MMBTCD dividend 13.01.2016

BTCD mutual fund and market-making asset


MMBTCD, asset ID 8122396658538927693.
Total issued assets: 1000000, Assets distributed to: 400000.

Dividend from asset:
Distribution of 81 [superBTCD] assets to 107 assetholders
Based on ownership at timestamp 67384016 (Wed, 13 Jan 2016 09:46:56 GMT)

Cassius writes,

It’s a lower div this week, for a couple of reasons. One is that it’s an ‘off’ week, so no dividend income from our major revenue sources, CORE or EIX.

The second is that MMNXT has paused in paying dividends while the merger with EIX goes ahead. The dividend this week therefore comes mainly from bots.

Within a week or so, hopefully the merger will be complete and MMBTCD will own a decent chunk of NEXT, putting it in a good position going forwards. I would expect revenues to rise as a result of the combined fund, though please do not trade based on this because, as ever, there are no guarantees.

BTCD is very low at the moment, and NXT just got hit by a wall of Chinese money. If that continues it will help payouts too.

Source: SuperNET Slack / https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/btcd-mutual-fund-and-market-making-asset-mmbtcd/msg205913/#msg205913

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