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Welcome NXTers, newcomers, and long-time community members.
Yesterday the Nxt Asset Exchange went LIVE. Nxt developers – we salute you!

This week’s topics:

  • AE
  • The launch
  • Forging fees
  • Buy! Buy! Sell!
  • AE tokens
  • Upcoming AE tokens
  • Scammers
  • MISC
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week


The AE launch


The launch of NXT AE was amazing. Due to many nodes not running the latest versions and there being a lot of asset tx, there were a few blocks that took almost 30 minutes, but still NXT AE is here with a bang!

Forging fees…





Rocking to the moon!


Holy shit, I forged a block with 5010 nxt in fees. That’s more than what forging machine is worth.
If you have nxt and don’t forge – you really should start Shocked

Buy! Buy! Sell! …


I just bought my first assets! Bithaus baby!  ;D


The bithaus asset was issued in block 135007, it also seems to be the asset that had the most trading volume.

InstantDEX started strong and continued to keep going up all the way to 30 NXT per asset. It was the second most active issue. Even though people dont know what the secret coin NXTcoinsco will have, on the strength of nodecoin expectations, NXTcoinsco was the third most active issue. If they were cryptos, InstantDEX would be around #30 and NXTcoinsco would be around #40 on coinmarketcap.

Thank you to everybody for all the support. This also proves that people will do better to create a viable NXT asset than wasting time making clones.

AE tokens

A list of “trusted asset issuers” on AE, by the community:

Upcoming AE tokens



I promised my retailers that I wouldn’t sell any tokens but I can still give them away for free ;D.
Here is picture audit to prove that i have the requisite reserves:

NXT client tab

Give-away thread:

NXT Silver Bullion Gateway


Each token is a warehouse receipt for 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver. Silver is deliverable in the form of a 5 troy ounce silver bars (this may change to 10 in the future). The minimum order size is 10 troy ounces.

In order to receive physical silver bullion in exchange for a token the bearer must send an arbitrary message containing his/her mailing address and an amount of tokens greater than or equal to ten and divisible by ten to NXT address 4357314498768237104. Both the tokens and the arbitrary message must be sent from the same NXT address.

I will not be placing any tokens for sale on the exchange myself. Well I really don’t want to get too explicit about anything because I’m trying to avoid saying anything that could get me in legal trouble. Lets just say that if you donate some silver to me than I might donate some tokens which you might be able to sell on the asset exchange for more than you payed for the silver. It might be a great way to get some nxt at bargain prices.

Asset Name: silver
Asset ID: 7819056276221630295 * Account ID: NXT-UWKJ-GFEV-AGY4-5C4YS

Announcement thread:



I will function as a gateway between the asset exchange and the other blockchains. People can send BTC or NAS to me and will receive tokens of BTC and NXT on the asset exchange. These tokens can be sold/sent however they want. When someone has these tokens, he can  redeem those BTC or NAS they represent through me. I will never sell/buy/trade any of those tokens myself, that is the job of the resellers or people that want to purchase NXT that way. If this is successful I will add other cryptos to the supported coins. Also I will pay someone to automate the redeeming.

I talked to TwinWinNerD and he will function as the escrow. He is willing to vouch for me.


If Crypto-Gateway runs-off with any funds deposited, then I will pay for those missing funds. The vouching is true. For any other damages I can’t be reliable. I will hold nearly all BTC and NAS of this service and will put them in coldstorage if the amounts get bigger.

The coldstorage and hot wallet addresses will be publicly stated here. If the amount of tokens NOT in the asset issuer account, the asset issuer has broken the deal and I will take action!

PS: You can check my flawless trustrating here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=trust;u=16614

Happy trading!

Min Deposit: 1.00 BTC / 10,000,000 NAS
Min Redeeming: 0.1 BTC  / 2,500,000 NAS
Fees: 0.1% to deposit / 0.1% to redeem (lower fees for the first week, later it will be at 0.25%~)

Announcement thread:

Sianotes (pre-IPO)


Happy to announce that we are on the Nxt AE and selling!
First, I created 10,000 sianotes, each worth 0.01% siastock, adding up to a total of 100% siastock. Sianotes are not divisible. Only 15% is sale during the pre-IPO. This increases the price to 2400 each. At the moment, 100 are available. Over the next 3 weeks, we will keep releasing batches of Sianotes until the full 1500 have been sold.

Sia is a new, highly efficient decentralized file storage network that operates using cryptocurrency-based compensation. Hosts can join Sia, offering their local storage space to consumers in return for compensation. Consumers can then rent storage from these hosts.

The network has been designed with speed, reliability, and affordability as the highest priorities. To achieve this, data is split up into hundreds of erasure coded pieces distributed across the network. The network is self-repairing, such that if any host drops offline, the missing piece will be recovered and replaced. A file will survive even if dozens of hosts drop offline at the same time. Having the file in hundreds of places enables massively parallel downloads, like a torrent with hundreds of seeders. The throughput on Sia should max out most consumer-grade connections.

3.9% of all host income will be taken as a fee and distributed among the owners of Siastock. This can be compared to MaidSafe’s 15%. By making Siastock a full secondary cryptocurrency, it can be traded just like Bitcoin. Siastock represents a permanent source of income.

Whitepaper: http://www.siacoin.com/whitepaper.pdf
Github: https://github.com/NebulousLabs/Sia

Asset Name: sianote
Asset ID: 11593659039925686857 * Account ID: 13179792715523067888

Announcement thread:

Beware of scammers!

A 1000 Nxt entrance fee has been set to serve as “scam filter”.
But, obviously, some pranksters paid that fee and tried to get lucky.

Guidelines were immediately posted.

A thread was made for announcing scams:

And the discussion of improvements is ongoing…


I propose that wesley add a magic checkbox to the GUI that will make it so that only the assets on Daedelus’s list appears.

People can always uncheck the box to see all the unregistered assets.
We can publish a signed list of assets on trusted websites and the webGUI can fetch it and it will update very fast. So if somebody wanted to issue an asset, all they have to do is notify Daedelus and presto it appears.
I trust Daedelus, but it’s not decentralized.
Well, we already talked about services on top of Nxt which verify Assets and provide a list with ‘trusted’ assets. Think of rating companies for Nxt AE. They can even charge for this service, if they want (hello old financial world!). Now Nxt Dev community should just come to a consensus how this can be technically achieved (Nxt clients should somehow be able to import this data from the different rating servers).



You can become a local banker using the AE:


[ANN] NeXTblocks

We (the NeXTblocks team) will release the first version of NeXTblocks in approximately a week. It will feature an advanced blockchain explorer, all kinds of charts (including AE trade candlesticks per asset) and of course a browser encrypted wallet. Expect an announcement soon 🙂





This new feature will enable Decentralized Autonomous Corporations on NXT.  For a transaction fee, a user will be able to associate basic corporate governance structure to an issued asset.

* Polls can be related to share ownership and voting outcomes can be scaled to the ratio of ownership, similar to a board meeting.

* A basic dividend payment feature.

Officers can be elected using the Share Poll feature.

* Those officers have control over corporate accounts and can spend money and assets from those accounts while they hold office.

* Officers can also issue official corporate statements (P&Ls, etc.), as well as send official corporate messages.

The goals of this initiative are to get a useful and basic DAC functionality up and running.  Later we can add more complex features such as impeachmentliquidation/bankruptcyleasing NXT to a corporation, and ongoing integration of future features to the corporation system.  It greatly widens the scope of the asset exchange because we can build value of the shares themselves by relating them to the control of assets, both virtual and ‘real’.  It’s possible for instance to build a basic functioning investment fund using this feature.

Please post any comments below.  Show your support! Thanks!




NCAERS is a organization that assigns ratings to the Assets traded in the Nxt Asset Exchange. The organization will provide basic Asset Exchange market reports. 



Someone made an AE thread on r/cryptocurrency – seems like a good one to support with upvotes and replies to newb questions:

Quote of the week


AE is changing the world.

Words of wisdom of the week


REMEMBER when purchasing asset on NXT please take few minutes to confirm that you are buying from a legit issuer! You can do a quick search of the account number of the issuer in their respective websites/forum.

eg Bithaus with issuing account id  18146608053740744717 is legit.
after searching for 18146608053740744717 in nxtforum.org you can find it:

As asset names are non-unique you may find more assets with the same name.

Example of fake assetxdfb, acc 7348746100980203353
after searching for this account number in the forum, there are people telling you that its a fake.
And if you can’t find the account id of the issuing asset anywhere, then please don’t buy it until you can confirm its real!

This one is the real one:
Nxt account used to issue the virtual shares:4902825978590794884 / account’s ALIAS: XDFB
You can find the source here https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/comming-soon-‘dfb’/msg12362/#msg12362


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