Nxter News – May 2018 (III): The Surest Way To Make Your Dreams Come True Is To Live Them

May (III)   Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! Our dream is a world in which society is all around better, more accountable, more connected, and more convenient – all powered by distributed ledger technology: blockchain. We are living out our dream of a world in which ecosystems of decentralized apps exist and our data …

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Nxter News – May 2018 (II): Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards; But It Must Be Lived Forwards

May (II) Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers! Progress is not always elegant or “picture-perfect.” Progress is often slow, painful, but ultimately greatly worth the momentary inconveniences of the growing pains. The computer did not change our lives in a day, it took decades for the technology to mature to benefit the average person. Then …

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