Every moment is a fresh beginning

Good day, good people! For 6 months I haven’t posted on nxter.org. That’s a world record for me. So, yesterday I soft-launched the redesign of the Nxter.org website. Still some things to be done, but ain’t there always. It’s about time to get re-started. If you’re in ardornxt.slack you know I’ve been working on cleaning …

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[crowdfunding] The First Book About Nxt

The first book about Nxt Crowdfunding campaign: 5th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 We need your support NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV What is this book ? Initially published as a pdf, it will be the first multi-lingual, tangible symbol of the real-life, global, transformative potential of Nxt. More specifically, co-published by Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire (Ludom), …

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