SuperNET Newsletter #11

Welcome to the SuperNET! This newsletter is (should have been) shorter than usual, with the holidays getting in the way. Still, of course, there are some exciting developments… Topics v1 client JLH – The Lottery – more on JLH The jl777 Bonus Opal client OPALTKN dividend sent VPN SuperNET client MGWcoin asset dividend? FinHive Pangea Freemarket …

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SuperNET Newsletter #9

Welcome to SuperNET! It’s that time again, and once more there have been lots of developments since our last newsletter. A new promising coin has joined the SuperNET core, a SkyNET dividend has been announced, and we’ll walk you through the current holdings of SuperNET as well as this week’s development. Hang on. Topics New core coin …

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SuperNET Newsletter #7

Welcome to the SuperNET. A SuperNET alpha client release v0, the SuperNET v1 team defining the next and official release, NXT Freemarket update, MGW production servers running, a decentralised poker project coming together, and 100+ supporters and programmers active in Slack – it’s time for another update! This is SuperNET Newsletter #7. Topics SuperNET client v0 …

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