A Week With Sergei


ALMOST everything started on Bitcointalk, in 2013.

"Well, I learned about Nxt for the first time back in 2014. I was amazed at the functionality and ease of the interface.  I even tried to launch the Fastnxt Currency Exchange, [but] I had to close due to low volumes".

We are happy to introduce this week's awesome Nxter: Sergei, NxterPuzzle keyholder of the week.

Prize account is ARDOR-HUPP-RL9H-RYVU-FKB8D. 100 IGNIS is in it. And... look at this!

For a period, Sergei lost interest in Nxt and the whole crypto sphere. Then, as information sources all over exploded with the news of crazy price rises, volumes and cryptocurrency growth in 2017, he remembered. He remembered that he used to like this thing, Nxt.

I started watching what online services were still alive. And I found that the services that I loved so no longer worked. And the projects that were popular in 2014 were closed. I decided, that I myself would recreate what I needed. I wrote to abctc, he supported my ideas and I began to work.

I decided to take everything into my own hands. I was also upset that such a product has so few supporters. I decided that in small steps, you can slightly improve the situation.

During the beginning of ardor.world, people from the Russian telegram community helped me a lot. In essence, the project has grown before their eyes.

Indeed it has. And before the eyes of all of us. Soon Sergei revived NxtReporting, the service that original Nxters used daily to keep track of their Nxt asset portfolio's performance. Next: he ported it to Ignis. He wrote a NXT and ARDR price bot for Telegram. He launched test-coin faucets for NXT, IGNIS and ARDR - still the only ones available (!), added various nice explorer features, a news feed page + a Russian translation of our “Ardor vs.” series, which compares Ardor’s child chain architecture to other known blockchain platforms. Sergei... - we, and the devs, and the global community, we thank you!

THIS WEEK, word by word, Sergei Chumak will announce the passphrase to a NxterPuzzle prize account. Follow his Twitter feed, pick up the words, and suddenly... they will open an account. The fastest to log in to it will be able to claim the reward. Most likely, you will learn a lot more about his useful services at ardor.world along your way. Enjoy his company..!

The puzzle prize is sponsored by the ANG.

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