SuperNET Newsletter #13

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Once again we have a number of intriguing updates for you. Step by step, release is getting closer …


  • Client v.0 update
  • SuperNET v1
  • SuperNET Silver Coins
  • Ramchains
  • MGW
  • New lead API developer
  • SuperNET buys JinnLabs technology
  • Tradebots
  • Cryptocards
  • NeoDice
  • Pangea Poker
  • SuperNET Radio
  • NXT
  • BTCD
  • OPAL
  • VRC
  • VPN
  • BITS
  • CHA
  • Press
  • SuperNET Wiki
  • SuperNET Newsletters
  • SuperNET related links

Client v.0 update

A new v.0 update has been released. This is the preliminary client with basic SuperNET functionality, including Multigateway and Coinomat funding. The two major changes are:

  1. Added compatibility to Nxt NRS 1.4.12
  2. Coinomat now includes USD funding via bank transfer

Get the latest SuperNET v.0 client here:

The Electrum BTC wallet will be integrated into the SuperNET v.0 web interface.

Test it here: https://github.com/CryptoSleuth/electrum-nxt

Latest progress video from cryptosleuth (#3): https://vid.me/gucm  –  (HQ)

SuperNET v1 – soon!

We had hoped that we could announce the public release of the official SuperNET v.1 client and give you a download link to the fancy new wallet too, but… a new idea arose, new innovation was developed, yet more code was written by jl777, the GUI had to be adapted in response, and – not least – the client simply needs more testing. Most important of all for this SuperNET release is that it MUST be easy to use. SuperNET intends to reach outside of traditional crypto circles to Average Joe, and it must therefore be Joe-ready. That includes a neat installer, to avoid all the regular issues of downloading and unpacking the client.

If you’d like to help speed up the release process, ask how you can help test the new client on Slack. James writes, ‘API channel is testing the realtime MGW. v1 GUI that uses same API is internally released. New MGW servers with all 5 ramchains is in realtime mode. So a few more things need to get cleared up, but it is happening.’

In the meantime, James continues programming, along with an ever-increasing number of CORE coin- and 3rd party feature developers. The Slack community also keeps growing (391 in SuperNET Slack now), making it probably the largest concentration of talent and support in the crypto world. The main features for the next version of the SuperNET client are already taking shape, but let’s stay with the scheduled release for now. The client we’re waiting for is a user-friendly Multiwallet containing the SuperNET CORE coins (BTCD, OPAL, VPN, VRC, BITS and NXT), as well as BTC and DOGE.

You can read more about the ideas behind the v1.0b wallet release in SuperNET Newsletter #12.

SuperNET Silver coins

Pondsea has been working on some SuperNET silver coins, a limited edition mintage of 1,000 in .999 grade silver, numbered 0-999. The Asset ID is 1976421459488798622 and the issuing account  NXT-F8QG-GNXA-U5TW-6DX3K.

The asset represents the coin itself, which can be redeemed at any time by sending the asset back to the issuer’s account along with an encrypted message including your address. The redeemer of the coin will be sent a cost for shipping, which they will need to pay to receive the coin.

Pondsea writes, ‘I made it as an asset on the AE so people can trade it. I am basing the coin at $45 USD, but Slack guys get an extra 10% of the asset up to 1 free coin. I know some will take advantage and buy 10, get the free coin then sell the 10, but I don’t think many will. Just buy it and let me know from what account and I will shoot you the bonus.

‘Just for total disclosure, my cost price for the first 100 is about $40, price will go down slightly when I mint in batches of 500/1000 or when I have the demand to twist the mint’s arm.’

Each CORE coin in the Supernet will get a free silver coin to donate to their communities from Pondsea, and James has bought 100 of the 1000 mintage to use for a special project.



Btcddev has created a ramchain-powered block explorer, which can be found at ‘You can do things like make a quick rich list, etc. You can see the time it takes to parse the blockchain for the richlist at the bottom of the page… usually gets ~40-70ms.’ For the uninitiated, this is an almost unimaginable increase in speed over traditional blockchains.

James has had to build in deliberate delays. In fact, the speed with which ramchains operate has caused some unexpected problems during testing. ‘There seems to be a glitch… I think it went too fast! What looks like happened is that the deposit got processed instantly, before the NXT address was filled in to the payment module! Being able to rescan entire blockchains in 10 milliseconds creates a lot of unexpected problems.’

As well as being faster, ramchains are far smaller than regular blockchains – the most highly ‘distilled’ version may be between 10 and 20 times smaller, and the data is ‘orders of magnitude more efficient to operate in the distilled space… but it is not just about the raw compression ratio, but the effective active memory footprint required to do useful calcs.’


Development on MGW has accelerated markedly since James implemented ramchains. ‘I can make 100+ test builds per day of MGW so it can rapidly evolve and in fact, instead of changing MGW to use ramchains I just added MGW functionality directly into ramchains. When it takes an hour to just find out that you had a typo and you have to restart again, it is quite difficult to debug as it is easy to get distracted. And then you make more mistakes, leading to more test builds needed, etc… with ramchains, I have to slow it down. It makes it a lot more fun to develop with near realtime feedback. So, I expect to be enhancing ramchains with InstantDEX, Teleport, etc’.

‘It has been a marathon to get ramchains done so I can get realtime MGW done, but as far as my work, these are pretty much done for now. We can test all SN gen1 coins at the same time, as the MGW servers already have realtime ramchains for all the supported coins.’

A separate feature autoconverts some of the deposited currency into NXT, which is necessary for certain transactions – further reducing the friction of getting started. It also registers the public key (a point of some discussion in Nxt circles…). ‘Time from starting to getting a funded new NXT acct (with pubkey) and BTCD assets ~3 minutes.’

MGW works on three independent servers, which must be in agreement to allow withdrawals. Because these are typically in different timezones, setting them up can be tricky. Once debugging is complete, various coin communities will run different servers. ‘Servers with the 5 coins are run by VRC, OPAL and BITS devs along with vanbreuk for the [NXT] bridge. With the realtime MGW, one triplet will be able to handle pretty much any volumes the blockchains can handle, in either direction. Though the withdraw side for this is yet to be proven and could have some issues with too many withdraws at once requiring time to catch up.’

New lead API developer

Bassguitarman has become lead API developer for SuperNET: ‘We added 2 new api calls, Python and bash, so now you can embed python/bash inside SuperNET.’ Expect more news.

For the latest updated SuperNET API list, see: https://forum.thesupernet.org/index.php?board=41.0

SuperNET buys JinnLabs technology

A funding request has been made (and approved) in the SuperNET Funds Disbursement Authorization Thread:

870,000 NXT for a special technology transfer that will enhance the privacy of SuperNET. all the tech is trinary based and developed by JinnLabs. code to be created by Come-from-Beyond

details will be sent in PM
payments would be made to Jinn acct



Watch this space for more details on what’s involved.


Tradebots are waiting for InstantDEX, which however will be launched with a tradebot. Join the Slack discussions around what capabilities the tradebot should have.


The semi-anon card from Coinomat is almost ready to ship now.

(The bank’s logo has been blacked out for now.)

Additionally, Coinomat has released coinoEUR, an asset tied to the Euro to accompany their USD-tied coinoUSD asset. Both can be bought through coinomat.com, traded on the Nxt Asset Exchange, and withdrawn at any time to your bank card or to PerfectMoney, Egopay or Okpay.

CoinoUSD asset ID: (No longer maintained! Asset ID removed)
CoinoEUR asset ID: (No longer maintained! Asset ID removed)


NeoDice, the NXT remake of the legendary SatoshiDice game, has hit the mainnet and will soon be included in the upcoming v.0 GUI. Here’s a screenshot of how it will look.

Pangea Poker

There is a new Pangea video (created by hobofife), detailing the final features of the PangeaPoker GUI – and it’s looking good:

[fusion_youtube id=”nzhd2_WH-eE” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]

SuperNET Radio

lootz writes, ‘SNRN Decentralized solution is in place, it will take time to embed in all the sites. Each site will eventually have the centralized version and the decentralized version. Difference is the centralized hosts will know every ip listening to it and decentralized player alternative will keep your ip address only known to the listener who is rebroadcasting the stream to other listeners. Which is very random and most listeners do not know how to obtain this information.

Tune in: http://www.supernetradio.com


Latest NXT Newsletter: http://test.nxter.org / http://eepurl.com/bcwoxD

The first decentralized crowd funding via Nxt Monetary System has been announced: http://nxtacademy.com/about/#donate


BitcoinDark gets more and more interesting, equipped as it now is with Ramchain tech as well as Teleport and Telepathy. You can read more about these on the BTCD website.


Opal has been added to coingateway https://coingateway.net/

There’s an OpalGuide here: http://www.opal-coin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/OpalGuide1.3.pdf

Opalcoin’s bassguitarman explains coloured coins on SuperNET radio. You can listen to the audio here:



VeriCoin 1.5 Wallet – Linux 32bit Version now available for download via VeriCoin.info

The VeriCoin Team is currently at work on the Mac Wallet.



BitNet Version 1126 Released, Include BitNet Browser, BitNet Cheque and QR Code.

[fusion_youtube id=”wlbiECSFf_w” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]


Bitstarcoin is releasing a new wallet and website shortly, as part of the preparation for developing their p2p ‘localbitcoins-like’ in-wallet exchange further, which will enhance superNET’s range of crypto<>fiat  routes.


‘Due to Bitstarcoin being part of SuperNET, a ‘2.0’ equivalent to BITS has been created on the NXT-based platform which you can trade into and out of by way of the SuperNET Multigateway on a 1-for-1 basis.

1.0 = BITS
2.0 = SuperBITS

1.0 remains on its own blockchain and wallet, to which some modifications and updates are coming. 2.0 (SuperBITS) operates within the NXT-based platform and can therefore be incorporated into numerous decentralised services such as the Asset Exchange, amongst other features and functions available now, soon and in the future’, explains Bitstar_coin.


[fusion_vimeo id=”110923742″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_vimeo]


SuperNET hasn’t started a real marketing campaign yet, since the preference is to finish the tech and market something that works rather than just sell hype. All the same, we’re gaining some interest. Take a look at the following articles:




SuperNET Wiki

The SuperNET wiki needs a little more attention. Noashh writes, ‘SuperNET Wiki at http://wiki.supernet.org – please help to populate it, especially when you’re working on any SuperNET related projects. Everyone can make changes after signing up. Contact @js.galt or me for any questions.’

The SuperNET Newsletters

A very big thank you to everyone who is working so hard. Keep up the good work! We catch what we can, but noone should be able to keep up with decentralized innovation. That’s the power of it!

So if you’re in a SuperNET related coin or project, please post your updates and announcements in Slack channel #announcements, or contact apenzl directly, to make sure you get your deserved spot in the newsletters. Thanks in advance, and see you next week!

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