SuperNET Newsletter #4

Welcome to the SuperNET newsletter! The past week has seen some exciting developments on the tech front, including Telepathy: James’ system for communicating so securely that even the sender doesn’t need to know who the recipient is! Since it has been a relatively quiet week in terms of new companies joining SuperNET, we want to …

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Nxt Asset Exchange is here

It’s launched! Access with Nxtwallet: http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet/ or Offspring Client: https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4525.msg42196.html IPO-thread: https://nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/asset-exchange-ipos-launch-day-listings!/ Daedelus: Reports say scammers are already targeting dotsforbits and vircurex. Education is the only defence, spread the word to keep people safe: Don’t buy anything on AE without checking with the source of the Asset issuer. DON’T buy anything on AE without checking with the …

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NXT Solutions – financial decentralization

Financial freedom The last twenty years has heralded the transition from analog to digital systems.  Most of us have no idea how people used to obtain information before the existence of the Internet.  Every person born today will use digital replacements to obtain the information that used to be delivered by centralized sources such as …

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