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NXTVisit.com is a NXT Paid-to-Visit website that lets advertisers place their ads onto the website. When someone clicks an ad, the clicker get paid a small amount, while the advertiser gets the benefit of getting their websites more exposure. NXTVisit.com has a wide demographics, therefore each business gets a much better mix of clickers compared to some of the other similar sites.

For Advertisers

• Start your campaign: Create your account and add your first campaign
• Spread your ads: you will get publicity immediately as your ads go online
• Draw quality visitors to your website! No scam, no bots. Real people, real clicks.

For Visitors

• Click one of the active ads. Believe us, it can’t get easier than this.
• Visit the website for the required duration. Have a look around!
• Earn NXTs. Now that was a freebie! Rejoice at your earnings.

How does NXTVisit.com help advertisers?

First, the advertiser joins NXTVisit.com by creating an account. Next, the advertiser creates a new ad campaign by filling in the appropriate information, i.e. the title of the campaign, target URL, required duration of visit and the desired amount of clicks. Then the advertiser pays the cost of the ad campaign in NXT currency and the campaign takes off immediately, letting them to sit back and relax as their website enjoys quality exposure. Creating a campaign is just that easy!

We only and merely pay on the condition that users actually stay at the target website for at least the duration specified for the campaign. Say, you set this duration to 5 seconds: The user must stay on the target website for at least 5 seconds or more. When the visitor leaves after 4 seconds, they will not get paid for the click. When the visitor spends at least the time you specified, they will get paid. This is the most reliable way of drawing real traffic to your websites.

How does NXTVisit.com work for visitors?

Anyone can become a user on NXTVisit.com and get paid in NXTs for clicking ads on the website. The user must read the ad he clicks upon and stay on the target URL until the specified countdown finishes. Upon a successful visit, the user will promptly receive an incentive depending on the campaign. Each campaign will have a different amount of reward for succesful clicks. When the account balance reaches 150 NXT, the user can make a transfer from their NXTVisit.com account to their NXT wallet.

It’s surprisingly simple to become a user on NXTVisit.com. All you have to do is sign up at the NXTVisit.com website. Then, once the account is confirmed, all that’s needed is to start clicking on ads, reading them and earning NXTs as you do so. Payment in NXTs can be transferred directly to your NXT address when you have over 150 NXT.

NXT is a type of currency that is simple to send worldwide. NXTVisit.com is a great way for users to earn free NXT currency. Users can click on an average of five to 10 ads a day, sometimes more. To start making NXTs right now, all you have to do is create your NXTVisit.com account now and then you can enjoy our higher payout rates and shorter click timeout spans.



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