Nxter News – June 2018 (III): All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived While Walking

June (III)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Walking is healthy, and for that alone everyone should do it. Walking also allows for you to clear your head and just be alone with your thoughts. When walking you can think about how to use blockchain to change the world, as a friendly suggestion – or you can think about space. Space is cool. Can you walk to space? These are great thoughts that you can ponder after you read this (you are welcome for the idea)! Also, no, you cannot walk into space, but what if the blockchain was used as a backbone to build a space elevator? That is an idea I came up with while walking! Perhaps the act of walking allows people to be more creative because you subconsciously know that you are moving forward, that progress is being made. Many great ideas were formulated from thoughts had while walking and blockchain is no different.

Last week the future transitioned into the past as many eventful things transpired. Nxter is pleased to announce that our new tool, SIGBRO OFFLINE, is now available for our security-minded readers (THIS SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU!), the Ardor.world website received new functionality, the ANG announced events, many Meetups occurred as Jelurida was notably present in Silicon Valley, the Triffic Founders Sale JUST started, ways for NXT holders to claim airdropped tokens from clones, Ardor Lite was fully released in the Google Play store, and much more!

Thank you for walking with us as we take you on a journey through the busy week that was.









This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida

Veronica Torras, from Jelurida, answered questions from the Slack community regarding long-awaited upgrades to the technical documentation, Jelurida controlled websites and a request for more public communication.

She wrote:

Regarding the technical [Ardor and child chain] documentation (…), Alberto and Jesse lead the project, with my help, and Lior/Tomi/Petko review as well of course. This is something that is going on. We start with the Ardor Technical Documentation, and would like to have a first version ready in 2-3 weeks, and then grow it from there. Both Jesse and Alberto have experience on this kind of writing.

Regarding the Jelurida website, you are totally right. It shouldn’t take this long. But the Jelurida founding team wanted to do it under their control and have several reviews, so it is taking longer. But I would like to start working on the Nxt and Ardor websites soon, I think Jelurida should take these projects. @Elizabeth before starting something let’s update each other next week.

I know that Jelurida needs to improve the communication with the community, like organizing an AMA regularly. I agree with you that we need get started on guides that make it easy to start to the different targets (users, developers, business people, etc…) Jelurida is evaluating 3 new candidates for writing quality content now. The priority is to make our technology more understandable, and write about use cases in different verticals, starting with the ones we are working on. Several new incorporations to the team might happen soon, hopefully in the coming weeks.

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Nxter is introducing SIGBRO OFFLINE. This is a lightweight, downloadable tool for the Ardor blockchain platform that is designed to keep your passphrase (private key) safe by letting you create accounts, sign transactions, and perform other transactions on the Ardor parent chain / Ardor child chains in a secure, offline environment.

If you are still cautious about using this tool, a simple test is to use your browser’s “developers tools” functionality and go to the “Network” tab to see the requests that SIGBRO OFFLINE makes. We cannot, and do not, collect and store your identity or passphrase, for any reason, ever.

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  • Ardor.world Updates

Sergei, developer of the English/Russian languaged Ardor.world website has implemented a feed that keeps you in the loop with what goes on inside the Ardor, Nxt and Ignis ecosystems. Relevant Twitter-feeds, Reddit/r/ and RSS feeds (Like Nxter – thanks!) should keep you up-to-date. Check it out and give him some feedback.

Sergei wrote:

I’m testing a new service, I need feedback.




Price in Nxt, Ardor, Ignis
Link: https://www.ardor.world/pricein/

More info

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  • Ardor & Nxt Group – Workshops, Sponsorships and More

Elizabeth, director of the Ardor and Nxt Group, aka @TheCryptoWoman, had another hectic week, one of the most picture-rich events being… the Blockchain Bash!

A quick update to say I’m excited to be holding a workshop on Lightweight Contracts in Philadelphia this afternoon. I learned from the best! @riker

I will try to video.

NXT on a blue and green background. We do like your sense of design, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Chinese friends and NXT fans, this brand new separate display is in honor of you!

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  • CEBIT Festival 2018 in Hannover

Jelurida was present at CEBIT 2018 in Germany. It is apt that they would attend a conference for business innovation and digitization. Hopefully good leads were captured.

Interview with Alberto Fernández (aka Almonte) at #CEBIT2018:

And here’s another interview, in German (unfortunately the sound wasn’t recorded properly):

Would you like to know more about this event? We reported about it in last week’s Nxter newsletter.


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  • CPC Crypto Devcon in Stanford

Last week Lior Yaffe, co-founder of Jelurida, was presenting Ardor and its advanced concepts, in the heart of the digital world: Stanford / Silicon Valley.

Video – Lior at CryptoDevcon: the Ardor Blockchain Bloat Solution

Good 14 minute video of Lior’s presentation.

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ANG and the community have been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem: https://teamup.com/ksv4ccmkufbpbqp86o.


  • Learn How to Write a Smart Contract – Barcelona, June 21th

“Bring your own computer, we’ll guide you through a blockchain use case so that you can see the functionality of smart contracts.” This Spanish-language Meetup will take place in Barcelona later this upcoming week and will be an opportunity to learn about writing conditional contracts.

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  • WEBIT.FESTIVAL – June 25-27th in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Let us get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here, actually, there are public blockchains, permissionless ones. Why not have an ICO on such a mature blockchain 3.0 technology with child chains?

  • Triffic ICO – Founders Sale Started

James Malach has just announced:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Triffic token sales site is finally open and our Founders Sale has started for people investing over $25,000.

If you would like to get a head start on our pre-ICO, then you can get on our whitelist by going to https://triffic.world and be ready for July 2nd.

Apart from updating the public about the upcoming ICO, the Triffic CEO wrote about how the transactional tokens, GPS, will be obtained by users of the Triffic app after the ICO. A very interesting concept that will, undoubtedly, drive (see what I did there?) people to use the Triffic app as they “gamify” their GPS experience.

James Malach (coinerz):

Apart from the ICO, nobody ‘buys tokens’. They are given to people who use the app in many different ways. Travelling about, creating vouchers, buying and selling in the marketplace, using personal services and much more. Unlike most tokens that are sold in an ICO, GPS Tokens actually have a use – they power the whole app ecosystem. Something that very much requires blockchain technology – and Ardor already provides much of the functionality we need.


Public Sale Supply: 100,000,000 GPS Tokens / Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GPS Tokens

ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | WhitepaperEnglish Telegram

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  • Bitswift Child Chain Update

Bitswift had to change their coin ticker. You might know Bitswift’s child chain token as SWIFT on Bittrex, but soon they will change the name to BITS. This stems from a long and protracted legal dispute over the name SWIFT. More details below from the company.

Paul Busch wrote:

A decision was made to change the ticker from SWIFT to BITS.

Part of the reason – we are having so much grief over our trademark application so we hope this helps things along.



This was a large step for Bitswift in all (…) but as some of you may know we have been dealing with an ongoing legal battle over our name and trademark “Bitswift”.

Our companies were sent a cease and desist by the banks themselves saying we are confusing the public.

This is obviously a bunch of [BS] because no one thinks Bitswift is SWIFT financial people. In any event, it was costing a lot of money, time and stress. It turned out what they did not like was our ticker “SWIFT”.. so it was simple enough to change to “BITS” which is just as good, if not better. Now I hope the banksters leave us alone and we can get on with business.

I feel a little bullied around by big money, but hey, its not SWIFT we want anyway, its Bitswift and BITS will be far better known in these markets, I will ensure it.

BITS holder? If you held NXT at the IGNIS snapshot block, then you already are.

You can see your BITS balance in the Ardor client right now; just log in to ardor.nxter.org by using your Nxt account address (not your passphrase – we will not steal it but just do not do it!), and if you want to buy some Bitswift BITS, sell some Bitswift BITS, make transactions and use the Bitswift child chain features – do that too – you can even do it OFFLINE.

Read their June Tech Update

Join Bitswift on TelegramDiscord, and Reddit. Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem

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  • EZYcount, AI-Automated Blockchain Accounting

We mentioned EZYcount last week, as one of the upcoming ICO’s on the Ignis chain. The creator of EZYcount, Vivien, speaks to how the incredible flexibility of the Ignis chain makes it very compatible with his vision of scalable blockchain tech paired with AI for automated accounting.

Vivien wrote:

The Ardor PoS blockchain has a unique parent-chain and side-chain architecture that enables obsolete past transactions to be pruned, with both parties’ consent.

At EZYcount, we are very excited by the prospects blockchain technology can bring to the area of SME accounting. Individuals can buy a token (…) that enables business ledgers to be updated and monitored by participants and independent third parties. The potential to remove paperwork, additional costs and guarantee transparency for governments and regulators is too big a prize to give up. The Ardor blockchain enables us to carry this out in a way that would have been unimaginable five years ago.

Their whitepaper is to be released – you can sign up to receive it here.

ANNWebsite | LinkedIn | Reddit

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  • CTC ATM – Pocket Developer Edition

Do you remember CtC? The Ignis asset token? Last week they announced a developers kit.

Ever since CtC moved from Ethereum to the Ignis child chain, they have made some progress in developing their real-world usecase: providing people with a way to change their spare coins into crypto at airports, to exchange crypto at CtC ATM’s, and to enable merchants worldwide to take crypto as payment. We are longingly waiting, as we present their latest update, a little sad to see how they will NOT ship the kit to the largest crypto markets.:

This is the developer’s edition which is made sorely for developers who wants to experiment, develop more with CtC Pocket.

The device comes with magnetic card reader, camera, basic android software, ctc basic software, receipt printer, ic card reader, batteries, sim cards slots, memory card slot and wifi function.


The machine is made sorely for experiment at this stage. We, the CtC will not be responsible for any transaction made with this device nor any conversion done to this device which leads to financial losses.

The shipment for the unit is sent by DHL and it will be around second week of July 2018.

We will not sell nor ship the unit to the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Iran.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter

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  • Metrodex Airdrop

The Metro team announced welcome specifics about their upcoming airdrop, occurring this coming week!



The snapshot block is getting closer, NXT holders:

NXT Snapshot block: 1894000 (approximately on June 22nd).

100,000,000 MTR coins or 10% of the max circulation supply will be distributed to the holders of NXT. For each 10 NXT on your (own) wallet at the moment of the snapshot, you will get 1MTR.

Also, 100,000,000 MTR coins go to the Metro development team.

Airdrop coins will be locked on the blockchain start. Every mined block will unlock 1/200,000 of locked balances. Thus, about 1000 initial distributed MTR will be unlocked every mined block. The whole initial distributed stake will be unlocked when miners receive 400,000,000 MTR.

Follow the thread in the forum

More info

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  • Apollo (APL)

Also, the Apollo team announced instructions on how NXT holders can claim airdropped APL tokens if they held NXT on January 14:

Let us emphasize what they link to from that tweet:

We recommend you NOT to login to any online node by using your passphrase, as this is the same passphrase that gives access to all your NXT, your other airdropped coins + probably also your holdings on the Ardor blockchain platform.

In order to move airdropped coins into a new account, we recommend you to create a new account address, set up a transaction of all your clone coins to this new account using the online clone client – but instead of signing online with your passphrase click “Advanced” > “Do Not Sign” > “Do Not Broadcast”.

Copy the Unsigned Transaction Bytes, and transfer them into the NxtBridge OFFLINE tool. Sign (offline) with your passphrase (private key), and copy the Signed Transaction Bytes back into the online clone client. Broadcast the Signed Transaction Bytes (cogwheel > Transaction Operations > Broadcast Transaction).

You have now moved your clone coins to a brand new account without exposing your passphrase to the clone server, or anyone on the internet even.

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  • Weekly Reminder: Clones, How to Act

Free cloning is one of the issues that often comes up when talking about open-source software. And this is not the first time that we have seen this happen in our ecosystem. Many Nxt clones were created over the past four years that have taken advantage of our excellent team of developers for their own benefits. Sometimes these clone creators fail to even mention the Nxt blockchain when promoting their cloned version.

This is why Jelurida decided to create a new type of “coinleft” license, the JPL, in the spirit of the GNU General Public License, but better suited to protect the interests of open source cryptocurrency projects.

According to the JPL, any public clone of the Nxt blockchain will have to distribute 10% of all the tokens in that new cloned chain to NXT holders. Any public clone of the Ardor blockchain will have to distribute 10% of all the tokens in that new cloned parent chain platform to the IGNIS holders.

Full text of the JPL v1.1: Ardor _ Nxt

You usually can see your airdropped coins by logging into the online wallet from the cloned chain (e.g., for Apollo) with your Nxt/Ardor/Ignis account address. You never want to expose this to an online node from an untrusted source. With apologies to these third-parties, you are only trustworthy if you have proven to be so. If you want to, safely, move the coins, make an Unsigned Transaction on the clone’s client and sign it with NxtBridge Offline or (if it is an Ardor clone) with SIGBRO OFFLINE. Paste and broadcast the Signed Transaction Bytes or the Signed Transaction JSON with Nxter.org/wallet or any other Nxt/Ardor node. Should we make a “How-To” video?

Note, that if you want to support a clone by forging, you will have to download their client and server software.

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  • Ardor Lite Update

Last week Ardor Lite came out of beta and the app is available to download and use.


Ardor Lite Wallet released out of beta on Google Play. Public reviews/ratings are allowed, so I would really appreciate people trying it and leaving a review and/or rating 🙂


I know users like to know the official team’s stance on community wallets. (…) Jelurida has now stated that they will look over the code within the next few days.

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  • ARDR and NXT in Zecoex

This exchange will enable the trading of Ardor and Nxt against the US dollar and the Indian rupee. Zecoex is India’s most diversified cryptocurrency exchange currently live with 80+ currencies and expanding.

Trading begins this week on June 18th.


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  • Support your Tokens

Opportunities to demonstrate support for ARDR / IGNIS and NXT are still out there:


Let your voice be heard:




Nxters can vote to get NXT and ARDR listed on this upcoming Chinese exchange.

Tokok wrote:

TOKOK.COM will launch its trading system in June 2018. Now we have to decide on the first listing coins. In line with the goal of building a consensus community, it is our duty to serve the users and make them satisfied, we decided to launch the first listing coins vote activity.

Voting start time: At 14:00 on June 9, 2018;

Deadline for voting: 14:00 hours on June 25, 2018;

The result announcement time: June 25, 2018 at 15:00.

i42silver voted and wrote:

1. Get a Wechat account
[1a. Follow TOKOK’s official Wechat account :”TOKOK咨询” (Wechat account :TOKOKZX)]
2. Scan the QR code above
3. You will be directed to a webpage inside wechat, scroll down and locate [the Nxt or the] Ardor icon, below the icon tap the orange button (投票) to vote.

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  • EMBlog Mayo Clinic – Blockchain: A New Technology for Health Professions Education

From the guy who created Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp, the Udemy course, comes this guest piece in which Ardor is briefly mentioned as a solution for the healthcare industry looking to implement blockchain-based solutions.

efunkem, creator of the Ardor Bootcamp, wrote:

Hey guys, I wrote a paper about blockchain and education that got published in a pretty decent medical journal. The place where I work has a blog and wanted to run an article about it and I put in a (very tiny) shot out for Ardor!


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  • Fintech Weekly – Token-as-a-License, Blockchain’s Next Evolution

The CEO of EZYcount, Vivien Fuhrer,  wrote an intro piece about his new blockchain concept – a Token-as-a-License (TaaL).  The new business models afforded by TaaL allow for a new breed of software start-up to sell license rights secured over the blockchain. The author claims that this will make digital goods and services instantly accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

He wrote:

Customizable tokens are tokens that can be coded and defined freely by developers such as tokens on Ethereum, with its most popular example being the ERC20. Non customizable tokens are standard tokens which are created through an official interface such as the Ardor wallet to create tokens on the Ardor blockchain. The main advantage of customizable tokens is the possibility to fully customize the token to fit the needs of the business. The main advantage of non-customizable tokens is the security, speed and easiness to create a new token. TaaL combines all the aforementioned benefits of customizable and non-customizable token software through the blockchain.


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This Russian-language blog post is informative about Ardor and explains its ICO and some of the basic properties of the system. The article pulls from the following infographic when it speaks to the efficiency afforded by Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains.


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  • Blocker.nl – Exclusief als Eerste in de Nieuwsbrief: ARDR


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  • TradingView – Ardor at the Bottom. Is it Worth Taking? By DestinationMoonCrypto


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week: The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

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And that was all for this week, fellow Nxters. By posting our newsletter to Medium we found out that the Nxter newsletter is a 22-minute read! If you think that is long to read, consider how long it takes us to make it.

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Want to follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen – please do. We hope to see you back here next week. Keep walking forward towards the future and all that it brings.

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