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So…. someone happened to find the secret passphrase to Alice’s account. 23 hours after the release of last week’s NxterPuzzle, the IGNIS moved. Some readers found it hard to understand the rules. Others not worth their precious time to solve a puzzle for a $4 reward. Confronted with this information, madfox, the puzzle creator, responded, in a private chatroom:

madfox [9:41 PM]


This week we set our focus on the Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe.

The puzzle consists of a rectangular grid divided into regions. Draw a single continuous non-intersecting line that passes through all cells. It can enter and exit each region only once. The numbers you wander across from the beginning to the end of this journey will form a passphrase that opens account ARDOR-L4GP-7DUP-X459-72F5E.

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private hells made public
often puzzle the readers:
they wonder how this one
or that one
can endure and
well, there’s a secret:
don’t expect too
much of Alice and Bob,
they have been
practicing hatred
for centuries,
it’s passed down
refined and
a note on the masses

Madfox writes:

I see two ways for Sept II
1 – Easy puzzle with the final word to be announced
2 – the hardest one :slightly_smiling_face:

This week’s NxterPuzzle prize is – again – kindly sponsored by the Ardor and Nxt Group.

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