Win a SuperNET Silver coin

UPDATE: New rules and deadline 1st of April 2015.
Read more and attend: https://nxtforum.org/nxter-org/win/msg163176/

Who wants a free SuperNET silver coin and some NXTP?

We’ve been asked to give away some silver to the Nxt community.

The contest

Post a meme, an essay, a cartoon, a piece of code, a homemade song or a video, a master thesis or indeed anything-else that helps you answer the following question in the best way possible:

What role do you see Nxt / SuperNET playing in the future?
What main problem(s) will Nxt solve? For YOU – and/or for the world at large?

Friday 6th March 2015, Midnight GMT

Submit your answers below
alternatively, message your entry to alias ‘nxteracc’ / NXT-EAVH-SLEV-KSEE-EE2KP

The prize

One SuperNET silver coin
The coin is from a limited edition mintage of 1,000 physical .999 grade silver coins.
This standard silver mintage is the first in what will be a series of mintages, including antique and gold on silver, expected to be issued soon.

The coin is of ‘Proof-like’ quality, minted by Northwest Territorial Mint and presented in a plastic capsule.


Pondsea (the coinman) has chosen to issue the coin as an asset on the Nxt Asset Exchange, so it can be traded. The Asset ID is 1976421459488798622 and the issuing account  NXT-F8QG-GNXA-U5TW-6DX3K. The asset represents the coin itself, so the winner can redeem the coin by sending the asset back to the issuer’s account with an encrypted message including an address to which Northwest Territorial Mint should send the coin. The shipping cost is included in the prize.


100 NXTP assets

Every month we send NXTER.ORG’s net profit out to our NXTP asset holders.
It’s a reward for their contribution, and now you have the opportunity to own some NXTP too.
You can either sell it or keep it and enjoy the dividends.

Submit Your Entry Here

But before doing so, don’t forget to read all the ‘small print’.  : )

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Terms and conditions (the ‘Small Print’)

  • By submitting an entry to this contest you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
  • The contest and the prize to be won are as described in this article.
  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • An entry can be made in any language.
  • Entries will be published on NXTER.ORG from the 1st of March.
  • Submissions will not be edited in any way BUT
    NXTER.ORG may exclude submissions because of illegal content.
  • All the entries (except for any excluded because of illegal content) will be put up for voting on nxtforum.org/nxter-org/win so that the Nxt Community can choose the winner. No Average Joe audience, please the geeks or loose, you geek!
  • The entry with the most votes wins.
  • The sender of the essay / story / meme / code / video / comic / whatever judged the best by the Nxt Community will be rewarded with 1 collectable SuperNET silver coin and 100 NXTP assets sent directly to the NXT account that was specified in the winner’s entry form.
  • The winner takes it all: the SuperNET silver coin and the 100 NXTP.
  • The winner will be notified in a NXT arbitrary message.
  • NXTER.ORG cannot be held responsible for any problems regarding the silver coin prize, its delivery or the winner’s ownership of it. If there’s a crack in the silver coin’s plastic capsule or any other issues with the redemption of the silver coin asset won, contact the issuer, Pondsea. If you are not allowed to own silver or anything Nxt-related in your country, and the police turns up and shoots your dog or something – you shouldn’t have entered the contest. It is up to YOU to comply with the relevant laws in your state and country. We are not responsible for your actions as a human being and citizen of planet Earth (and the country you’re in). Not. our. responsibility. The same, of course, goes for the NXTP assets.
  • NXTER.ORG will not collect any personal information from the contest entrants.
  • By entering this contest you give us permission to publish your entry alongside your NXT acct ID on http://test.nxter.org and http://nxtforum.org.
  • The winner will also be announced on NXTER.ORG’s frontpage, in the nxtforums and in SuperNET Slack #announcements, and probably in various other places too.

NOW, if you agree to these terms and conditions, you may enter the contest.  : )

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