Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 15344649963748848799
Issuing accountNXT-74VC-NKPE-RYCA-5LMPT

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InstantDEX will enable near real-time trading between cryptocurrencies. As well as regular trading, it will be used to trade anonymous telepods of different cryptocurrency funds when Teleport is fully operational. (Negotiations are currently underway to increase SuperNET’s ownership of InstantDEX, thereby also increasing the flow of InstantDEX dividends into SuperNET.)


There are a total of 1 million InstantDEX assets, each asset represents .
The goal of InstantDEX is to provide a fully decentralized peer-to-peer realtime trustless trading environment. InstantDEX will generate revenues by charging 0.1% to 0.2% of transactions. If it is 0.2% to each side of the trade, that is a total of 0.4% of all trade volume.

InstantDEX will let people change their bid/ask without fees and only charge when a trade happens. Since we wont have large server expenses no matter how many active traders there are, our overhead will be the lowest in the industry. This will allow InstantDEX to have lower fees initially to gain marketshare.

Trades are done directly between peers, the blockchain is used to record such trades.

I will be integrating NXTsubatomic and NXTatomic into InstantDEX. While these are not realtime trading mechanisms, they are related to trading and it makes sense for them to be part of InstantDEX. A nice bonus for all the InstantDEX holders.

The monetization model is clear and simple. The centralized exchanges charge 0.2% to 0.5% for each trade, plus additional fees for withdrawal. InstantDEX will not have any fees for withdrawals and the commissions will be set to 0.1% at first. Keep in mind that this is charged to both buyer and seller so the total revenue will be 0.2%. This will be the lowest in the industry and coupled with the decentralized nature will provide a strong competitive advantage.

The InstantDEX does not have ownership linkages, but it does have revenue sharing linkages. Half of its revenues are going to assetholders and the other half are shared among various parties, such as MGW, Tradebots (aka NXTcoinsco), BTCD stakers, uMGW operators, and some unallocated revenues that I plan to use top optimize positive feedbacks. Currently i am thinking of providing global revenue sharing to all the SuperNET users for most of the balance. I figure getting this revenue flow would be more effective than any sort of advertising campaign, but I need to see how things unfold.

InstantDEX AE description

There are a total of 1 million InstantDEX assets. The goal of InstantDEX is to offer realtime trading of NXT, NXT assets and other cryptos. It will earn fees from commissions on the trades. By keeping costs low by using a decentralized infrastructure, it is expected to be able to distribute approximately half of revenues to asset holders. please refer to nxtforum.org for up to date details


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