350,000 NXT Bounty – Physical Goods Store


I think this is a relatively substantial amount of money so bear in mind that the bounty will only be given if the job is done right, is relatively bug free, and looks like legitimately professional work.

I am looking for someone or a team of people who can develop a locally run program that will scan the blockchain; locate arbitrary messages conforming to a prescribed format; extract the relevant data from those messages; open, run, download, and seed magnet links for torrents contained in the arbitrary message; interpret and display all of the relevant information contained in the AM as well as in an HTML file downloaded via torrent in a professional looking and human readable format. Think ebay. At the top of an ebay add is a neat presentation of all of the relevant data, then below that is a field for the seller to insert his own custom html based advertisement.

additionally we will need to describe some syntax and methodology for leaving an arbitrary message tagged as feedback for a particular order on the blockchain so that external trust systems can be built out of that information. Building the trust system its self is not part of this job, only providing the means for such a system to be build.

thanks for taking a look!

Listen. We want this!

Take the offer if you got the skills and if not – watch the thread:


The magnet link processing part is the reason why the bounty is so high.


yea in some sense it could be the underpinnings for something much larger than just a marketplace. it could lay the foundation for a new type of internet. in general blockchain technology and torrent technology could interface with eachother to do some really new and exciting things. we get the best of both worlds, the lack of need for total redundancy by every participant and permanent data storage in torrents, but then the consensus mechanism of the blockchain to do cool things that we cant do with torrents alone.


This could fill a big hole in the landscape, and attract a lot of attention and participation. And it is a technology with plenty of perfectly legitimate uses, so there should be no legal problems with building and releasing it.


The Physical Goods Store, or Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace as I prefer to name it, is going to be NXT killer app!