Danish Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK first to launch NXT Fiat Gateway

Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK will shortly be adding NXT to the currencies it offers, making this the first major NXT <> fiat gateway exchange in the world. NXT, currently #4 cryptocurrency by market cap, offers wide-ranging second-generation features and improvements over first-generation cryptocurrencies, providing the foundations for an entire digital economy.

At the time of writing, almost all NXT trading goes through bitcoin and a fiat exchange will vastly simplify the buying and selling process, allowing NXT users to trade directly from their native fiat currencies into the NXT system.

I can’t help but feel proud that our Danish exchange will be the first cryptocurrency exchange worldwide to offer not only a NXT <> fiat gateway but also to introduce the newest version of NXT client software: NRS version 1.2.2.’ says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK. ‘That client is perhaps the prettiest and most user friendly wallet available, considering its many features!’

A new kind of exchange

CCEDK (Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark) is a new and promising exchange that has made a strong commitment to reassuring traders and promoting confidence in their services in the wake of the Mt Gox collapse and other similar scandals. Launched on May 26, the exchange is seeking to go above and beyond the call of duty to make trading both secure and cost-effective, by adopting a range of measures to boost liquidity and protect traders. Among these measures is a 1,000 bitcoin pool to ensure that its first traders will be able to match their orders while the user base grows.

CCEDK has made moving funds on and off the exchange a priority, offering a number of different currencies and means of transferring money. There are options for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Kroner, Swiss Francs, US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros. Additionally, users can move cash by SWIFT wire transfer, SEPA transfer or SOFORT payment facility.

SOFORT brings particular advantages, since it means customers of over 1,000 banks in 10 Eurozone countries can make deposits to the exchange in just 15-30 minutes – allowing traders to respond quickly to market movements. To make it even more attractive, commission fees on trades are just 0.2 percent.

Security and confidence

As well as giving customers multiple options for moving fiat in and out of the exchange, CCEDK has made a feature of their strong security. The exchange functions under Danish law and essentially operates as if regulated by a government body. Unlike a number of other exchanges, this transparency and clarity of jurisdiction means that users know exactly who they are dealing with. In fact, should any customer feel they need legal advice or help, there is even a link on the website to the exchange’s lawyer.

Such a move should not be necessary, however, because apart from various security measures, CCEDK’s CEO, Ronny Boesing, has stated his intention to keep an unprecedented 30 percent of cryptocurrency revenue in a ring-fenced fund that will be used to repay traders if they are the victims of fraud or cybercrime – a bold and reassuring move in a post-Gox world.

Exchange 2.0 meets Crypto 2.0

The partnership between NXT and CCEDK opens new possibilities and heralds a bright future for both. NXT has seen unprecedented growth over the last half year since its launch, and is currently the leading second generation cryptocurrency. Over the following few weeks, several exciting new features will be added to the NXT ecosystem, including an online marketplace to allow trading of physical goods.

We feel a genuine excitement to be able to capitalise on the advantages of offering investment opportunities from our location in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, as well as to be able to add a major new and emerging market in the form of NXT,’ adds CEO Boesing.

Meanwhile NXT, which is supported by a very strong community and a large team of talented developers, is rapidly growing and pushing into new areas for cryptocurrency with each passing week.

It gives us great pleasure at NXT to add our second generation currency to a reliable fiat exchange with an excellent reputation and a strong commitment to transparency, honesty and accountability,’ says NXT marketing associate Dan Kindly. ‘Listing on CCEDK is one big step in NXT progress in our ongoing race to the moon!’

As part of the celebrations around this ‘NXT big thing’ there will be a giveaway competition, sponsored by NXT.

One lucky NXT trader on CCEDK will score a 5,000 NXT bonus!

All the accounts that have traded at least 1,000 NXT on the CCEDK platform before midnight CET on 31st July 2014 will entered into a random selection, with the winner receiving 5,000 NXT.

So get on over to CCEDK and start trading in NXT…

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