SuperNET Newsletter #18

Welcome to the SuperNET. This week we’ve got the usual roundup of news and developments. The tech is coming together, as James writes: ‘It is getting very close. The core, GUI and windows are really three totally independent projects, but they all need to come together to get a windows release. This is happening.’ James …

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Ramchains: Ultra-fast blockchain operations

SuperNET developer jl777 has created ramchains: a compressed, memory-mapped implementation of the blockchain that is capable of blazingly fast operations. The innovation solves a critical problem with cryptocurrencies, and opens the door to completely new applications. The blockchain is the foundation of cryptocurrencies: the decentralised ledger technology pioneered by Bitcoin that makes trustless online money …

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SuperNET Newsletter #14

Welcome to the SuperNET. These are very exciting times, with the realtime Multigateway going into beta – meaning that anyone can now download it and start using it. Beyond that, we’ve got plenty of analysis on how the launch of these services could affect the broader crypto ecosystem, and some other news and information you’ll …

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