Swap your EIX and MMNXT

As announced on 13.01.2015: EIX and MMNXT has been merged into a new asset, NEXT. NEXT dividends NEXT dividends are paid in NXT. NEXT will pay dividends on the 1st and 15th of every month. NEXTBOND, which arbitrages on BTC/USD exchanges, will pay 2% of its profits to NEXT. This new revenue stream will be added to the EIX and MMNXT bots …

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[AE blog] EIX to merge with MMNXT; BOND to launch

Trading funds E9 (EIX) and MMNXT are merging under a single fund, NEXT. This will allow better use of combined funds, more clarity and no conflict of interest between the activities of the two funds. At the same time, a new bitcoin bond (BOND) will launch to generate further revenues for NEXT and directly for …

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