GOAL 1: Getting Nxt, IGNIS, and Ardor ecosystem content out there. EVERYWHERE!

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First things first:

One specific goal for Nxter Magazine is to get featured on Google News.

So I requested inclusion in Google News. Why? Besides their average of 540M monthly readers, it’s where a bunch of popular crypto portfolio apps, exchange websites, and mainstream media pull their blockchain news from.

To get featured – and get something out of it – Nxter.org must live up to some tech specs, and we should post more often. Actually, it’s recommended to post original content DAILY. Awesome, right? Daily posts from your favourite magazine. It’s one of our main reasons for no longer publishing a weekly newsletter with a billion updates in every post, but to break it up into more smaller articles.

It’s also a reason for the new sections on Nxter.org – AND a call-to-action:

Our new sections (News, Opinion, and Projects), and sub sections (Tips & Tricks) are OPEN!

Anyone can post a NEWS UPDATE, an OPINION or maintain a PROJECT blog on Nxter.org – as long as it’s related to Ignis / Ardor (child chains, assets, MS currencies, inbuilt features, tech) or the Nxt Blockchain. You just have to be logged in to nxter.org to post. It’s free to sign up, and we use your Ardor account ID as auth. It’s unique, and we avoid spambots.

I also created a Flipboard Publisher account and prepared our feed for it. Actually, I prepared a feed for each section on Nxter, but let’s get their review first. Flipboard is – after Google, Facebook and Twitter – the number four traffic source for digital publications. Next on the list is Apple News and yes, I did apply for that one too. So let’s get started again.

Dear creative Nxters, dear blockchain enthusiasts, here’s what YOU can do:

1. Post a News Flash

Did you catch something relevant that hasn’t been posted on Nxter.org yet?

Go to this form, write it, and use the dropdown menu at end to select the NEWSFLASH category.

It’s hard to keep track of everything and make updates about every little thing that happens in our growing ecosystem, and that’s actually why our weekly Nxter Newsletters were so appreciated – more than we were aware of (but we DID realize it after we had paused them for a while). Together we can make it a blast.

The newsflashes must be Nxt and Ardor related, which basically means: anything worth noticing from our ecosystem: project updates, Jelurida news, market movements (compared to fiat/BTC/other alts?), airdrops, new exchanges, you name it. Always include a link to the original source of the information.

You can copy-paste the news from an original source too… we’ll have to rewrite it then, but it’s still a great help for us.

2. Let us know your OPINION

Share it, let your opinion be heard.

All Nxters, active or lurkers, traders, contributors to the Nxt and Ardor ecosystems, all community members with knowledge of our blockchains, features, the crypto market, monetary systems, DAO’s, Proof of Stake, crypto jura, digital identities, e-government – your insights and ideas are appreciated!

You can establish yourself as a guru or be anonymous, you can be the guiding star, or ask the stupid questions you never dared to ask before, so others can learn from them too. All our knowledge from private messages, Slack channels, and the notes we took after playing around on the testnet – we could share them. Nxter.org is a hub – you can use it, fill it, enjoy it.

Go to this form, use the dropdown menu at end to select the OPINION category.

3. Update us about your PROJECT

Publishing project updates is for anyone with a project (or representing someone with a project) on the Ardor or Nxt platform; an app in alpha, an STO or fundraising going on the blockchain, a wallet or UI using the API, blockchain entrepreneurs / growing businesses, NxterPuzzlers, child chain issuers, service providers, developers, Jelurida. Guerilla Marketeers.

Go to this form, select PROJECTS as category, and when we review your post, we will add your project name as a tag, so a feed like https://www.nxter.org/tag/triffic/ can be used on your Project Page, or you own website. BTW, contact us if you’d like a PROJECT PAGE on Nxter.org. 😉 Yes, it’s a brand new idea (well actually it’s not, but it’s new that we’re implementing it).

Your updates will count, and together we can post enough to be seen. In the news, and on social media. Then YOU will be seen. Your PROJECT, or your favourite TOKEN will be seen. If you don’t push your updates to Nxter (which is easy, ok?), there’s no guarantee they will reach us – and our readers, YOUR community – or beyond.

If you work on a project, we can send you automated email reminders when it’s been some time since you last updated your followers/investors.

4. Share Tips & Tricks

This is a more technical section, for client users and developers. Post short or long helpful tips.

When there are enough, we can tie the links together on a FAQ page, but for now: Please, share your insights.

5. About articles, other content, YouTube videos, Press Releases, et al

Sure! – If it’s relevant information for Nxters!

If you have ideas for a new section, want us to post sponsored articles, offer your blogging skills, or you’d like advise about where to post, join our Writers Room. You can also use our contact form, but lots of irrelevant projects, content marketers, and spammers do that too, so the Writers Room is a shortcut to our attention – to post, you must be logged in to the forum with your ArdorID.

A nice thing about our “niche” is that Ignis, Ardor + Nxt can be used for .. a lot. So something else you can do, if you want to support, is to think about blockchain use cases. Problems that need to be solved. Talk to your friends about their field of interest and work, let them know what Ardor can do, brainstorm with them, and write a post or an article about your vision. Your friends are welcome to post too. Nxter is not just for blockchain geeks – we can work with other geeks too. About blockchain. 😉

6. Cross-post / re-post

Read below…

How to post on Nxter.org

Sign in. Use our simple frontend editor. Select the post category. Submit.

If you want fancier design options, ask us for access to the full contributors area in Nxter.org’s backend, where you can create cool designs by dragging and dropping all kind of modules into your posts, include tip buttons, live blockchain info shortcodes, with more to come.

How to merge a blog with Nxter.org

WordPress blogs

Do you run your own blog? So do we.

And every time we publish a new post on Nxter.org, a quote with a link is cross-posted to forum.nxter.org. That way everyone from our team and community can keep an eye on all comments (the forum syncs with nxter.org comment fields), and answer them. It’s great when you’re a small team but part of a great community like ours. – You know what? You can do the same.

Instead of writing to us about every update you make to your blog or project (or FORGETTING to do so), you can get a sub-forum on forum.nxter.org, install a small plugin and make it auto-post to that sub-forum on forum.nxter.org. We will then see all your updates instantly and be able to write comments, share on social media, and maybe re-publish them. It’s a small effort and a big win. Let us know if you want to be hooked up, and you’ll get an API key and your own sub-forum.

Medium.com blogs

We have great community content on Medium, but scattered all over the place. As requested in the ardornxt Slack, I recently created a Medium publication to bring the community’s Medium contributions all into one place. So we have a spot to link to for all Nxt and Ardor related posts.

If you like the idea of this, I ask you to link your posts to the Nxter Magazine Medium hub.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your article
  2. Click the cogwheel
  3. Select link to Nxter Magazine

Another thing.

If you support the idea of giving Nxter Magazine a collective push by upping the output of original articles and get featured by the biggest news aggregator services, please consider this:

Post your article on Nxter.org before you post it on Medium

The thing is, we have this project, this Goal #1, remember, which is about expanding the outreach for our ecosystem via Google, Flipboard, etc. Medium is awesome too. Users can follow each other, and clap, and there’s a front page where you get served articles based on your interest. If you pay, after reading 5 posts, of course. If you want to read for free, you must surf incognito and will have to search for articles of interest. Anyways. I like Medium. We must all be on Medium, and other media outlets are as well.

But if we re-publish Medium articles on Nxter.org, Google might see it as duplicate content, and judge us evil. Google will penalize Nxter.org. Bad bad nxterses.

IF, on the other hand, articles are posted on Nxter.org first, and then (few days later) on Medium, Google will understand. Ah, news from Nxter being reposted on Medium, no problemo. Search engines have come to expect content to be republished on platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium. But not the other way around, unfortunately.

So, to give the most exposure to your posts, the blockchains we care about, and our ecosystem as a whole, please consider publishing “Medium articles” on Nxter.org first. If you’re used to the Medium editor interface, the easiest way for you is probably to follow the instructions here > add your post as a DRAFT to Nxtermag on Medium. We’ll then copy the content, publish it on Nxter.org, and a few days later, publish your article on NxterMag Medium as well, or you can send it to another Medium publication.

Your content will get the same treatment as before on Medium.

I am reaching out to people I know have Medium blogs with content for Nxters. I may forget some, and in case that’s you, then sorry. Please reach out to us, you’re welcome! Also, if you see other blockchain-related quality content that could be relevant for Nxter Magazine, please let us know about it. Your contribution is a helpful step towards reaching our goal. More exposure. And a better Nxter Magazine too. Thanks. 🙂

This article was a continuation of:

Also read about sitting on your bags vs. helping by sharing on social media – wow, it’s an article on Medium.

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