Nxt News – July 2017 (III): Let’s Build a Strong Foundation and Join Together to Withstand the Tests of Time

July 2017 (III)


Welcome back, fellow Nxters! Summer is a beautiful time to enjoy nature – but for us, it is just another opportunity to work hard to provide you with the relevant news of the past week in this concise format. This is also a way for you, dear readers, to inform and educate yourselves about the names and roles of the key players in our community.

As always, whatever your interests and whoever you are, you are in the right place for your comprehensive analysis of all things Nxt and Ardor. Last week was action packed, with many interesting and exciting opportunities presenting themselves.







This week’s newsletter is put together by jagd, apenzl, rubenbc and Jose, with final edits by Travin Keith.



The community has spoken.

Here is the original announcement. Here you can find the full list of proposals.

And here are the final results:

Congratulations to our top-3 nominees!


and bjorn_blockchain (x2):

Jelurida, heeding the advice of the Nxt Foundation, has selected the final winner, who will be rewarded with 5000 NXT plus a free Nxt Foundation Supporter status – or an upgrade/extension if they are already a supporter.

marenkar (Nxt Foundation):

After a few days of internal discussions, as well as communicating with the designer of the selected design for some modifications, we’re happy to announce that Savandra has won the contest! Congratulations to Savandra and thanks to everyone who participated in this logo design contest. Thanks as well to jose for taking over the logo design contest as well as wolffang who started it  :)

Thank you to everyone who submitted a logo! We value your support and we personally love the great community of Nxters we have. Look at the available logos and see that there is a lot of talent here. There are definitely many skilled designers in this community!

More information


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  • SNAPSHOT – Nxt, Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions’ on Nxt’s Marketplace

Great news Nxters! We have our book, ‘SNAPSHOT – Nxt, Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions’, for sale for the incredibly low price of $10, or only 150 NXT! The ebook is available here OR on the blockchain through the 100% decentralized Nxt Marketplace.

Selling account: NXT-NG2M-BEGY-CXG5-4N2XD 

Documenting the challenges faced during the birth of the Nxt platform, SNAPSHOT is the incredible account of the rise of Nxt, as told by key Nxters from the community. It is a great read and we promote it because it spreads the message of our platform and educates you as well. A compelling read, full of insight and wisdom for anyone interested in Nxt and decentralized communities, and not least the use cases and smart transactions that will be available for anyone with IGNIS too, when the long-awaited Ardor platform and its globally scalable child chains are released.

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  • Bitswift to Join the Ardor Platform as a Child Chain

Last week, we learned that Bitswift will be migrating their tokens and their ecosystem over to the Ardor platform as a child chain. This is exciting because it demonstrates the organized and professional interest in Ardor as a blockchain infrastructure. This move is motivated by Bitswift’s desire for security and longevity for their tokens, including taking full advantage of Ardor’s useful API.

Paul Busch, Founder of Bitswift:

Bitswift wants to ensure the security and longevity of their tokens. By migrating them to a secure blockchain infrastructure such as Ardor, the Bitswift team can focus on utility applications for the Bitswift tokens rather than on blockchain infrastructure dealings which is a beast of its own. Through migrating to the Ardor platform we inherit a wealth of options for our tokens, most notable a fully featured API from which we can build out applications to provide extended utility for our tokens.

Lior Yaffe, Managing Director of Jelurida B.V.:

We are excited to see more and more organizations interested in using Ardor. With Bitswift taking the leap and being the first confirmed child chain to join Ignis, we are sure this will encourage others to use Ardor as infrastructure for their decentralized applications, whether as a child chain, an asset, or through one of the many features publicly available on the Ignis child chain.

Paul Busch also announced that he will be giving away 10% of all Bitswift tokens to all holders of Ignis coins, relative to the amount of Ignis coins they are allocated at the time of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot.

However, all funds for this 10% giveaway will come from Paul’s own personal funds. Bitswift does not intend to compete with Ignis as a child chain, but rather to complement the entire platform.

Further customized development will be explored that will not only differentiate the two chains, but also provide the needed customizations that Bitswift requires. Some features will also be disabled due to business reasons as requested by Bitswift.

This is great news for both the Bitswift community and for us Nxters! We welcome Bitswift to our ecosystem and wish them the best of luck and great success in the future!

We’re driven by our passion for open source technologies and their capabilities for cost savings delivered down to the consumer.



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  • THE CHOICE we all have pending, regarding our NXT and IGNIS 

Well-known member forkedchain, the owner of the largest forging pool on the Nxt Platform, has opened an interesting debate in the Nxt forum before the Jelurida ICO takes place. Will you invest your NXT in the IGNIS ICO or wait for the automatic 0,5 IGNIS per NXT reward when Ardor launch and keep your NXT. And what will happen to Nxt afterward?

Riker, core developer, Jelurida, writes:

As an investor in the ICO you need to balance the following factors:

(1) Don’t buy IGNIS in the ICO – you get less well funded development team and community in the long run and less sell pressure on NXT in the short run

(2) Buy IGNIS in the ICO – you get better funded development team and community in the long run and more sell pressure on NXT in the short run

Since you are reading this, I assume you believe in the NXT development team and the NXT community, if so, go for (2), true, there will be a short term sell pressure while the raised funds are converted to NXT but this is a short term concern. In the long term, a better funded development team and community will be able to hire more developers, invest in marketing and give this wonderful product the attention is deserves.

Surely, when you buy IGNIS in the ICO you’ll get a much better rate than if you just hold your NXT. We’ll publish more information about the ICO terms and conditions as soon as we have it clear with all related entities.

  • If Jelurida is well funded after a successful ICO we will continue to maintain NXT and add to it every feature which we add to Ardor and does not require a parent/child architecture
  • If Jelurida is not well funded then we will focus most of our efforts on Ardor and put less focus on NXT.

TL; DR – The issue before the community is how much long term support (LTS) NXT will continue to get compared to Ardor’s continued evolution and growth. The success or failure of the Jelurida ICO will determine for the development team the value and viability of implementing as much as possible, the functionality of Ardor to NXT.

Your opinion can be expressed by whether or not you buy IGNIS or NXT tokens in the lead-up to the Jelurida ICO. This is an interesting fork that we as a community have reached, victims of our own success.



Jelurida just updated their ICO page with IGNIS ICO pricing and schedule.

More details and coverage will follow shortly… Follow the Nxt and Ardor Platform News.

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  • Nxt.org – Overview of Main Features

The main website of the Nxt platform has created and launched a new page where they expose and explain the main features of the Nxt blockchain. 

To learn more, have a look at our developers section.

Another quick overview with links to tutorials can be found on https://nxter.org/tutorials


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  • Talk about Ardor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last week Nxt Foundation supporters @James Malach (aka coinerz) and @Gabriel Francesch presented a short 15-minute introduction to the Ardor platform in Thailand at a Bitcoin Mixer. They explained Ardor as an open-source project that addresses some fundamental issues in the blockchain ecosystem, such as scalability and ease of customization for businesses. Afterwards they had a Q&A session.

Great job James and Gabriel, spreading the word of our platform across the globe. The more people educated on the many benefits of our platform the better!

@2youmich Lots of people in Chiang Mai are into Ardor. We have a major project being built on the Ardor blockchain too.

coinerz: @2youmich it’s actually been in development for over a year and have been preparing for an ICO using Ardor as opposed to Ethereum. We will release more information after the Ignis ICO. Unlike the vast majority of ICO’s which seem to be either vaporware or hard-to-understand buzzwords strung together into a nonsensical white paper, our product will be almost ready to market and is something that will benefit everybody on a day-to-day basis and help them to earn money too.

Thank you – unlike all these other ICO’s, we’re not looking to raise a huge fortune either. The business model is incredible scaleable and already has multiple revenue streams.

Source and more information

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  • Ardor Business Case in a Nutshell

Riker, aka Lior Yaffe, one of the Jelurida lead developers, has written a useful executive summary meant for consumption by the general public where the documents what Ardor is and what issues the platform resolves – mainly blockchain bloat, the problem of having to deal with multiple tokens in the context of single transactions, and removing the single point of failure which is the centralized 3rd party cryptocurrency exchanges.

His summary can be read here: Ardor in a Nutshell

The Ardor platform is based on the stable and reliable Nxt blockchain source code which has been running successfully as a public blockchain since November 2013. Every existing function of the Nxt blockchain will be supported by Ardor. For those just learning Ardor, it solves the blockchain bloat issue by allowing for customizable child chains that can be pruned from the main Ardor blockchain. Additionally, every child chain has access to the security and network capabilities of Ardor. We expect disruptions to occur in existing business and fintech paradigms as we push forward our entire ecosystem into the age of the “Internet of Value.”

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  • Adel – Founders Visits Isle of Man

Last week, the founders of Adel visited the Isle of Man to register the company as a limited liability company (LLC).  Brian Donegan and Gabriel Dusil, the founders, claimed that “cryptocurrency community” could bring jobs to the Isle of Man by functioning as a blockchain tech incubator firm.

They see growth in the blockchain space as a whole, moving away from just the Fintech (financial technology) sector and expanding into others. They cited future prospects in healthcare, government, IoT, and ICT. Adel will take full advantage of the very reasonable tax structure to promote their platform and all things related to distributed ledger technology.

Brian Donegan, head of operations - eBusiness at the DED and Gabriel Dusil, co-founder of Adel, the blockchain technology incubator
Brian Donegan, head of operations – eBusiness at the DED and Gabriel Dusil, co-founder of Adel, the blockchain technology incubator

A technology business using cutting edge blockchain technology could ultimately help to bring jobs to the island, it has been claimed.

Brian Donegan, head of operations for eBusiness and Fintech innovation at the Department of Economic Development, told Business News: ’I think the Adel ecosystem is unique in terms of what they are setting out to do. They are setting out to create a fully compliant business in the digital space, in the crypto space.

The incubator model that have will attract existing digital start-ups to sit inside that incubator but using the particular coins system that Adel have developed and that makes it unique.

We think that in time, all going well, the Adel business can have a presence in the island and that presence could potentially generate some jobs .

If that works for Adel then why wouldn’t it work for lots of other businesses to follow Adel.

In other words we see a potential sector in this space to be developed.’

If you want to read the whole conversation click here

How to Acquire ADL

You can use https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/ to calculate how much fiat, BTC, ETH, or other altcoins are needed to acquire your ADL.

You can currently purchase ADL on 3 different exchanges:

1 – NXT Asset Exchange (Asset ID: 17477397104276156702)

2 – https://Stocks.Exchange (trade BTC or NXT)

3 – https://CryptoDAO.com (trade BTC, LTC, ETH or DASH)

Review their Vimeo channel for videos on how to use the exchanges http://www.vimeo.com/AdelEcosystem

Remember: Bounty programs are also available to earn ADL. If you have a skill in writing, creating video blogs, doing promotions, performing digital marketing, or even if you know someone who can help their community grow, then reply to adel@adelphoi.io for more details on their bounty program, or check out their frequently asked questions: https://adelphoi.io/#faq


[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=17477397104276156702]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=17477397104276156702]


Membership privileges include:

  •  Access to the community modules (except for the Account module which everyone has access)
  •  Vote on projects based on your ADL balance
  •  Submit ideas and become an innovator
  •  Communicate & collaborate exclusively with other members
  •  Incubate ideas (I2) in Adel’s Collaboration module
  •  Collaborate Project Planning (P2)
  •  First choice to be employed in projects (Enterprise Execution, E2)
  •  Buy ADS in future projects
  •  Favorable rates in future community initiatives, purchases, etc.

More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit

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  • [CORE] Bug bounties 3 and 4 have been completed

Last week, we announced two rewards for solving two small bugs in the code. In less than a week they have both been solved. Thank you so much to those who gave their time to assist us with this important, yet tedious matter! Keeping our code base efficient and bug-free is crucial to our success as a commercial platform.

Riker documents the original issues and assigns bounties to those who can help us.


Currently when connecting to a remote node for the first time, it’s not uncommon to see a Blue screen displayed for 10-20 seconds while the client fetches the necessary resources.

The purpose of the task is to display a moving progress bar when loading the client until the lock screen is displayed.

There is no simple solution for this because of the way the client resources are loaded synchronously using the nrs.sitebuild.js script.

This synchronous loading is necessary in order to initialize the handle bars components and the localization resources.

The solution can utilize any wide spread web development technique, but not rely on any plugin, and has to work both in browser and in the mobile browser and not break the desktop wallet (which is less affected by this problem).

We would like to offer a 20K NXT bounty for this task.

Riker confirmed the success of the solution provided by a member of the community who has completed the challenge

This bounty has been implemented by forum member blackbeam. Thanks blackbeam!

You can see it in action when connecting to (ignore the certificate warning and don’t use this node for anything else please)

Riker: The purpose of this task is to implement an expected next block counter.
Currently we have the generators page which displays the expected next forger and expected forging time.
You will need to implement a next block count down label based on this data in the left pane next to the block height.
Clicking this widget will open the existing generators page.
The code has to be clean and the widget has to look elegant and integrate well with the existing UI layout.

We would like to offer a 5K bounty for this task.

Riker confirmed the success of the solution provided by a member of the community who has completed the challenge:

Challenge #4 has been awarded to user sndurkin. Thanks!


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  • Weekly Reminder

This week, we wish to remind our community about voting on the blockchain and how you cannot cheat the system. One of the neat features of the Nxt platform is our voting functionality. It has been used by our community since its release in May 2015, has been successfully tested by Russia’s National Settlement Depository, and is also the backbone of the Phased Transactions System.

However, in the recent poll about the new IGNIS logo, which had been set to require a 1000 NXT balance to vote, some clever community members out there might have noticed a potential loophole: what happens when you vote in a poll and immediately transfer the funds from one account to another account before the poll ends?

The answer is yes, you can vote multiple times by doing this BUT it will not matter because the platform validates the accounts only once the poll has ended. All the votes cast by accounts with insufficient balances will be negated. In the example above, only the last account to vote will have its final vote tallied.

Remember, when you vote in a poll, maintain the required balance in the account used for the poll until it ends or you vote will be disqualified!

The original question:

josenxt – What would happen if someone who casted a vote using Nxt’s Voting System, which required a mimimum balance of 1000NXT to take part in the poll, transfers all his NXT to another account before the poll ends? Will their vote still count? Could they vote twice? Could they vote again in the poll and they first vote will disappear?

Riker, one of our core developers, responds:

The balance is checked when the poll is counted so votes which were valid at the time of vote but not at the time of counting will be disqualified

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  • The union of Bitswift with Ardor has been mentioned in the media

The momentous news of Bitswift migrating to the Ardor platform made news on The Fintech Times. The article documents, in great detail, the transition of Bitswift from an independent platform to being a premier child chain of Ardor with the original announcement by Jelurida BV, the holder of the IP rights to Nxt software and the Ardor platform.

Bitswift will join Ignis in the first batch of child chains released with Ardor later this quarter.

Bitswift to Join the Ardor Platform as a Child Chain

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  • TradingView – NXT/USDT Bullish


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  • TradingView – Ardor in the buy zone – it’s time to invest


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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That wraps up the news for the week. We look forward to welcoming Bitswift supporters to our  platform and ecosystem! Stay tuned for next week as we continue to provide you with all the relevant and exciting news for Nxt, Ardor, and all things involving the accelerating growth of the blockchain space. We love our community and we would be nothing without you all!

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters! See you next week.

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