Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 17571711292785902558
Issuing accountNXT-YNZ6-HE8K-TPF6-AV45K

Trading and performance:

Tradebots (NXTcoinsco)



NXTcoinsco is Tradebots
No way to rename and no time to deal with issuing new asset and swapping
So, if you want Tradebots asset, its just the same as NXTcoinsco 17571711292785902558


Tradebots (NXTcoinsco) enables the creation of custom tradebots for specific markets and other unique applications using a Turing-complete scripting language. These will be used to trade and move telepods on and off the relevant blockchains, amongst other uses such as arbitrage in markets identified by interested individuals.


Knowing exactly when to trade or not is a very difficult thing, but there are people that specialize in making these things. I am creating a framework for people to create very advanced tradebots. Other people can then subscribe to these custom created tradebots.

Tradebots will be doing revenue sharing. Writers of tradebots will be earning some fees, some of these tradebots will be designed for automated trading, like the Metatrader expert advisers. Unlike the traditional bot where you pay $100 or $1000 or more, these tradebots you only pay with a percentage of profits. A fee is paid only if it a profitable trade, this way people dont waste money on bots that dont work and the people that do make bots that work will get good income.

This allows autotrading on a pay for performance basis and I think this industry is badly in need for this as most products are backtested fantastically, but their realtime performance is of course much worse and possible harmful.

But with the money upfront and burdensome refund policies, well there is only incentive for a compelling direct response website to get the order. With my plan the incentive is only to make profitable bots and this I am hoping will let investors experiment with bots that the author is actually caring that it works.

[I plan to be one of these authors as I spent 6+ years working on an SVM based automated realtime forex trading system. In my backtests, I can get 98%+, but with realtime 85% is about as good as I have achieved at the raw data. I was just getting very promising results in November of last year after so many years. Then I discovered crypto and this project is on hold but halfway ported into Tradebots]

I will still do nodecoin and bannercoin as I have said that I would. Some day I will probably just make a NXTcoinsco development kit, but kind of waiting for [Nxt] Monetary System for that.

NXTcoinsco will get 30% of InstantDEX operating budget (or 15% of fees) and since there is very low overheads, most of this will become dividends. The profit sharing of the tradebot creators is a separate thing. They would set their own price and mechanisms will be put in place for the tracking and disbursing of profits.

NXTcoinsco AE description
[written before the issuer and his investors agreed on turning NXTcoinco into “Tradebots”]

There are a total of 1 million NXTcoinsco assets. NXTcoinsco will be creating coins that run on top of NXT, starting with nodecoin. After that it will make SVMcoin and also create a NXTcoins development kit to enable others to make coins easily. For internally created coins, NXTcoinsco asset holders will receive 10% of the coins. The percentage for externally developed coins will vary. please refer to nxtforum.org for up to date details


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