NXT Newsletter #5

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.


This week’s topics:

  • Nxt Committees
  • CfB [ANN]
  • New Bounties
  • Conferences
  • Klee did it again
  • Nxt AE testing
  • Music for the masses
  • Misc.
  • Client updates
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week

NXT Committees



This was a successful election.

One of the reasons this election was successful is because boring data gets posted at the end of it.  If nobody contests the results of this election within the next 7 days by pointing out problems in this provided data, the election will be considered certified by default and its results will stand.

Read more: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5604737#msg5604737


TechDev Committee
Jean-Luc, l8orre, abuelau, Anon136, EmoneyRu

Infrastructue Committee
marcus03, EvilDave, chanc3r, ferment, ChuckOne

Marketingfund Committee
allwelder, Damelon, Joefox, brooklynbtc, Salsacz

Voting results can be found @ https://www.electionbuddy.com/elections/12343/results/t34ayqhm2



What will be done before April?


What was paid will be delivered by the 3rd of April. Not more.

Refactoring, consulting, some extra functionality like API calls.

Transaction Malleability


I pushed code that supports GUIDs. When Jean-Luc puts it into the production exchanges will be able to use guids to track transactions without worrying about transaction malleability. NIP #1 is not ready yet so I created the solution as I felt it should be.

PS: Multisig will be implemented via AT.

Instant transactions


I’m going to add some TF features. I’ve already added API that lets to get list of next forgers. Next step is adding a special type of transaction that announces IPs for direct communication with the forgers (to get blocks, to send transactions).


BCNext has left the building



He had left the day before Nxt source code became public. Went for good to work on other things. I’ll get 3rd part of the plan in April but I can’t contact him anymore.

Nxt Parallel Chains


RFC: Parallel Chains concept


The parallel blockchains is an idea that I think can help us toward our seemingly schizophrenic goals (to be both a Raspberry Pi friendly “eco-coin” and a “blistering TPM monster”) as well as help TF in places where internet to the “outside” is at times blocked or generally slowed down.

We can “have our cake and eat it to” by having say an NHS (NXT high speed) parallel chain that is only being forged by powerful hubs capable of handling huge amounts of TPM whilst the main part of the network could be forging standard NXT on low-grade hardware.

It [Parallel Chains] would allow for TF in a country that is blocking or slowing down access to the main chain (also allowing for “local/community currencies” that might appeal to some).

Read more about the concept and the possibilities of Nxt Parallel Chains HERE.

With multiple parallel blockchains running side-by-side, Nxt will be able to provide cloud storage and file sharing apps. The principle behind these applications is using different blockchains for different purposes: one for file storage, one for messages, and so on. Each app will use only a specific blockchain(s) and won’t be spammed by the others. Additionally, with blockchain pruning, users will not need to download large blockchains as they do now with Bitcoin and its forks.

New bounties

Clever child

Decentralized Appstore

Would somebody like to work on this for a bounty?

Original proposal by BCNext can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=317607.0

Service Provider Feature


The Nxt Mobile Applications Company will pay 100,000 Nxt to the Java Dev who successfully implements SERVICE PROVIDER FEATURE into Nxt. If he is successful then he can become a part of the Dev team.


Google Authenticator


I am announcing a 10000 NXT bounty for someone to help me integrate google authenticator to the gateway. It will be paid when the gateway passes the community created test plan for multi gateway. Ciyam sent me C++, but I am a simple C programmer so if you know of C source code I can use for TOTP, that would help.

Join the NXT movement


I literally have millions of NXT for bounties.

So all of you who are complaining about lack of founder support or whatever, volunteer for one of my many projects. I had so few people who stepped up that I decided it was much more efficient to just do it myself than spend time convincing people they should do it.

Nxters! The revolution will not be centralized. It will be YOU!



Can someone really pound on nodeminer? I was expecting some bugs, a server crash, something. Maybe I offer some bounty for bugs, but it is so young, it shouldnt be hard to find bugs. Free nodecoins if you can hack the “mining” algo

Atomic Crosschain Transactions


So could some stakeholders put the biggest chunk of bounty in history of mankind out there for atomic cross chain transaction on nxt please?



3M NXT (up to 5M for additional features) for atomic cross chain transactions.

a) working client for average user;
b) official approve of all three NXT Funding Committees;
c) fully working asset exchange;
d) working transparent forging in the part marked bold:

NB: The only penalty is inability to mine blocks within some period of time. They still can decide not to bother with mining, but their “hashing” power will be distributed to those who do protect the network.

Last two conditions are my conditions to stop holding investment in 50M NXT.

Donator is confirmed.


nxt, nxtcoin, texas bitcoin conference

Texas Bitcoin Conference

rickyjames and Asian Prepper went as our ambassadors in Texas.

rickyjames sums up:

It was an extremely interesting experience.

  • I went around and put the NXT brochure out on literally 1600 chairs in preparation for the next day. (…) We probably only had 100 or so that were kept.  Of course the conference only had around 600 people, far less than expected.
  • The exhibitor area was kind of a joke.   Very few tables, very few people went through it.
  • I was on the cryptocoin panel discussion which I think went very well. There were maybe 30 guys in the audience and on a show of hands probably only 5 had even heard of NXT.
  • Over 95% of the people there view Bitcoin as a social/political phenomenon and wouldn’t care if it were powered under the hood by three witches cackling around cauldron of witches’ brew.
  • We will only get the attention of the mass community of Bitcoiners if we come up with a marketing theme / campaign that engages people to adopt NXT.  They will not adopt NXT because it is better or technically superior.  They will only adopt NXT if it meets a need of theirs that Bitcoin does not already currently meet.
  • I made a lot of good contacts, including a writer for Bitcoin Magazine with whom I had a very long talk about NXT.  He is going to write an article on us.  This is probably the number one positive thing for NXT that has come out of the conference.

Read the full resumé here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5568955#msg5568955

Rickyjames on the Texas Bitcoin Conference Alternate Currency Panel:

Asian Prepper (a.k.a. Tai Zen) gave a speech about “How To Eliminate The 2 Biggest Hurdles To Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoins & Alt Coins“, answered questions + talked to Stephanie from Lets Talk Bitcoin.

Thank you both for your great effort!!!



Hackers are trying to rip NXT owners using weak passwords.
Take your measures, Nxters! Don’t make humanoid errors and loose about 400K!

Read the full story here : http://test.nxter.org/protect-your-nxt/


Russian government says, that those, who use any crypto, is a terrorist. Wallet.dat is a proof that you have account, so you are terrorist. Brain wallet mean that you do not leave any trace on your hard disk.


There should be an option to either “save” or “do not save” your password to local disk.

Klee did it again

Androklis Polymenis (a.k.a. Klee) has donated 1 million NXT coins to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. After Alcor converted the 1 million NXT coin donation by Polymenis to bitcoins (and then to dollars)  the end result was an approximately  $46,000 donation to Alcor. The donation will be used to enhance marketing efforts, special projects and continued day to day operations at Alcor. Today, Alcor is the only full-service cryonics organization in existence. Alcor has almost 1,000 members with arrangements to be cryopreserved upon legal death and 112 patients cryopreserved.

Press release: http://www.singularityweblog.com/androklis-polymenis-donates-1-million-nxt-to-alcor/

Nxt AE Testing


We need an organized QA team and testing more urgently than we need java devs. The QA people can start contributing productively much faster than a new java dev can get familiar with the code, so we would see real results from getting a QA immediately.

mcjavar set up a management tool using Test Pad for the Asset Exchange Testing.
Please PM mcjavar for the password. Instructions on how to use the testpad can be found HERE.

For a quick start, use our web client: http://nxtra.org/nxt-client (do not use real account!) or SOLARIS.
If you need testNXT – ask them here: https://forums.nxtcrypto.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=832


It would also help if people created “extreme test cases” that “purposely try to break AE”. Devs unfortunately have a habit of only testing the “expected use cases” themselves (so generally you’d expect that you won’t find a bug that way).

It is when you do something “only an idiot would do” that you are more likely to uncover any flaws. Simple examples of such “idiotic” ideas might be things like “0 value” bids/asks or other “out of range values” as well as edge cases to do with zero or potentially negative balances. Don’t just “test that it works” try and “test that you can’t screw it no matter how hard you try”. Some bounties for “breaking things” might be in order also (hint to technical funding committee).

cc001 created testcase 1. Btc2nxt created testcase 1.2.3. + two simple cases. Go to testnet and act crazy!


Don’t hesitate, people. TEST!

Music for the masses


Damelon, on March 09, 2014:

Today, I had a follow-up meeting with the co-owner of the following projects:


I was introduced to this person a few days ago and he we had some exploratory talks. [Basically, he wants to use Nxt as a vehicle for his business and to power his system of distributing music.] In today’s talks, we discovered that what Nxt provides with its framework is exactly what he wants from a digital asset system. Talks are going well, and all involved are satisfied.

This investor does NOT care about the technical side: he has people for that.
He does NOT care to explain to his users how the software works, just THAT it works. He also does NOT care about the doubt of others: he cares about what hé sees as the potential.




The goal of NXTcoins is to make it easy for anybody to create a new coin. They can concentrate on what differentiates their coin without worrying about bootstrapping a network secure from 51% attack, or even getting a decentralized blockchain.

The coin issuer will issue the asset (up to 1 billion) and distribute whatever presale amounts (if any) to the NXTaccts before issuing the Create NXTcoins AM. Once the Create NXTcoins is processed, the parameters are enforced by peer review.

The coins that are to be mined will be either with the issuer or the pool operator. It will be the responsibility of the issuer to make sure the pool operator has enough coins to distribute to miners. I have specified royalty, bounty and donation rates. This is a percentage of the mined coins that go to the issuer, bountyfund and donationfund. The royalty goes to the founder, but it is not a premine, it is from the coins that are mined. I think this is much better for a coin. I put the presale in there though, so people can choose how they want to distribute their coin. 100% presale would be PoS. I also have a bountyfund so that as the coin grows, it will be possible to have a continuous stream of funds.

View the full proposal and source code here:

Nxt Mixer


Obviously, still very new as I just started coding this today, but now that I have verified proper public/private key handling, the rest is a matter of debugging. Based on feedbacks and ideas in the NXTcash thread, I think i might have come up with a pretty good NXT mixing algo. I just got a successful encrypt/decrypt cycle in the multigateway.

The initial model supports both a mixing service using the gateway and a totally decentralized direct “payment” path. However, since NXT doesnt support multisig (hint, hint, CfB) the mixing is totally centralized on one of the gateway servers. The decentralized part allows (nearly?) undetectable transmission of NXT acct password (or any other data) directly to the destination acct.

Read more here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5574707#msg5574707
But is it completely safe? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5580009#msg5580009

Asset Exchange Enhancement

Graphic by Fatih87SK

Proposed by pandaisftw:

Goal: To enhance the functionality of the Asset Exchange by allowing asset issuers to provide additional details to their asset, such as: 1) Product name. 2) Company / Issuer name. 3) Images. 4) Audio / Video. All of this can be done with slight modifications client-side, and no modifications are needed to the NXT core.

Read the full proposal.

Digital Goods Store


Guys, I’m working on Digital Goods Store.

Automated Transactions

Ciyam Open:

I have decided to move further discussion about AT to CIYAM Open:

It’s free to sign up for an account (and CIYAM Open supports OpenID so you can use a gmail account or the like) so don’t be shy!

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=463731.0

Call for more java developers


We need more developers to help work on the core! 

First possible feature that could be done, (talked about it with CFB), is adding a category field to Arbitrary Messages. This will allow us a lot of extra functionality, like decentralized stores, reputation system and so on. It should not be too hard to add this extra field. Is anyone up to the job?



Do it


For the sake of focused Nxt projects, let’s please get some more minds posting here:
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=463731.0 – Nxt AT
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=498898 – Nxt X-chain transactions

Come-from-Beyond, on March 07, 2014:

I decided to use my right not to follow BCNext’s orders that I don’t like (it’s allowed by the contract).

I think we should sort out important things like TF, discuss BCNext’s ideas and then decide if we want to implement them (Account Control particularly). No need to stick to the plan, IMHO. I’ll wait for the 3rd (last) part.


You can buy and sell NXT for fiat here:

A second gateway to gold and silver will be added next week:

Bittrex.com supports NXT

“Our mission is to deliver the fastest and most secure trading platform for the community”.

NXT threads

Damelon made this hero move: http://www.nxtcoins.nl/bitcointalk-threads/

Social Media



Please follow Nxt twitter accs and retweet :


Like us at Facebook:

Subscribe us at reddit:
And when we post anything to http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/ , up it 🙂




I’m starting with the limited silver edition of the Nxt CPU. Total 7 pieces will be made. I will sell six silver Nxt CPU in an auction only for NXT.

I hope Nxt will succeed and this will be part of beginning and the great future.
You will be able to buy real pieces in more than ten different materials (silver, steel, plastic).

[EDIT] Everybody should understand, that this will be 3D printed silver item. This means that this is more tech stuff and not silver earrings from jewelery shop.

Source: https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4366.0.html

Anon136 Silverbars


I’m pretty sure this is what the bars are going to look like…


No ipo for now. im going to save what ever social capital i have in that respect for the event that you guys love my product and i cant produce enough to match demand at a reasonable price. if that should happen then i will use an ipo to raise the funds to start a mint.

Bitcoin regulation tightens in

The U.S. Department of the Treasury (“FinCEN”) issued a Final Rule making non-bank providers of pre-paid financial instruments subject to comprehensive Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations similar to depository institutions.

Under the Final Rule, sellers of prepaid access must collect personal information from customers, maintain transaction records, file suspicious activity reports and comply with other requirements of money service businesses (MSB).

Last month FinCEN issued a ruling that was intended to clarify the definition of an MSB and includes the possibility that even businesses outside the U.S. conducting money transfer over the Internet could still be classified as U.S. MSBs.  Additionally, the definition no longer requires that an MSB be a business — any individual who receives funds in exchange for a stored value might be considered an MSB.


NXTmixer and NXTcash anybody?

Source: http://bitcoinmoney.com/post/8412471372/fincen-prepaid-access-final-rule

Client updates



0.8.5: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5502897#msg5502897
0.8.6: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5533588#msg5533588
0.8.7: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5547369#msg5547369
0.7.7 + 0.8.8: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5566186#msg5566186

Wesley installers

NxtWallet for Mac

New version of NxtWallet for Mac available: http://nxtra.org/mac/NxtWallet.zip
Shows blockchain download progress. Tomorrow or monday I will release the same version for windows.

Windows app for my web interface

You can download it here: http://nxtra.org/nxt-client/NxtWalletWindows.zip
Just run NxtWallet.exe to start. Proof of concept at this point, probably bugs in there. Please report.

Solaris version 2.3

Windows/Mac OSX NXT client “NXT Solaris”.

Offspring v0.3.1e released

Downloads available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Windows Installer 0.8.8


FreeRider beta 0.1


iNxt 1.0.8 in AppStore


ClieNxt 0.0.7 [codename] Bond


Quote of the week


WARNING !!!!!I have stopped looking at NXT and you should consider the same.
It seems to be possible to generate NXT out of thin air  HuhTake a look at this account:
He sends around millions of NXT that he does not have. No problem doing this, because his account balance is able to become negative without any restriction.

If I would hold NXT i would feel betrayed.



Words of wisdom of the week


A hint to all those who feel that “nothing” is going on and NXT is “stagnating”: there is actually a lot going on, but it gets forgotten easily within 10 pages of this mega-thread. (…)

So if you have a good idea, try to find a good group of like-minded people, and execute it. If you’re still looking for ideas, volunteering to help out with community projects is really a good way to start. Try to break the AE on the testnet, and post your results. You can even think of new ways to contribute that no one else has. I sometimes have crazy ideas myself, but they are all in the name of improving NXT 😉

Get your message through to the newsletter: http://test.nxter.org/contact.
Any feedback about the newsletter is welcome too. Donations? Ok, 196910366798475802. Thanks.

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