Nxter News – September 2018 (I): Minds Are Like Flowers, They Only Open When The Time Is Right


September (I)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Flowers look pretty, smell pretty, and they make a great gift for your significant other. They also serve as poetic license to talk about the human mind. We live in an age where many close-minded people are in power the world over, from the US to Turkey to China – leaders of countries talk about closing borders, trade wars. In an age when it seems like “walls” are being put up, try not to let your mind, your most precious asset, be walled off to new ideas/people/things. Being close-minded is a sad way to live through life, thinking that there is nothing new for you to learn or experience. These people are missing out on privacy, security, automation and decentralization through blockchain and all the cool ways that it might change our lives (including wine tourism!).

No matter your political beliefs, no matter who you are, please keep an open mind. One perspective is not inherently right or wrong, but we believe that ignorance is not something to strive for. Engage with people with civility, not anger and disrespect. Try to open their minds by sharing yours, eventually, they will come around, and you will both be enriched. There is so much to learn, so many interesting places to visit, foods to eat, amazing perspectives to enjoy. In life and within the growing Nxt and Ardor ecosystem. Like flowers, even the most bigoted, close-minded person you know can eventually open their minds.

Last week was eye-opening and busy, as usual. U got mail! – a nice email to our subscribers asking you to re-optin to keep receiving our weekly “best of” edition of this newsly, there is a new Ardor Updates YouTube channel by the ever popular CryptoDemetrius, a new Nxter puzzle, the launch of ArdorForum occurred, a Nxt social site was rebranded, wallet tutorials for newbies, a lot of coverage of Elizabeth, the director of the ANG, in Moldova, updates on your favorite Ardor businesses, and much more.

Thank you for letting us open your minds about the blockchain ecosystem we know and love through the week that was.






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  • Jelurida – Updates

Jelurida launched a new YouTube channel.

This Monday, the first episode of ‘Ardor Updates’ was uploaded, with the goal of updating the community on news from Jelurida and the Nxt and Ardor ecosystem. It’s host, CryptoDemetrius pitched his new series like this:

“Ardor Updates provides a broad overview of the ecosystem in a sort of news update format”.

And the result is insightful and breathtaking, take a look at the first 8-minute episode:


Oh! They gave a shout out to us, including asking viewers, like YOU, to subscribe to our emails! Thanks!

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  • Nxter Puzzle: Moldova

This week’s puzzle is made in appreciation of the Republic of Moldova. Elizabeth Mong, director of the ANG, went to a Nxt blockchain meeting in Moldova last week, met with Rodica Verbeniuc, Director at The Agency for Investment, Vitaly Iurcu, State Secretary of Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of Moldova, and with Lee Gibson Grant, co-founder of GTMA (Distributed Technology Moldova Association) and CiviliXation Moldova, which aims to enable the creation of Digital Cooperatives in Moldova on the Nxt Blockchain.

There is 100 IGNIS to the person that solves this week’s puzzle first, kindly sponsored by ANG:

NxterPuzzle | Travel Around Moldova

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles – and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed.

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  • ArdorForum goes Online

Offline for the last couple days, but as of September 4th, nxtforum will relaunch aaaand: ArdorForum will come online for the first time! If you had an account with nxtforum you will have an account on ArdorForum accessible with the same credentials.

Full announcement and thread: Source

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  • Nxtfolks.com has Become Ardor.rocks

Ardor Rocks

Longtime community creativist, @thewiremaster, is rebranding his social website nxtfolks.com to Ardor.rocks! You are invited on board his digital tour bus, and he just published How-To instructions on the use of his social site here: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2.

We cordially remind you of his evergreen rock love song on the same topic:

Visit website

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  • Blockchain Tutorial #31 – How To Setup An Ardor Wallet

A complete look at what is involved with downloading the installer, creating an account, protecting your passphrase et. al. His “thing” is creating these wallet installation videos for various blockchain platforms. Worth sending to your crypto-curious friends who want to become involved in a blockchain.

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  • DTMA Blockchain BBQ Party Chisinau Moldova with NXT Platform

Last week Elizabeth, the director of the ANG, had a great time in front of a lively and energized crowd in Moldova as she demonstrated the Nxt platform.

Elizabeth wrote:

Going from one inspiring and motivating event to another – I’m not sure if it is even possible to get more enthused! There was so much eagerness and excitement about Nxt blockchain tech last night in Modova.


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  • Elizabeth Mong meets the Agency for Investment of the Republic of Moldova

Elizabeth had a meeting with Rodica Verbeniuc, Director at The Agency for Investment of the Republic of Moldova. She presented features of the Nxt blockchain and had a nice talk about its possible use cases in Moldova.

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  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of Moldova talks with Elizabeth Mong

While in Moldova, Elizabeth met with the Secretary of Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. The interview is short but engaging.

She wrote:

Vitaly Iurcu, State Secretary of Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of Moldova talks with Elizabeth Mong, Director of Ardor / Nxt Group and offers his insights about blockchain technology and it’s future impact in Moldova.

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  • Introducing Distributed Technology Moldova Association

The audio quality is not the best, but nonetheless the video of Elizabeth introducing us to members of the Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DTMA). Moldova, in Europe for those who are unfamiliar, seems very enthusiastic about using distributed ledger technologies like Nxt and Ardor!

Elena Gutsu and Lee Gibson Grant join Elizabeth Mong, Director of Ardor / Nxt Group to talk about their venture Distributed Technology Moldova Association and how blockchain technology will impact the Moldovan future.

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  • The Winners of the Danube Gamejam / Hackathon 

The winners of the $4000 worth of IGNIS created a running app that allowed you to collect other conference participants as a trading card, not too dissimilar to Pokemon Go. A very clever idea worthy of the grand prize a couple weeks ago. You can see Elizabeth with the 2nd and 3rd place winners in the conference photos below. All prizes were sponsored by Jelurida, who co-hosted the hackathon.

Introduction to using blockchain in games (0:00-15:40):

Livestream zum Event:

Geplaatst door Alexander Pfeiffer op Zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

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  • Upcoming Events (By Order)

ANG and the community continue to compile the blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.


  • The Proof-of-Stake Consensus Algorithm of Nxt, in Sofia, September 4th

Nxt and Ardor core developer Petko Petkov will hold a seminar about the Nxt Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm at The Software University, in Sofia, this week, September 4th. The English-language seminar is free for anyone interested in a technical talk about the security and superior energy efficiency of the Nxt PoS algorithm.



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  • Jelurida will Attend Finnovista Pitch Day Madrid, September 18th

Jelurida is one of the first startups to attend the Finnovista event at FPDMadrid in mid-September.


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  • Jelurida will Attend BlockchainFest’18, in Istanbul, September 18-19th

Francisco Sarrias and Veronica are going to participate in BlockchainFest’18, in Istanbul at Kadir Has University on the historic Golden Horn, on the 18th and 19th.

Jelurida — Ardor, Ignis, Nxt — will have a stand during the two-day conference, will participate in a discussion about creating a blockchain from scratch on the first day, and will lead the conversation of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) in a talk the second day. The invitation came from Koophub, the central platform for the Turkish fintech industry to learn, interact, collaborate and develop, as well as to facilitate cross-border interaction in the EEMEA region (Ukraine, Bulgaria, and others).


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  • Blockchain Summit in Moscow, on September 25th

Elizabeth Mong (the ANG) will have a presence at the Blockchain Summit in Moscow next month, together with Nxter’s Russian editor and puzzle master Madfox, as well as Sergei from Ardor.World.

International Blockchain Summit

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  • Dominium ITO Update

On September 3rd the ITO started, this time at €0.10 per DOM. Unfortunately, but quite predictably, there are SCAM assets being created trying to dupe potential investors. You can ONLY purchase DOM tokens on the Dominium website. Remember that the funds raised by Dominium will go towards developing their property management portfolio and that the tokens will be actively burned by Dominium over time to ensure the tokens become more and more scarce.

€500K [was funded] during the pre-ITO. We are only now starting with the actual marketing on ICO listing sites, email marketing, events and of course revamped referral program.

We expect things to speed up considerably over the next weeks and we will of course audit the entire ITO, as we audit all our companies. Going to be fun for the auditors, but it is time ITO’s are fully audited.

Dominium admin updated:

Great video about Dominium by CryptoView in Russian language.

And they supported with a VK post as well:

The Dutch interview hosted by BitcoinmagazineNL with Esther Dekker now has English subtitles!

Gudo Thijssen:

SCAM ALERT: Apparently many people are being offered DOM tokens in a private sale. Do NOT ever deal with these people. The ONLY place you can buy DOM tokens is on our website. It is https://dominium.me and you should look for the company name in the top left corner. It should say Dominium B.V. as that is the company name.

Be careful out there as these scammers are getting more and more bold, with writing Medium articles and posting Twitter posts. Nobody from Dominium will ever ask you to pay to any other address or bank account as is indicated on our platform!

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

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  • Triffic Pre-ICO Update

Congrats to the Triffic team as they reached their Pre-ICO soft cap – people must have been impressed with their app. They have procured the funds to be on schedule for their ICO on December 3rd, 2018. Next week Triffic will have a new website and will release their white paper.

In the meantime, a gallery of eyecandy from Triffic, their latest progress, can be seen HERE.


We now have the funds to carry out the following tasks before our main ICO starts on 3 December 2018:
·Our main ICO will be properly marketed and promoted.
·Launch our Testers Bounty and our Rewards referral programs.
·Update our website and White Paper to reflect the new developments.

Our new website and White Paper will be released on 10 September 2018. In the meantime, please join our Telegram Chat for the latest updates.


ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

Public Sale Supply: 100,000,000 GPS Tokens / Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GPS Token

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  • CiviliXation Digital COOP

Now WHAT is this?

Lee Gibson Grant, a blockchain entrepreneur, and well-known visionary to veteran Nxters has been working on building testcases and use cases on the Nxt blockchain for years, the past two years behind the scenes. Now he is announcing a massive project in Moldova: wine tourism and the underappreciated wine regions of the world tied together with future tourists by using Nxt based Smart Contracts in order to sustain and develop rural economic segments of the world. Nxter will follow up on this with an interview published later this week, to give Lee the opportunity to explain his project, exciting use case and all of its far-reaching facets in further detail.

Lee Gibson Grant wrote on Facebook:

Wine tourism is one of the most flourishing segments of tourism demand. Linked to the traditions of rural communities, it can generate income and employment in regions where others sources of income may be in decay. The development of wine tourism further creates opportunities for income thorough its linkages to handicrafts, nature tourism, gastronomy and agro-tourism.

The 3rd edition of the UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism will focus on Wine Tourism as a Tool for Rural Development stressing the contribution of tourism to the 2030 Universal Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During the event Co-Founder Lee Gibson Grant of DTMA will be presenting brief overview “COULD THE DIGITAL ERA BE THE NEXT REVOLUTION OR EVOLUTION FOR MAKING WINE PERSONAL?”

The presentation of Grant will start out with the real time use case from Island of Agistri, Greece in 2015 from which local businesses on the Island participated in the testing of digitization and the use of NXT Blockchain technology with the economical outcome that was generated.

Furthermore Grant will be introducing a modest use case for the wine industry that is being delivered in real time by DTMA, in the format of Surveys to better understand the needs of the Global marketplace to attract tourists, the uniqueness of how the surveys are delivered will be the core focus of Digital Evolution on how to engage with tourists with Smart Contracts, Blockchain for its transparency and immutability as the underline technology, along with how this can impact and engage with the Wine Sector of Moldova and surrounding rural areas for economic growth.

Finishing off with three projects underway in Moldova targeting Adventure tourism one in the South of Moldova and in the North of Moldova.

CiviliXation Moldova that provides the Social Economy platform with blockchain technology as an underline network to enable the creation of Digital Cooperatives and applying the Existing laws of Moldova of Cooperatives as its Guidelines to enable rural communities to raise funds and engage with like minded investor and future tourists.

You can read the presentation here.

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  • EZYcount – Private Token Sale

The second round of the EZYcount token sale is ongoing, ending next week – September 14th. Registered participants can turn 1 Swiss franc (CHF) into 11 EZY tokens. After the 14th it will be 10 EZY tokens per CHF in the second round, which lasts til October 15th, 2018.


15 AUG-14 SEP:

15 SEP-15 OCT:

EZYcount is an online accounting software developed in Switzerland for self-employed and SMB’s. The goal of the token sale is to raise funds for AI integration into the EZYcount accounting and invoicing software so that, hopefully, within two years the product will be mature enough to automatically do ALL your accounting for you by observing and learning what transactions are for what purposes (rent, bills, tax deduction etc.). EZYcount will be using a new software licensing model called Token as a License (Taal). This token will represent a lifelong and tradeable software license for EZYcount solutions.

You can purchase EZY TaaL tokens with USD, CHF, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, ARDR and all Ardor child chain tokens. If EZYcount does not reach their minimum target of CHF 1 million, they will refund all amounts invested.

Join the ICO

Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter

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Download: https://jelurida.com

This is an experimental release. It is a mandatory upgrade only for testnet nodes, but can also be run on mainnet. On testnet, a hardfork to enable the lightweight contracts feature has been scheduled at height 341500.

Mobile App https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/ardor/downloads/ardor-client-2.1.0e.apk
SHA256 ea1c8b3e91291ed5887905aa853e6a989b2c1668ae793e884b4b1ff52e52896f

  • New Project – Tarasca DAO

Tarasca DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the creation of games and art services on blockchain that will be built on Ardor that we already mentioned in our previous newsletter. They still have to devote a couple of months more to the development of this project. This week they published a Medium article that talks about the concept for the monsters and potential revenue streams for holders of entire “sets” of monsters.

Read Article

More Information

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  • Support your Tokens

As always, there are opportunities for community voting to help list Ardor / Nxt / Ignis on new crypto exchanges and even some old ones. As long as the listings are still up, there are still opportunities for you to help the community by casting your vote.


Opportunity to get Ignis Listed

Resultado de imagen de okex


A simple Telegram voting will do it all



You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS here:





Let your voice be heard:


CryptalDash – Request for your Favorite Coin to be Listed


Shardax – Vote for Ardor to be Listed

Resultado de imagen de shardax


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  • Coinbureau – Ardor Platform Review: Next Level Blockchain-as-a-Service

This CoinBureau does a nice job giving kudos to Ardor for all the work that they are doing developing, maturing, and driving the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) industry. They start from the beginning with Nxt and work their way through to the present. Very nice to see Ardor get the credit and respect it deserves for the work that Jelurida continues to do.

The author wrote:

While they aren’t getting much attention, the Ardor team is doing very important work in creating new ways to leverage blockchain infrastructure to solve problems of security, speed, scalability and bloat. If their plans work as expected the Ardor platform could result in a solution that allows any size business to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Accepting network transaction fees in child tokens may seem like the ARDR tokens will become little more than operational tokens, but remember that the bundlers will work as exchanges, which should provide liquidity for ARDR and support the price of the token.

Read Article

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  • Steemit – NXT Blockchain – What You Should Know

The first part in this five-part series describes the history and functionality of the Nxt platform. Well researched, but information that has been presented before, though this is the first time that it has appeared on Steemit. Well written and ultimately very informative to someone who is not an expert on Nxt.

The author wrote:


Nxt platform is an innovative project that extensively explores the potential of Blockchain technology. It was designed as a Blockchain 2.0 — which is a newer and upgraded version of the Bitcoin-style Blockchain.

Through the use of a PoS consensus algorithm, the platform is poised to disrupt Fintech, crowdfunding as well as governance. Crypto enthusiasts should keep an eye on this platform to see more value it will offer in 2018.


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Some opinions from people on the interwebs – DYOR!

  • TradingView – The daylight is nigh(t): IGNIS will RISE like the Sun

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  • TradingView – ARDR/BTC Trading Idea and Potential Buy Opportunity

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

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