Nxt News – July 2017 (III): Let’s Build a Strong Foundation and Join Together to Withstand the Tests of Time

July 2017 (III)   Welcome back, fellow Nxters! Summer is a beautiful time to enjoy nature – but for us, it is just another opportunity to work hard to provide you with the relevant news of the past week in this concise format. This is also a way for you, dear readers, to inform and …

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DeBuNe – a Decentralised Business Network on the move

NXTER.ORG’s RubenBc interviews Roberto Capodieci, who is the CEO of DeBuNe (Decentralised Business Network) and OTDocs.com (Open Trade Docs) and also the Founder of TheSoundKey.com + Go.Notifile.me. Roberto has extensive experience in the IT and business sectors. At age 10 he developed and sold his first video game, began his IT entrepreneurial career when still …

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