Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 17911762572811467637
Issuing accountNXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR

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NXTprivacy holds a series of privacy-related assets, including 50 percent of PrivateBet. Teleport revenues will flow through NXTprivacy. It also holds 30 percent of the SuperNET card asset, representing 0.3 percent of all the card’s transactions.


I personally issued NXTprivacy asset #17911762572811467637 from my personal acct NXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR. I then created an acct for NXTprivacy NXT-KKNV-8EPK-W2S4-96VTK and it will issue NXTcard, Privatebet and privateNXT. If I come up with any more privacy related projects, NXTprivacy will be the asset that it will be put into.



With its current >50% ownership of Privatebet, NXTprivacy will get the majority of the dividends from Privatebet.

I expect Privatebet to be much more of a pureplay moneymaker as betting is quite popular and being able to bet privately should have a significant market. However, NXTprivacy is more of a community spirit asset as providing NXTcard (cryptocard) and privacyServer is definitely a benefit to the overall community. I tried to make it so that NXTprivacy will get enough profits from its Privatebet ownership to make NXTprivacy an attractive investment.



The transporter will be built into BTCD core, but it will be able to Teleport any coin (as long as the interface for them is implemented).

NXTprivacy will get 0.1% of teleporting BTC and other coins. NXT will get a big discount on teleport fees.

There has been debate over having NXT core itself support anon tech as it could become some sort of red flag for all the govt to come after NXT. By having it in an external, but tightly integrated separate codebase, the users can get a seamless anon transfer, but it is not even part of NXT itself, so that makes NXT immune from attacks based on this.

I think when people can simply click on a “privateSend” button to send NXT and it works seamlessly, most people wont care how it works under the hood.

After evaluating all the cryptonote’s (including the reference code), I have chosen Boolberry as the one to work with. If you are deciding between all the various cryptonote coins, BBR is technically the most superior.

NXTcard [cryptocard]:


Anonymous debit card that can be loaded with crypto -> local fiat.

NXTprivacy owns 30% of cryptocard, which is 0.3% of anon card transaction volumes.

Privacy Servers


NXTprivacy will develop privacyServer daemons for people to run on their unix nodes to earn nodecoins and offer low cost privacy services for users.

The goal is for each server to be able to generate enough revenues directly to cover all operating costs so that we never have to worry about not having enough ddos protected servers running NXT core.

I want to make it so that we dont have to keep subsidizing the servers and privacyServer will hopefully create  way for people to fully pay for a NXT node, maybe even make a little bit of money if they have a lot of subscribers.

So the subscribers to the privacy servers will not only be gaining an extra level of privacy, they will also be helping the NXT network itself. It will also allow you to have unlimited encrypted chat with no additional fee over the base subscription price.

I plan on giving away the privacyServer daemons to help strengthen the NXT network and allow the sometimes underappreciated server guys a way to recoup their costs of running NXT core nodes.

NXTprivacy is dealing with monetizing privacyServers and whatever it can get from that will also add to NXTprivacy dividends, plus maybe some more privacy oriented things.

NXTprivacy AE description

NXTprivacy will contain various privacy related projects. It will hold significant percentages of several other privacy related assets, like Privatebet and NXTcard, and it will also create privacyServer software for server hosts to run. Any dividends NXTprivacy receives from assets it holds, will be redistributed to its assetholders on a prorata basis. The privacyServer software will provide services for customers that will allow server hosts to recoup some or all of their costs in maintaining a NXT node. Additionally, NXTprivacy will make a market in privateNXT. Please follow the nxtforum.org section on NXTprivacy for more information.

Thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxtventures/nxtprivacy-asset-that-includes-privacy-related-projects/


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