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We tip our people, burn trolls, and turn hackers into Nxt core developers. What’s Nxt?



This week’s newsletter will be a little different from former ones, as things are changing in Nxt and the Nxt community. The time with Nxt has been a ride for everybody, a decentralized tour de force of creating, defending, discussing, rambling and trying to catch up with the unstoppable MegaThread, that held it all. We’ve all been screaming for someone to organize this, which was also the reason I started defragmenting the thread into newsletters, as a service to Nxters and interested outsiders who had no chance to catch up. The newsletters became like the thread itself, to get the whole picture you have to read them all. A sum up of the Nxt development, decentralized and globally, taking place 24-7, would cost at least 40 pages a week.

Nxt is reshaping. The Firehose is only dripping now, as most Nxters have turned to our new forum. 3 committees have been formed. Designers are working on a global corporate design to add consistency to our appearance. Our efforts up till now are beginning to pay off, as more and more people learn about Nxt and takes it serious. We are standing at a cross road.

We breath now. It feels different. To take a step back and look at this organism, the Nxt creature that we ride, use, and try to grow big. The final part of BCNext’s plan was released last week and to summarize: Math ain’t enough, people must be taken into account. We got this PoS with transparent mining. Practically anything can be build upon it. Build anything and add decentralized in front of it, BCNext once said. And we are now on our own. Oh btw, it has a current market cap of $28M, if that’s of interest to anybody. So we, the Nxters, humanity, the social experiment; Let’s put this technology to use, let’s build ourselves. What’s Nxt?

This week’s topics:

  • Podcast
  • Automated Transactions
  • Nxt Glossary
  • Nxt Wednesday Hangouts
  • Development Roadmap
  • Monetary System
  • DNS
  • Misc
  • Client updates
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week

Automated transactions

A milestone has been reached:

First stage is completed: C++ and Java code and the 3 first cases:
#1. Lottery. #2. Crowdfunding Agent. #3. Dormant Funds Transfer.


i ve uploaded a first “working” standalone version to start playing around.

In brief an Automated Transaction is a “Turing complete” set of byte code instructions which will be executed by a byte code interpreter built into the NRS. The addition of such transactions will allow for many types of applications.

New podcast

Learn more about Automated Transactions :

Read about AT:

Follow the coding progress here:

Nxt Glossary

Daedelus has been working hard: https://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/Glossary

SSL is available on the Nxt Wiki, thanks to joefox, forkedchain and the Infrastructure Committee.

Nxt Wednesday Hangouts

To keep Nxters informed and updated about the latest developments and progress of Nxt, Tai Zen, Damelon, uniqueorn and QBTC has taken this initiative. The meeting is live every Wednesday 11 AM NST / 4 PM GMT. Announcements are made here: https://nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/

The second update was transmitted live and ended up being more than 2 hours long.
A summary can be found here: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-community-development-update-summary-2/

Development roadmap


I am working on integrating into the develop branch the changes from feature/tf branch that CfB was working on. Those include


Digital Goods Store

Effective Balance Leasing

Transparent Forging changes

Phased transactions (not sure if this got completed).


They will be enabled only on test net initially, but I need to merge the code, convert all amount handlinglogic to NQT, do some review and refactoring, fix obvious bugs if any.

Follow this  thread to stay up to date with the Nxt core development:

Monetary System


In short Monetary System will allow to create currencies backed by NXT.


On April 5, 1933 Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold. Now, 80 years later we r giving it back to ppl, and noone will be able to confiscate it again.



I can program/debug/perfect around 500 lines of code a week due to time constraints. In total it may take one month or so for everything to be completed, if not longer.


For the uninitiated I’m working on a hallmarked server relay that integrates the account/alias system to pass encrypted java objects from one client (non hallmarked) to another (also non hallmarked) using hallmarked servers as relays.


This will be the internet, without the possibility of data being compromised by, say, the NSA during transmission.



Nxt Bitmit ?

Anon136 needs a developer

I want to build a decentralized censorship resistant replacement for bitmit ontop of our blockchain. To that end I am looking for an experienced web applications developer who can write the code for servers to monitor the nxt blockchain and interpret arbitrary messages in such a way as to facilitate a service similar to the one that was provided by bitmit.


Nxt Protocol

Nxt developer goodies. jl777:

Just pushed a source release of NXTprotocol (the foundation that I am building all my NXT services on top of). More details: https://nxtforum.org/multigateway-(third-party)/multigateway-status-reports/msg6539/#msg6539   Anyway, building on this framework, I am able to make a brand new NXT service pretty quickly. I hope it helps you too.

jl777, on 10.04.2014:

Any developer can pick and choose what handlers to include and then make a release with an arbitrary set. Of course, someone with the time should come up with a process to enable runtime adding/subtracting of NXTprotocol handlers. For me, it is not a priority, but I guess something like that would be a NXT app store.   If anybody wants to take that project on, I will gladly help them.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/multigateway-(third-party)/secret-project/msg7377/ > post 76. Go… !



Nxt Ecosystem Classifieds, sell services or goods for NXT coins.

Nxt Chart

A charting service build on top Nxt blockchain:

  • Number og Wallet
  • Wallet Account Distribution
  • Number of Transaction
  • Average Time Between Blocks

Currently it is updated in an interval of 1 hour. Voice out your feedback/suggestions to make this charting service provide valuable data to Nxt community.


Nxt crowdfunding site built by the French Nxt Community. nxtstarterkopi POPPP, on April 06, 2014:

NXTstarter  is  the  alter  globalization  Collective  NXTvillage’s  first  project  for  a  decentralized and ecoresponsible economy. The website intends to be high quality tool and service for NXT’s community convenience. The project needs a minimum of funds to begin its activity since the collective, which has a bit of cashflow, has to finance the website’s software development. If this minimum is met, the website will launch about April 10th 2014.


NXTstarter is specialized in financial contribution using cryptocurrencies, multilingual, adaptable in small screens – smartphones and tablet (responsive) ; it uses a technology C# .NETand is written in javascript/html customer side, and javascript side, so any developer could have an access.

You like?  It needs your support.

NxtVillage, POPPP’s main project, will come out with an official announcement soon. Also in English.



Vitalik found the trap left for copycats. But he got no bounty …



So let’s vote for the Nxt slogans




i won’t be available for some week so i made my iNxt app’s repository public, if you want you can make change and i can send this change to Apple but i can’t code right now…Here is the link: https://bitbucket.org/rriky92/inxt


Create your own Nxt Client


An experiment for those of you with a modicum of curiosity and 3 minutes to spare.


I couldn’t resist. The project formerly known as Nxtopia is a MMORPG project built on top of Nxt. I hereby bring you the unofficial ANTI-announcement from swartzfeger, who originally initiated the Nxtopia-project back in february.


The bulk of the game logic has been scripted out. We have two gameplay mechanics that have me so freakin’ stoked I can’t even begin to tell you how cool they are. I’m turning 45 y.o. next month and just said “so freakin’ stoked”, so they must be pretty cool. :)


The aspect I really like is the user can scale the complexity to his/her style and comfort level. Some like the casual gameplay of farmville, some love the epic scope and minutia of EVE. This will be a user-driven game experience, which is really exciting.


I can only say ‘information is coming soon.


Another “Secret project”


I cant tell you much yet, but I can confirm that I am working on a secret project with Wesleyh. It will really enhance NXT. That’s all I can say for now, gotta get back to work.

The community’s excitement is hard to overlook in the ANN thread.
Take a look: https://nxtforum.org/multigateway-(third-party)/secret-project/

The main team is:

Devs: jl777 + Wesley
Technical Advisor: Come-from-Beyond
Business Advisor: AdamLevine
Marketing: NXTminnow, joefox
China: allwelder
servers: fanaticalfishing
funding: aldrin

Funding is completed, the only way to get shares is to earn it or wait for it to appear on NXT AE.
Depending on testnet status and availability, end of month is looking like the target for initial external testing.

Nxt Wallpapers

Great Nxt desktop wallpapers are  available here:

Client updates




Clienxt GUI update

version 0.0.8 [codename] infinity

Quote of the week


Nxt community became a victim of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringelmann_effect, IMHO.


Words of wisdom of the week


It isn’t easy to understand Internet 2.0 as we have all become so used to Internet 1.0 but hopefully people will see that “centralised websites” are going to have to become “a thing of the past”.


If you look at things like Bitcloud what I am seeing is that application storage (i.e. the DB) doesn’t need to be “on a server in the cloud” but actually in the “blockchain itself” (it is a distributed DB).


Applications themselves would also be stored in the same way – meaning that we “don’t need servers running applications” as we do today but instead we just have nodes forging and exchanging storage usage.


So “applications” becomes ATs and “DBs” become “parallel storage chains”.

And that’s it for this week… hole1

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