingdom, pays 10% annual return, a profit share of 30% upon exit after term, the term is 10 years, the lock-in period is 1 year, after which the tokens can be traded on the platform.

Emission fee is 2%. Minimum investment: €1000.

People from the USA, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Yemen are excluded from investing in the offered securities.

Learn more: ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

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Meet the MOBS

Mobs is an AI powered mobile app that will help you create crowdsourced videos and list them on a fancy p2p marketplace

This week a new project was announced.

MOBS is a social mobile app, with which users can get together in groups (mobs), create videos together, and - if they choose to - stick their final creation up on a searchable marketplace in order to monetize their creations, for example by licensing or selling their masterpieces to marketers. And - you guessed it - all market/contract/transaction data will be stored on the blockchain, and there's going to be a $MOBS token.

The people behind the MOBS app are no n00bs to tech startup scene, counting serial entrepreneur Raquel H. Schafhauser as CEO, Senior Partner Engineer at Netflix, Andrés H Schafhauser, as CTO, as well as a mob of experienced advisors from the film industry, the blockchain environment, legal advisors, etc. Mobs has been under development since January 2017.

VanBreuk, an advisor to the team, announced:

We want to share the project with the Ardor community at this early point in our roadmap, as product development is starting to gain traction, and before the token sale begins.

Essentially, Mobs is a mobile application that allows users to meet and create videos together, through a simple collaborative interface powered by AI, and provides a blockchain based marketplace for selling and licensing all the user generated content.

Traditionally it hasn't been simple for marketers and companies to acquire video footage, particularly user generated content, every year more engaging and attractive than branded video content. Mobs aims to solve this problem with an ecosystem where people can gather in Mob chat groups, sharing videos they shot using their cellphones. The application then offers simple creative options in the form of masterpiece templates, that can automatically produce an edited, crowd-sourced video thanks to a special sauce algorithm and the smartphone capabilities. This can be done simply for fun (imagine a group of friends producing a movie after their weekend trip together, a family creating a memory after a birthday or a wedding, or a community collaborating in a video about their favorite topic for sharing on social media), but a Mob can also start because an event organizer invites the audience to share the videos they recorded during the experience, or because a company calls for video contributions from customers for a specific marketing campaign.

The disruptive element in Mobs happens, of course, thanks to a P2P market economy facilitated by blockchain. Creators can not only produce content together, but also place it for sale in a decentralized marketplace under a certain license and conditions. Then marketers and content consumers can browse this marketplace and purchase any available piece of footage directly from the users, and the platform can reward creators proportionally to the content they license while keeping fees and costs at a minimum.

As you guess by now, it soon became clear to me that Mobs could be a great fit in the Ardor platform, as a MOBS child chain focused on the Digital Goods Store API and taking advantage of other features that Nxt has been testing for a good while. While during the last months we've also done research in other blockchain platforms, at this moment using Ardor technology remains our first option.

Get information, including their whitepaper, from the mobs.video website, and you can ask questions, give feedback and engage in the conversation with the Mobs team @ ardornxt.slack, the #mobs channel.

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- BTW -


The snapshot of NXT balances is close. If you hold NXT on 17/11, then 0.4 RYA + 0.4 TRUST per 1 NXT will be reserved and hit your wallet address when the Rya team launches the modified clone

bkUpT from the Rya team clarifies:

So to be clear to everyone, there isn’t a timeline or guidelines as to when the main net will launch and everyone to be able to access Ryacoin. The snapshot is on the 17th, not the main net launch - when the main net launch happens then the airdrop will happen according to NXT balances in the snapshot.

Mr. Brown adds:

  1. The price is a matter of demand and supply.
  2. The design is for stability for the long term. In the beginning, I would expect it to be very unstable.
  3. There is no connection to the Fiat money so 1$ or any other comparison to the dollar value is irrelevant.

The Tokok exchange has announced that it will be supporting the snapshot and airdrop of RYA. This also means that Tokok will most likely be the first exchange to list RYA, alongside NXT, IGNIS, and ARDR. If you want to also receive TRUST tokens you have to keep your NXT in a wallet you control - TRUST tokens cannot be transferred or sold. And as always - be aware that by choosing to leave your NXT on an exchange, they become a 3rd party, as it is up to THEM to distribute the airdrop to you.

Learn more: ANN | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat

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XendBit's whitelist is open

Starting in Africa, XendBit wants to launch a trackable, trustless Nxt-based alternative to banks and bring financial inclusion to the unbanked. Its ICO token is ERC20 - its tech is Nxt and Ardor.

The XendBit ICO pre-sale will start on December 1st, and the whitelist is open for registration at xendbit.io.

Also, last week an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the XendBit founder and CEO, Bolaji Onibudo, took place on their Telegram channel. Mr. Onibudo explained how he got into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain shortly after the global crude oil crash around mid-2016. He saw many local construction companies having to downsize, some were even forced to shut down completely, and he thought that perhaps there wasn't adequate planning and budgeting for such critical infrastructure projects like housing for the citizens, construction of schools and hospitals. And so, having heard about blockchain and smart contracts from a friend he spent time with while in York for his college internship, Mr. Onibudo reckoned: "we need Blockchain in government to ensure budgets are well implemented and perhaps to facilitate everyday transactions in Africa and other emerging economies". He wrote:

"I wanted to do everything possible under the Blockchain umbrella, Wallet, Exchange, coin etc. (...) then I developed the first XendBit windows wallet based on BitcoinJ library and to my surprise it worked as I was able to get a friend to send me some bitcoins on the wallet."

Wendy Q. [05.11.18 16:30]

What makes XendBit different from platforms like EtherDelta or WaveDex?"

Bolaji Onibudo, [05.11.18 16:32]

Most of those exchanges only support single chain tokens and to be a full fledged DEX you must be capable of atomic swaps, i.e.multi-chain transactions. XendBit is a multi-chain DEX supporting BTC, ETH, LTC, Ardor, Monero, NXT, Ignis, DASH and more to come.

Opeyemi Adeniran, [05.11.18 16:41]

How will XendBit be able to help financial inclusion in Africa. With this, i mean people that does not and cannot have access to the traditional bank accounts? Having access to payments, remittances and transfers across the continent with much ease.

Bolaji Onibudo, [05.11.18 16:44]

Currently we are connected to over 30 banks in Africa, as a requirement of the central banks we are required to enforce KYC and AML requirements. Our integration with the banks makes it second nature to easily verify the identities of XendBit users with the banks.

We intend to leverage the features of the Blockchain and provide a secure multi-chain  wallet that acts as quasi-bank account that will enable savings, payments/remittances and also give individuals access to credit.

Read the rest of this AMA on the XendBit Telegram channel - or learn from the whitepaper.

A few days later, an African community member asked a question that IMHO exemplifies the relevance of XendBit, and why it should be taken very seriously. This is not a funny Cryptokitten, not another shitcoin launch, or a to-the-moooon-token. XendBit is on a mission to solve real problems, also on a local level. And how great is it, that it's Bolaji Onibudo, and not some foreign investor that stands behind it.

Sadia Lawal wrote:

Take a look at this table [below].

Increase in the price of these food items is even more than a 100% between 2015 and 2016. My question now is, with the issue of inflation and hyperinflation and everyone wanting to switch to a more stable currency, what can be done for those whose investment and value have been trapped in fiat currency?

David, [09.11.18 14:03]

Hello Sadiya. Inflation and Hyperinflation have become common in many economies due to many factors, of which only one is the dwindling value of the fiat currency of the country. With the advent of Crypto currencies, attempts will be made to create Stablecoins which could slow down inflation.

Ewere Osaro, [09.11.18 14:24]

I like the idea of Xendbit introducing the NGN tether which is a stablecoin just like the USD tether. As a Nigerian cryptocurrency trader, I am so eager to see this become a reality soon.

The beauty of having a stablecoin is to be able to hedge your coins during period of negative volatility (falling market) thereby still retaining the original value. Just take for example when bitcoin got to the peak around $20,000 early this year, some individuals who understand market cycle were able to quickly convert their bitcoin to USD tether. Imagin, if you had converted your 1 bitcoin to USD Tether when price was at $20,000, the value will still be retained by now. Guess how much bitcoin you will have now if you convert your $20,000 tether to bitcoin given the current price today? A whooping  approximately 3 bitcoin!  NGN tether will  help Nigerian traders on our platform to quickly convert their bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to naira during period of negative volatility thereby still retaining  the actual value of your crypto. You will also be able to withdraw this into your naira bank immediately if you choose not to convert back to crypto.

JayDee, [09.11.18 15:02]

Xendbit is fast becoming Africa's fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat switch for instant transfer, remittances and exchange #beyondbanking.

Let's hope it does. A lot is happening right now. Here at Nxter, we bring you the Nxt- and Ardor-related news and the quotes of the week - we do not trade, we do not ask you to buy/sell, and we do not give investment advice - always DYOR!

Learn more: Website | One PagerWhitepaper | Token Sale | Telegram | Twitter

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