Nxter News – June 2018 (IV): The Caterpillar Does All The Work, But The Butterfly Gets All The Publicity

June (IV)


Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Change is important, it provides for compelling character arcs in narratives and powers evolution. Like our title suggests, caterpillars might do all the work, but butterflies get all the credit. Sucks, but it is true. One should not be content being a complacent caterpillar when you can instead be a beautiful butterfly with only a little more effort. Ardor and Nxt suffer from publicity problems – namely a lack of it. This is something that the community can help with. Take heart, one person need not do everything, but tens of thousands of you can do tiny, tiny, small things that cumulatively have a bigger effect! Read on for our impassioned call to action for you to embark upon.

Last week was busy and here is a brief list of what occurred that is relevant to our community: Developer-oriented materials are soon to be a priority for the Jelurida devs, free IGNIS to the first to solve our puzzle, instructions that you can tattoo on your forehead for helping spread knowledge of our community, new Chinese exchange on board, Dominium’s child chain has been publicly announced by Jelurida, important NXT clone news, issues with Apple’s App store, and much much more.

Thank you for growing and evolving with us as we take you on a journey through the busy week that was.









This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida

Last week Lior revealed that after the Lightweight Contracts feature is solidified and operational on the Ardor testnet developer-oriented materials and workshops will be planned and implemented. If you consumed last week’s Nxter newsly, you know that Veronica has already delegated the writing. Also, Jelurida contracts with a PR firm – is their centralized work enough?

Marketing Company

Around a year ago Jelurida contracted with a PR firm for the IGNIS ICO. It is not well known that Jelurida currently uses the services of another PR firm. It always seems as if the online marketing of Jelurida is not quite as visible as it could, but this perhaps is unavoidable when trying to raise awareness across the planet in a more and more crowded sea!

mrv777 asked:

Does jelurida still have a marketing company? I know there was one around the launch, but can’t remember if they are still being used

Lior Yaffe responded:

We are working with PR firm https://marketacross.com/
But frankly I don’t see how the articles they are able to push are making much difference. I think even my medium articles get more exposure.

I’m thinking about packaging the lightweight contracts articles into a quasi-academic, Vitalik style, whitepaper.

Also, Lior gave a shout-out to Nxter:

NXTER is doing a great job. I think we are the only coin with its own magazine which works consistently for several years. Some of my Korean contacts pointed this out as an important strength of our marketing.

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Training Materials and Workshops for Developers

Coming off a successful trip to America where he presented materials for developers, Lior wants to prioritize the development and planning of developer-oriented workshops and training materials in order to encourage continued and sustained growth of the Ardor ecosystem. He wrote:

Once we get the lightweight contracts feature solidified and working at least on testnet we will focus on training materials and workshops for developers. I just came back from SFO where I held such an event for developers which was quite successful and we will base some of our training materials on the outcome of this event.

This is exactly something we need. Even though Ardor and its child chain API’s are well documented in the nxtwiki and partly on Jelurida’s website, new developers and users find it confusing that to begin working with Ardor, they must look into Nxt – which is understandable.

We gathered most current Nxt and Ardor dev tutorials and resources here but do look forward to updated training material and workshops.

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  • Let’s Push Reddit

Reddit is probably the most popular news aggregator on the planet, and yet there is a severely lacking Nxt and Ardor presence in the crypto subs. This should change, no this NEEDS to change. One thing we have in spades in our community is passion, but we need people to lead and demonstrate their passion on Reddit subs.


I feel like a broken record… But why is our reddit game so bad? We complain about missing coverage in outlets, but reddit is much more read than any news page. Heck, most pages get their news content from reddit. It’s free to access for us – so no barrier except for upvotes.
We shouldn’t “brigade”, but right now we’re non-existent in the general crypto subs.

/r/cryptocurrency | /r/nxt | /r/ignis | /r/ardor

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  • Ardor Nxt Community Chatroom on Discord

Speaking of an online presence, the ANG is launching a new Discord after having issues with the previous one.

Elizabeth (ANG) wrote:

I’ve just created a new space for us in Discord called Ardor Nxt Community with the hope it will be more identifiable for us and as a new place to start again as the creator of the JUG channel is AWOL and I don’t have complete admin permissions to manage things there. Please join me here: https://discord.gg/EnxmDnu

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  • Nxter’s Puzzle – Knowledge is Power

Let us play a game. Our Russian site editor Madfox came up with an idea for our readers that is fun and even possible for you to win a prize. Solve the crossword below to get the 12 words in the passphrase of an account with 50 IGNIS in it!

All the words in the puzzle are part of the passphrase for account ARDOR-9R5Z-B6QD-84UE-6UCQW / NXT-9R5Z-B6QD-84UE-6UCQW.

Solve it, and you’ll get access to withdraw the 50 IGNIS bounty, plus a 50 NXT bounty, too. Enjoy!

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  • Just Sitting on Your Bags will not be Enough

Change is needed, dear readers. It is not enough to complain or become complacent, our community continues to grow but we need to fuel it. Last week we polled our readers about how many claps we would get on our Medium version of the weekly newsletter. Here’s what you voted for – and how it went:

Sad to say, 44% of 83 voters landed their bet way off, and the 14% minority was correct. As the Twitter vote came to an end, our post on Medium had reached 118 views and 764 claps. Nxters, this means that we have very optimistic Twitter followers who are also optimistic about the presence and outreach of Nxter, ANG, Jelurida, and the Nxt, Ignis and Ardor blockchains, projects, and businesses online.

But too optimistic.

What I am getting at is that you can not just wait for your ARDR / NXT / IGNIS tokens to increase in value, or even expect other blockchain enthusiasts to know that Nxt and Ardor exist, only because you own some and Jelurida raised money in their IGNIS ICO. It may sound crazy, but it is how it is.  The worst thing about this is, IMHO – you know it. It is not Nxter’s fault that Jelurida continues to be plagued by sub-optimal coverage across various forms of media – that is Jelurida’s issue. No, the point is that we all need to change – many are complacent with where things are but complain that things should be better – YES THEY SHOULD – but YOU (yes you!) can help!

You need to step up. This is decentralized tech, and we need decentralized promotion, we are dealing with “best tech baddest pump” software, and yeah, you can sit back and think: in time the truth will be known, but the momentary truth is, that the best tech does not always win. It needs to be pushed. And what better time to push Nxt and Ardor? You know what will happen. It will grow. Maybe you sit on some bags, buy some more at these low levels. Hope for them to stay this low until you get your next monthly paycheck. Or you focus on Ethereum pump’n’dump ICO tokens, all those stupid whitepaper ICO’s with no real tech, trust or proven devs behind their projects.

Newcomers come, newcomers see – what should they learn about next?

We ask for your help. If you want this “best tech” to get approved and worked on by third-party devs, applications or airdropped clones, you want new assets released, ICO’s, new Ardor child chains, and IGNIS to be acknowledged as the best blockchain 3.0 use case for Ardor, then get off your ass. Join the ride.

Here is an easy way to help, make this list your daily checklist:
– Share our news. On any social media platform, to journalists, friends.
– Check Reddit. Write. You can answer and you can ask questions, you can mention us.
– Share your efforts with us. Tell us what you heard, we’ll share it too, do better than that, write a scoop, create a project on the blockchain, blog about it on Nxter, and we’ll send you a tip and do ours to help.

CoinDesk has just shown us how much we can depend on “crypto” media outlets to spread the word about the most advanced blockchain tech in existence. TBH, it is disgusting. Nxt has been around since 2013, has run flawlessly, been cloned and been taken advantage of, it’s not like Ethereum is not trying to copy it, or that Ardor isn’t running in production as the first 100% PoS scalable child chain platform in the world, with inbuilt smart contracts and all.

One can wonder why this is not considered excellent news, or at least considered interesting enough to cover. Yeah, one can wonder. Or one can recognize the truth – C.R.E.A.M. – and then take action.

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  • Workshop at the TecnoCampus in Mataró, June 20th

Last week, in Spain, there was an Ardor presence at a blockchain workshop. In it, the utility of Ardor Smart Transactions was covered.


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  • Learn How to Write a Smart Contract in Barcelona, June 21st

Likewise, there was a showcase in Barcelona where an eager audience learned how to write and deploy a conditioned contract.

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  • FinTech Junction 2018, June 24th

On Sunday, Lior attended a fintech conference in Israel.

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ANG and the community have been compiling the blockchain Meetup events across the ecosystem: https://teamup.com/ksv4ccmkufbpbqp86o.


      • WEBIT.FESTIVAL – June 25-27th in Sofia, Bulgaria

This week Jelurida is one of the main exhibitors at a tech conference in Bulgaria.

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  • Dominium 

Aaand, it is FINALLY official – Jelurida announced that Dominium will be launching their global property blockchain platform on a new child chain of Ardor!


Veronica announced:

Ardor is officially preparing to launch a child chain in 2018 with Dominium, a global property leader. Through the creation of a new child chain, Dominium will utilize Ardor to establish a fully transparent blockchain based real estate platform. Dominium chose Ardor over Ethereum after extensive research and evaluation of both platforms. “Having closely followed several blockchain technologies from conception, including Ethereum, we strongly feel that Ardor is the platform with the best features for our business, especially the controlled trading of assets” says Joost de Kruiff, a Dominium Blockchain Advisor. The child chain is expected to be operational in over 120 countries by the end of 2018.

Press Release

Dominium states:

“For a property project with potentially millions of users and assets worldwide, blockchain bloat and functionality are of a primary concern to us”, says Dominium’s Managing Director, Mark Lloyd.

Dominium will not only become a marketplace for property sales and rentals, but will also register property management activities, thus creating a fully transparent historical chain of information, serving tenants, buyers and investors alike. Dominium will also allow third party fund creators to set up property funds with standardised documentation, under an umbrella licence.

Also mentioned in “Nasdaq Magazine” ;p

You can claim 25 free DOM tokens by registering on dominium.me (if have a number that is American or Canadian (+1) then you cannot receive the verification text) plus another 25 DOM on top for every referral you make. In an email to those that already registered, the Dominium team wrote:

[Our] emails will be sent in English, but will be translated by our country ambassadors and will be posted in their respective Facebook pages and Telegram channels. Do not forget to sign up to your respective social media channels to ensure you do not miss anything as these updates relate to everything to do with Dominium’s AML / KYC procedure, airdrop, Referral Program, reasons for choosing Ardor, token economy, Initial Token Offering (ITO) dates, PRE-ITO whitelisting, new advisors/ambassadors and our future marketing and licensing plans.

TürkçeEspañol – Nederlands – 日本語русскийукраїнськаViệtDeutschIndonesiaFrançaisहिंदी

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram

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  • EZYcount Update

The white paper for EZYcount AI-automated blockchain accounting was released last week, detailing the novel Token-as-a-License (TaaL) approach to digital distribution, achievable by Ardor’s asset token functionality.

Vivien wrote:

Hello Ardor Community,

Today we have published our White Paper V0.9.1. Our aim is to develop the EZYcount AI, an EZYcount-patented process to fully automate bookkeeping for the self-employed and small business owners. Access to this service will be granted through holding enough of our TaaL (Token-As-A-License) which will only be sold during the Pre-ICO and will be implemented as an asset on Ardor. The date for the Pre-ICO is not fixed yet. If that sounds interesting you are welcome to have a look at our WP. Accessible here: https://www.ezycount.ch/en/ico/

Interview Canal9 Vivien EZYcount

ANNWebsite | LinkedIn | Reddit

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  • CTC Becomes C2C

CtC is another asset issued on the Ignis child chain waiting to get developed and deployed into real life use cases. Now with a CtC Pocket Developer Kit available, last week they announced that they are rebranding themselves as C2C.

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  • Janus – KREDS Auto Masternode Installer

Last week saw holders of the JanusComXT tokens get their JNS back and the ComXT project close. While we are eagerly awaiting an update from the Janus team about the future of Janus, they are working unstoppable on growing KREDS, including the following GitHub downloadable:

Janus asset holders got Kreds airdropped, and if you hold 100K+ Kreds, you can run a masternode.

2 KREDS were credited per 1 JNS, on February 3rd at Ardor block height 48484, with a claim window of 90 days counting from the time of the Kreds Genesis block. JNS holders, if you haven’t claimed your Kreds yet – download their wallet and grab your coins. Here is how to claim you Kreds balance if you’re a Janus holder.

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

Follow Janus on Telegram and Twitter

Website | Do you want more info about Kreds? Visit: https://www.kredsblockchain.com/

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When Binance?

  • ARDR and NXT now Available at Okex

Hooray for our Chinese community!

nxt6666 wrote:

There is a good news here, NXT’s voting activity at Tokok.com is second and Ardor is sixth. So with the support of Chinese fans, we can be added to Tokok.com exchange free. Nxt/Ardor will start a new journey in China!


Dear Valued Customers,
We are pleased to announce that Ardor (ARDR), and NXT (NXT) is now listed on OKEx. Please take note of the following go-live schedule:

Ardor (ARDR)
1. ARDR deposit – 16:00 Jun 25 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
2. ARDR spot trading (BTC Market) – 16:00 Jun 26 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
3. ARDR withdrawal – 18:00 Jun 29 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)

1. NXT deposit – 16:00 Jun 25 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
2. NXT spot trading (BTC Market) – 16:00 Jun 26 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
3. NXT withdrawal – 18:00 Jun 29 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)


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  • AEX opens ARDR Withdrawals

Oh my, have we been waiting for this to happen? Zhang, the developer of the walletnxt mobile app, helped AEX.

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  • Support your Tokens

Opportunities to demonstrate support for ARDR / IGNIS and NXT are out there:


Let your voice be heard:



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  • Metrodex Airdrop – Snapshot Recorded

The MTR snapshot was recorded at Nxt block 1894000.


From their announcement:

Airdrop coins will be locked on the blockchain start. Every mined block will unlock 1/200,000 of locked balances. Thus, about 1000 initial distributed MTR will be unlocked every mined block. The whole initial distributed stake will be unlocked when miners receive 400,000,000 MTR…

For every 10 NXT in your wallet [at the snapshot block] you receive 1 MTR with the same passphrase on Metro blockchain.

Follow the Metro thread @ nxtforum

Remember that once the MetroDEX wallet is available, you’ll need to log in to it using the same credentials that you currently use to log in to your Nxt wallet so, to maximize security, we suggest you take into consideration the info given here.

More info

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  • Volp Coin Update

A great airdrop for NXT holders? Talk is cheap Volp, we do want to believe you but we literally have nothing but your word when it comes to your product. Pre-announced is a demo of their product released in under two months that can be reviewed for the community. But until then…


A quote from Volp team on Discord:

“The Volp system is disruptive and innovative, not just it as any new technology. I believe that the birth of any technology really brings with it many doubts and skepticism. The standard we are working on in a programming language is not part of the technology consensus that is currently being applied. As we already said, Volp has a language, compiler, and a protocol that was built from scratch. Within 56 days as already reported we will publish a demo, to which it can clarify all your doubts .”

More Info

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  • Apollo (APL) Update

It is always a good thing when source code is released for the community to peer review it. One of the devs at Jelurida requests that knowledgeable Java devs review the Apollo private transactions. His own first impression is below.

Berzelius (from Jelurida):

Can any independent Java dev have a closer look at the recently published Apollo source code, in particular the so-called “private” transactions that they claim to have? My personal opinion is that it is a fine sample of snake oil, intended only to mislead users, but perhaps as a Jelurida dev I am biased.

What they seem to do is either encrypt, or replace with random data, the fields in the transaction JSON returned by the API to the client, however in the peer network, in memory, and in the database, everything is still visible and can’t possibly be any other way if the node is supposed to process these transactions so the user gets the impression his data are private, while in reality they are all on the blockchain and anyone with a modified software can read them.


Hi guys,
For the moment, the ArdorExchange cannot support your [free] APL coins because the APL blockchain seems to be permanently on a FORK state…   :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:

Let’s see what happens.

APL coin was airdropped to NXT holders (snapshot: January 14th), and may turn out to be the next grand evolution of blockchain compression – or not. Before you decide to buy NXT to get JPL airdrops, please be careful not to just buy the rumor. Look into what’s coming before you buy NXT to get it because an explicitly great modified clone is obviously better than a valueless one.

The Nxter Newsly is on us – we do what we can to inform you. Any investment you do is solely on you.

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  • Ardor Lite App – Apple Store

Last week 3rd party Ardor Lite came out of beta and the app is now available to download and use for Android users. The Apple App Store recently updated their terms for cryptocurrency apps, and Ardor Lite meets the spirit of the rules, but not the letter. Apple will only allow wallet apps for tokens that are listed by the US government, a very small list at the moment. Getting listed on a US-centric exchange like Coinbase will be the proof that Apple needs that ARDR is “legitimate.”

mrv777 wrote:

Apple denied my Ardor Lite app:

Hello, Your app facilitates the transmission of a virtual currency that is not approved for the App Store. Ardor is not an approved crypto currency.

Best regards,
App Store Review


same denial message i got too


So there is an approved cryptocurrency list for Apple apparently still. I was hoping it was gone, but I guess not. It is a little frustrating because they told me the same thing 6 months ago when I tried the first time and was denied, being told to try again in a few months. And that there was nothing I could do to help get Ardor approved.
Fyi for @riker too

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  • Weekly Reminder

The Nxt and the Ardor client can connect to a remote node and run as a light client, just by checking a checkbox during installation.

Lior Yaffe:

If you are connecting to a remote node then you don’t have a node installed locally. If you have a node installed locally then there is no need to connect to a remote node.

Light client is good in two cases:
1. When for some reason you want to setup a node which does not download the whole blockchain. Possibly since you have a low power device.
2. During blockchain download, to use the wallet until it is fully downloaded, we also call this mode roaming client.

Light client provides an advantage over connecting to a remote node since the Javascript used by the wallet is the local Javascript and the Javascript downloaded from a remote node. This closes an attack vector of using malicious Javascript on the remote node like some phishing sites tend to do.

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  • Lior Yaffe at Medium – NXT POS Block Skipping Attack Myth

Hey, if Vitalik, the creator of Ethereum, doesn’t know Nxt/Ardor but still is trash-talking it then this probably means that he considers us serious competition! Longtime readers of Ardor and Nxt know this to be true, but the hundreds of thousands to millions of Ethereum fanboys out there might not even know that a better solution than Casper (Ethereum’s long-delayed PoS algorithm) even exists.

The TL,DR; of the Medium article is that the vulnerability that Nxt / Ardor are susceptible to is interesting to note but ridiculously impractical to abuse. Do not take my word for it, but take the creator’s word:

Lior wrote:

In the Ethereum proof of stake FAQ, NXT is mentioned as suffering from a class of “Stake Grinding” attack. The author refers to this attack as “Block Skipping Attack”. In this article, I’ll explain why this imaginary attack is not practical.


This attack is not a serious threat.

Ethereum’s Casper POS algorithm may not suffer from this type of attack, but it has been in development for over three years and is not even close to being deployed to production. Meanwhile NXT is working successfully, in production since 2013 and Ardor, which is based on the same consensus algorithm, is working successfully in production since January 2018.

I call to the Ethereum team, please remove this unjustified criticism of the NXT proof of stake algorithm from your official documentation.

Read Article

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  • CryptoWaves  – Ardor, Blockchain for Business

“Just a dude talking about cryptocurrencies on the internet…”


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  • La Vanguardia – ¿Cómo Puede Beneficiar la Tecnología ‘blockchain’ a las Empresas?

“La Vanguardia” is the 4th biggest newspaper in Spain. The digital edition of this newspaper has published this article called ‘How can companies benefit from the blockchain technology’ that talks about Jelurida and the Mataró workshop (referenced earlier), together with a brief general introduction to how a blockchain works. If the title was not a giveaway, this is a Spanish-language article.


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  • Cointimes.com.br – Ardor – Criptomoeda Escalável e Voltada para Negócios

Introductory article to Ardor, written in Portuguese.


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  • Kepuchina – 阿朵币

This Chinese-language article is a transcription of an interview a Jelurida dev had two years ago. The description is below.


It is really an excellent and well-thought article written about 2 years ago. This is a translation of the article by Jean-Luc https://nxtforum.org/core-development-announcements/nxt-2-0-overview/


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  • 101 Blockchains – Beginner’s Guide: NXT

The spirit of this piece is good. If you are new and have absolutely no idea about what Nxt is, then this piece is immediately available for your consumption. Otherwise, do not give them your traffic as there are more comprehensive guides.

They wrote:

What is NXT Platform?

NXT is entirely different from other 1300 cryptocurrencies and is coded from scratch in JAVA. Along with this, it also comes with the various restrictive components that make it a highly secure network from bugs and hackers.

It aims at completely revolutionizing the governance, crowdfunding, and financial technology industries by not just providing the NXT cryptocurrency, but also giving them the access to the blockchain and technology associated with it.


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  • TradingView – NXT/USD, Buy the Low by a.shevelev002


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

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And that is the news of last week! Do not be complacent caterpillars when we can all be beautiful butterflies.

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Want to follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen – please do. We hope to see you back here next week. Keep walking forward towards the future and all that it brings.

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