SuperNET Newsletter #8

Welcome to the SuperNET.


SuperNET now has one of the most active communities in the cryptosphere, with over 100 people and 10,000 messages on Slack every day. There are something in the region of 2 dozen SuperNET devs – without counting the people carrying out tasks such as project management, running servers, communications, etc.

‘I am becoming smaller and smaller part of SuperNET. Like it has to be’, James writes. Read on.


  • Supernet.org launched
  • Pangea
    • Asset dividend sent
  • New services and dividends in the pipeline
    • Jay
    • Omnigames
    • [Funding Request]
  • NXT Freemarket
  • VRC
  • BTCD video
  • NXT turned 1 year
  • Other coins (integration)
  • jl777 nominated for POH award
  • Testers wanted
  • SuperNET darkweb?
  • Development Update
  • Press
  • SuperNET related links

Supernet.org launched

lootz has coded the site, which has now been launched.If you are involved in SuperNET in any way, please PM lootz in Slack and let him know what you are doing so he can add your profile to the site. Include a picture you would like to display (and have permission to use) and around 100 words describing your role in SuperNET, plus any other relevant information.

There are many of us working on SuperNET, and it’s great to know who else is contributing!

Any suggestions to improve the website are highly welcome, it is an open project 🙂 Please contact lootz or noashh.


Pangea is SuperNET’s decentralised poker application. It uses provably random numbers and will take advantage of the built-in privacy features of SuperNET. 80% of Pangea’s revenues will be distributed to assetholders.

5000Bitcoins writes: ‘I’ll be project lead/business developing/marketing and all things needed for Pangea. I partnered up with jl777, and also valarmg who completes on the things I can’t do. To simplify, when I bring the business side, valarmg brings the poker side, in between we meet to create the best product for both the player and the shareholder.

‘I looked for a GUI developer for the project for about a month, good GUI developers are surprisingly hard to find, and finally found Hobofife, who will do the GUI, he started earlier this month.

‘I registered the domain, pangeapoker.net which will be used later, just for downloading the client when released, figured those not accustomed to bct/nxtforums would be more comfortable going there.’

Valarmg adds: ‘I played as an online professional poker player for 6 years to decent success. I’m also an electronic engineer with programming experience and coded the Dividends+ module for NxtServices/SuperNET. I’m going to be coding Pangea Poker.’

This is a strong team and a promising application with a proven market. US regulation means that SuperNET is providing a solution that does not yet exist anywhere else. Updates will be posted to https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/pangea-poker/ and twitter.com/PangeaPoker.

Pangea GUI in the works video:

[fusion_youtube id=”C1YyatjUp8A” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]

Asset dividend sent

There is a total of 1 million Pangea assets.
At 7.5% for both NXTventure and SuperNET holders, this means there will be:

75000/1000000 = 0.075 Pangea assets per NXTventure asset
75000/816061 = 0.0919 Pangea assets per SuperNET/UNITY asset

A further 50,000 Pangea have been sent into JLH.

Pangea has allocated 20% of revenues to marketing partners.
For SuperNET players, this 20% will flow through Privatebet asset.

The dividend was set to happen after 100 votes in favour of its release had been submitted here: https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/pangea-poker/

The dividend has now been paid to holders of SuperNET on Nxt Asset Exchange. BTer dividends will follow this week.

Other services and dividends in the pipeline


Jay (asset ID: 8688289798928624137) is a decentralised plug-in network (see fuller description at https://nxtforum.org/jay-framework/). The potential of this technology is wide-ranging. Possible uses include a plug-in store for downloads, multiwallet and generally allowing crypto to have a lower entry barrier due to avoiding the requirement of downloading blockchains. Monetisation details will be announced in the forum thread.

James writes: ‘Jay will allow people without any software on their system to run the SuperNET GUI and access all coins. I want this to be accessible from SuperNET.org, so it would just have the latest SuperNET GUI directly available from theSuperNET.org website. It wil do local client signing, so they can safely do money tx for any coin connected to the SuperNET, not just core coins!’

This is an important step towards mass adoption. Timing is not certain at this point, but it will need to take place after the v1 GUI is complete as it will modify this. Jones is carrying out the core work on this project and BTCDdev the applications/API. The GUI dev will hopefully be announced soon. Jones writes: ‘The gui may have a few differences from the regular client one on account of being a litewallet, but for the most part, it should have full access to superNET.’

Jay will be dividended out as an asset at the usual rate of 7.5% to both NXTventure and SuperNET, with 5% going to JLH. Timing is undecided. For more information, see:


Omnigames (asset ID: 7441230892853180965) will develop freemium mobile games that use cryptocurrency for in-game purchases, starting with Bitmark (BTM). The goal is to bring mass market fiat users into crypto and to create popular games that different coin communities can customise.

80% of Omnigames revenues will be distributed to assetholders. 20% of revenues will go to marketing affiliates, with Privatebet handling the SuperNET players for omnigames. https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/omnigames-asset will have the latest information

Omnigames will follow the standard dividend plan, with 7.5% going to SuperNET assetholders (timing unknown). The project Manager is amarha (aka Este Nuno). We are recruiting mobile app devs for partner level stake.

James comments, ‘The 20% of revenues for the marketing affiliates will flow through Privatebet as that is the gaming umbrella asset. This allows a gaming sector investment that diversifies across the different games whose dividends/revenues will flow through Privatebet. So, if you aren’t sure what type of games will do the best, but want a gaming asset, then Privatebet is the one.’

All in all

James also comments on the effect of SuperNET’s growing community of developers and contributors, and the projects they are bringing to the SuperNET:

‘I estimate the marketcap of the three assets will be around 100 million NXT and SuperNET has 40% of this. The amazing thing is that at the rate the SuperNET team is growing, it might be possible to do this reasonably often. People outside slack probably don’t understand the impact (and math) of this sort of thing. 40% of 100 million = 40 million NXT / 816K = ~50 NXT asset NAV increase, assuming the 100 million total is achieved. Since, even during bear market the assets like Atomic, neoDICE and Freemarket are in the 25 range, the 100 million estimate is not unrealistic at all.’

[Funding Request]

250000 NXT has been requested for seed funding for Omnigames and 1,000 SuperNET assets as a bounty for l8orre to complete the SuperNET test suite. A further 10 BTC has been requested to obtain a stake in a new coin, to be disclosed at a later data.

For more information, see https://nxtforum.org/unity/supernet-funds-request-authorization-thread-official/

NXT Freemarket

Nxt & SuperNET’s decentralised marketplace continues to attract interest, and now btcddev has built a lite web version of the market. You can browse, buy and sell items directly from https://freemarketlite.com.

No client, no blockchain download. No Nxt Wallet needed. Open your browser and go to freemarketlite.com, that’s it. You still need NXT in an account to buy something of course.

Developer poofknuckle is working on a variable pricing function: ‘Let’s say you want to get the equivalent of USD $20 for an item. So, you specify that, and when the UI displays a price in NXT, it gets the exchange rate and displays the right amount of NXT. And it does it again when you click through to buy.’

The full version of NXT Freemarket can be downloaded here: http://nxtfreemarket.com/


A new wallet has been released for VRC. Users just need to import their wallet.dat file. There are further instructions on the forums: http://www.vericoin.info. VRC will be the currency used for billing and paying for cloud storage.

James will be adding autoconversion between the SuperNET core currencies (and BTC). The SuperNET will act like a mining pool as the revshare will be converted to VRC.


A short promotional film for BTCD has been created:

[fusion_vimeo id=”108150786″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_vimeo]

The Nxt blockchain turned 1

24th November was NXT’s first birthday!

Read more here: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-your-first-birthday/

Nxt.org has therefore been completely updated by Nxt Organization, and Nxter.org will run a campaign over the next weeks with an article series about Nxt CORE use cases, a realunch of the famous NXT Newsletters, and a 1000 NXTP give-away to randomly picked Nxt Newsletter subscribers. NXTP’s are netprofit shares given to all contributors to NXTER.ORG.

Congratulations, everyone involved in the NXT community, which does mean all of us, right. 🙂

[fusion_vimeo id=”93300399″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_vimeo]

Other Coins (integration)

A ‘passthru’ API call has been added to allow non-SuperNET core coins to access the features of SuperNET. This adds enormous versatility to SuperNET, in that any coin community can now customise it and use it for their own coin, if they wish.

James writes, ‘If there are specific functions that you want to make into SuperNET API, you can code it up and I can merge it in. In SuperNET.conf, the “coins” array describes how to interface to a coin’s daemon and there is a bitcoind_RPC function that invokes it via RPC, so within SuperNET you can call your daemon and encapsulate this in the SuperNET JSON API. Once your coin/service has an API, then with an HTML5/Javascript panel in the SuperNET GUI, all users of SuperNET will have direct (and easy) GUI access.

‘Just like we enhance the NXT GUI into SuperNET, any coin can enhance the SuperNET reference with their own features. Assuming it is a cool feature then SuperNET would be wanting to make it part of the reference release.

‘I think with a “passthru” API that sends the JSON to a coin daemon (even remote), it will simplify coins connecting up to SuperNET. They can update (or fork reference SuperNET GUI) and enhance the SuperNET with their coin’s features. Only their community would have all the code needed to use their coin’s functions. For the ones that have functionality that we want in the core, it then becomes a matter of merging the code and putting it into the reference implementation.’

‘Almost have the remote working. conceptually anyway. in the SuperNET.conf, there will be a “remote”:[] array, both at the highest level and within each coin entry. if a method is in a remote array (global or coin specific), then remote requests will be accepted and the result sent back to the one that initiated the remote call. this is the mechanism that allows any coin access to any other coin’s RPC, even if they are not running that coin locally.’

jl777 nominated for a 2014 Proof Of Honour award

James has been nominated for Coins Source Proof Of Honour award for his work on SuperNET. evok3d writes: ‘Congratulations jl777 and community, you have made it to the voting round. Your work to unite coins and in turn create something fully decentralizes has been inspiring to follow. Hope this can bring more communities together.’

See the Nomination Thread at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=855130.msg9604806#msg9604806

QT Testers wanted

Bassguitarman is making a SuperNET enhanced bitcoin-qt client:

Testers are needed. Contact bassguitarman on Slack or in SuperNET forum.

SuperNET darkweb?

James has added support for saving simple webpages to the cloud. This builds on existing functionality and enables encrypted files to be distributed across the SuperNET network and restored on an M-of-N basis (see basic documentation at https://forum.thesupernet.org/index.php?topic=264.0). Once published to the cloud, a 64-bit value is returned and the page can be viewed in a regular browser from

This is currently at proof-of-concept stage. As it stands, this offers limited functionality compared to the regular web, but is an intriguing step towards creating a SuperNET web. As James suggests, ‘probably low bandwidth streaming might even be possible.’ As more developers come on board, they will likely build on this idea and create new and exciting applications with it.

Development Update


I am currently waiting on some tech from others before I can proceed debugging most effectively. So rather than be inefficiently debugging, I figured I would cleanup the MGW codebase and while doing that I thought I might as well integrate it into SuperNET API.

I got the deposit side coded and mostly debugged already, but the withdraw is always toughest…

Anyway, the MGW maintains what is very much like the private blockchains that the peer to peer Teleport needs, and I plan to leverage this code for InstantDEX order clearing also. I estimate that after the SuperNET API gets the MGW functions, the MGW servers will take less than 1000 lines of code. It will also allow anyone to setup their own multisig addresses for whatever they want to use it for, eg. escrow.

A bit unexpected to be doing this now, but turns out it will solve some of the pesky accounting things that needed to be done eventually, so that explains the big drop in github activity. Coding locally as it is a lot of code to be moving around and it is in an intermediate non-working state now.


SuperNET and its component services are starting to draw more attention from the crypto community.


Atomic /

Freemarket /

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