Students are setting up Nxt nodes

Nxt Foundation is approaching Academics and Universities, giving talks about the Nxt blockchain and how to run Nxt nodes and participate in the Nxt ecosystem. Damelon gives us an update.  

Bas Wisselink writes:

Dave participated in a workshop for students of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague yesterday: http://www.kabk.nl/

I gave a talk to IT students (3rd years) about Nxt at the Hogeschool of Arnhem and Nijmegen: http://www.han.nl/international/english/

The students were impressed with our platform, and they are going to set up raspi nodes and start a pool service for their students :)

Some of them will also be at the next Bitcoin Wednesday, which will by the way feature Poofknuckle speaking about Freemarket! Write down the 6th of April in your agendas!

Next up will be speaking to design students at the same university.

Feel free to refer people to us if they are interested or if you would like to set up a local chapter of Nxt, too. We are always willing to help. Local chapters are a great way to socialise and inspire and take little to no time to set up. :)

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