Nxt – The Economy Platform For Everybody

Nxt features cryptographically secured payments, a marketplace and a messaging and voting platform:

  • Secure Online Banking
  • Secure Shopping
  • Encrypted Messages
  • Voting, Elections and Surveys [coming in 1.5]

Secure Online Banking

Nxt is an advanced system for online banking which secures your deposits through modern cryptography. All you need is a strong password and you can start making or receiving money transfers.

The default user interface was designed and built using modern Web technologies, which enable you to have access to your account at any time from anywhere (Smartphone, Tablet or PC).

Secure Shopping

Besides secure online banking, Nxt also provides an integrated marketplace. Equipped with a powerful tagging system and search capabilities, the marketplace already offers many goods and services from people from all over the world. As a buyer, you can provide feedback to the seller in case you are unsatisfied or to express your gratitude for a fast and smooth purchase. If something goes wrong, you can even get a refund.

Web-based interfaces like FreeMarket can provide easier access to the integrated marketplace, highlight featured products and much more. Please note that all centrally managed Web applications, like FreeMarket, are free to filter the data on the blockchain or to alter its appearance in order to provide a smoother user experience and to comply with the requirements of their particular jurisdictions.

Encrypted Messages

You can transmit encrypted messages with Nxt to protect sensitive information. Only the intended recipients can decrypt them, as guaranteed by the applied encryption technology.

Voting, Elections and Surveys

‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics’. Everybody understands the meaning of that quote.

Nxt makes this a thing of the past. Just create a new survey for your next project, product or final thesis. Being secure, encrypted and consensus-based, the voting platform ensures that the results are aggregated, analyzed and presented ready for use in such a way that guarantees their integrity and reliability.

Further Reading, Clients and more

Available on http://nxt.org/ and http://test.nxter.org/

[The latest release of the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) is 1.3.4.]

You need more? 😉 Have a look at Nxt – The Economy Platform to find out what else Nxt has to offer.

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