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Ardor PoS is walking the walk, with the new 2.1.2 release and Jelurida pushing Ardor into the next phase with stateless Lightweight Contracts on testnet, supplementing the already inbuilt advanced core functionality and parent-child chain architecture. ANG is our community heart beating, supporting all the various projects that are being born and exist within our ever-growing ecosystem, and here at Nxter, we work hard as well - on our informative coverage, keeping you in the loop, and restructuring our website.   

Jelurida has agreed to sponsor (some of) our work because we've delivered consistent coverage of the ecosystem for years, and in return, we've agreed to stay true to ourselves and the community. We appreciate their help and the acknowledgment of our work. Wanna join? Contact us, let's spread knowledge.

Or just... read us. We thank you, for letting us take you through another week that was;

Jelurida Status Update

Last week Jelurida released Ardor v2.1.2. The press is taking notice, and the core developers are getting ready to follow up with Lightweight Contracts on mainnet - and a new child chain

Full Steam Ahead

Lior Yaffe, on Twitter:

Now that Ardor 2.1.2 has been released, development continues full steam ahead. Next in the pipeline is using Java annotations to initialize contract parameters and perform validations without coding, followed by performance monitoring of deployed contracts.

See more on Jelurida's Twitter

RuhrSummit 2018 in Bochum

Fransisco Sarrias attended RuhrSummit 2018 on behalf of Jelurida.

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Hackathon PRE-LAUNCH

Got your Java skills ready?
You can now sign up for the Hackathon Mailing list

Veronica announces:

We are proud to announce the PRE-LAUNCH of the Online Ardor Hackathon that will contain a series of Lightweight Contract coding challenges with prizes as follows for each challenge:

1st prize - $4000, 2nd prize - $2000, 3rd prize - $1000 (paid in IGNIS tokens).

Pre-launch means that we are finalizing the details, but in the meantime developers interested in being first in line for details about the Hackathon can subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/dI8Qdj.

With this Online Hackathon, Jelurida invites developers around the world to participate in developing Lightweight contracts on one of the most innovative and advanced blockchain platforms available.

Stay tuned for more news and help us spread the word!

Interested? Download the latest Ardor release and look into the API. Learn more about Lightweight Contracts here.

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New Child Chain on Nov. 30

Press Release: Dominium and Jelurida announce the birth date of the Dominium child chain and $DOM token on the Ardor network: November 30, 2018. This also means that an Ardor hardfork is in the pipeline. Network nodes prepare.

They wrote:

On the 30th November, the public launch of the Dominium blockchain will put it within the 36% of blockchain projects that have working blockchain products, according to new research.

The Dominium blockchain is the first real world use case with potential mass market adoption for the Ardor platform, which evolved from the Nxt blockchain. The Nxt blockchain, which preceded Ethereum, was the first blockchain to successfully implement the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. Ardor overcomes blockchain problems such as Blockchain Bloat, scalability and security threats.

The two technologies coming together could put an end to centralised parties in the real estate sector, essentially replacing estate agents, banks, notaries and lawyers with the digital ledger offered by the Dominium blockchain.


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Nxter Puzzle | The Mystery of Orion

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Seek Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week, Mr. Madfox takes you on a stargazing trip. 88 constellations - 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects, 27 humans/mythological characters. The constellation of Orion, named after a hunter in Greek mythology, has been recognized in numerous cultures around the world, and this week Orion is the main antagonist in the NxterPuzzle for you puzzlers to unfold. 100 IGNIS in an account, its passphrase is hidden in the text below. By the time the shimmering light from the stars above reaches us through the night sky, they might no longer exist. So take a look at the past. Good luck.

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed.


The First Ardor Meetup in Brazil

It's good to see Ardor rock, and good to see interest pop up in places around the world. Last week a meetup took place in Brazil, sponsored by ANG


"This just illustrates how the community is bigger than one social channel and is growing organically. We can't see all the decentralized growth of community "nodes" just like we can't see all the networked nodes on the peer list of a decentralized network. That doesn't mean they aren't there 🙂

Blockchain Ardor Series

Are you nosy about Ardor and its scalable parent-child chain PoS architecture? How it can run in production when Ethereum developers keep postponing their "solution"? How does it work?

"Blockchain Ardor" is a YouTube series started by CryptoDemetrius, but it has now been translated into a Medium format also, which is available on Jelurida's Ardor channel. There's a great bunch of introductions and guides with screenshots, easily accessible for even blockchain beginners.

It starts off with the basics - which have been covered before; how to download the client, set up an account, verify it, use the Ardor Client Dashboard, the Ardor Exchange, and change between child chains. Important information! Now to the IGNIS Dashboard and some main features, and THEN...

For those with ARDR, now it gets interesting. Part 5 is the forging tutorial:

Forging is a key part of the process that validates and secures all transactions on the Ardor network and its child chains. In other words, this is the decentralized security system of the Ardor network- each of the forging nodes/computers are competing to validate each block of transactions.

Learn how to set up a client to forge with your ARDR balance on your personal computer, and account leasing (joining a forging pool) is demonstrated as well.

Next up is a Bundling Tutorial:

Child chains do not have a means of verifying their own transactions because they have no way of performing their own consensus. These transactions must be packaged and sent to the Ardor parent chain for validation. This packaging process is called “bundling”. (...)

“Bundlers” receive the transaction fees from child chain transactions in the native child chain token, while paying Ardor from their own account to send these transactions for validation on the Ardor chain. Given the fact Bundlers are the ones paying to include transactions on the [Ardor] parent chain, this means the option exists for Bundlers to provide child chain or dApp users with customized, or even free transaction fees.

The article walks you through setting up a basic bundler, setting the bundling fee, and compete against other bundlers. You might want to only bundle transactions involving your own asset, monetary supply, or child chain. Blockchain Ardor part 7 teaches you how to do that by setting up a Custom Bundler. The example in the article covers the Account Property Bundler, one of 5 custom bundler templates that can be interwoven to create complex customized fee structures for end users for blockchain based apps and services.

Part 8 shows how to set up your Ardor client for testnet, and Part 9 demontrates the use of Transaction Vouchers, an addition to Ardor that requires both the sender and the recipient to sign a transaction, thus ensuring that a transaction is always sent to the correct destination.

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Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.

Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 

Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?

Token News of The Week



Gudo Thijssen writes:

  • Dominium's child chain is going live on the 30th of November
  • Third Airdrop live @DominiumAirdropBot
  • First Bounty Distribution 90% completed
  • DOM token is still 60% off - €0.10 per token at this moment

Remember, the DOM token will be tradable on the decentralized Ardor Exchange immediately after its release. You can earn DOM tokens by referring. You receive 25 DOM tokens worth €5 whenever anyone signs up with your referral link. There is also a 5%-10% referral commission paid out in BTC or ETH. So sign up and start earning.

About Dominium

"Through the creation of a new child chain, Dominium will utilize Ardor to establish a fully transparent blockchain based real estate platform. Dominium chose Ardor over Ethereum after extensive research and evaluation of both platforms. “Having closely followed several blockchain technologies from conception, including Ethereum, we strongly feel that Ardor is the platform with the best features for our business, especially the controlled trading of assets” says Joost de Kruiff, a Dominium Blockchain Advisor. The child chain is expected to be operational in over 120 countries by the end of 2018".

Dominium will not only become a marketplace for property sales and rentals, but will also register property management activities, thus creating a fully transparent historical chain of information, serving tenants, buyers and investors alike. Dominium will also allow third party fund creators to set up property funds with standardised documentation, under an umbrella licence.

Learn more: ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

Remember that you can also read a review of Dominium's child chain project in Nxter Magazine.



Their monthly report was published, about the 4th birthday BITS airdrop, team expansion, setting up a city-wide meshnet, and the https://bitswift.cash initiative - sign up and start claiming your CASH tokens daily to support the community-driven universal basic income delivery concept on the blockchain. 

Also, if you're leasing your ARDR balance to the Bitswift pool, check your pool payouts. 

About Bitswift

Bitswift is a tech brand with headquarters in Canada. The brand represents technology companies, online communities, technology products, and services. The Bitswift project has several official tokens which are supported by the Bitswift companies.

"In new markets considered by many to be incredibly volatile, unpredictable and full of scam projects, we now have 4 years of developing honest projects, businesses, community, and a trusted customer base, as we head into the next phase of the token economy."

Join Bitswift on TwitterTelegramDiscord, and Reddit. Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem



Last week, Bolaji Onibudo, the CEO of XendBit who is currently in negotiations with Jelurida about launching as a child chain, was on CNBC Africa to discuss the role of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the future of financial services. XendBit's decentralized trading platform is a solution developed to enhance security for traders, lenders, remitters, borrowers, and to make a global marketplace available to also non-elite investors. Watch the interview:

Learn more about the XendBit project and ICO | Website | Whitepaper

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EZYcount ICO


Vivien was video interviewed by BlockNews last week.

We have announced earlier that EZYcount got selected by the accelerator Fintech Fusion in Geneva for their next fintech startups program, and now they've joined the program. Vivien Fuhrer blogs about his first day and what is expected to happen over the next 2 months and beyond. Read it here.

About EZYcount

"Our aim is to develop the EZYcount AI, an EZYcount-patented process to fully automate bookkeeping for the self-employed and small business owners. Access to this service will be granted through holding enough of our TaaL (Token-As-A-License) which will only be sold during the ICO".

EZY Taal is a token issued on the Ignis blockchain, and tradeable across the Ardor platform. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

Accepted coins
USD, CHF, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, ARDR, and all Ardor child chain tokens.

The ICO ended yesterday, on October 15th.

Learn more: Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter | Join the ICO



The C2C bounties site has been launched. You can browse through the rewards available in the rewards section and also earn C2C by referring people to the site.


About C2C

The C2C system wants to make it convenient to convert any paper currency and coins into many different cryptocurrencies, including the C2C currency itself, and to spread the use of C2C as currency. The technology of C2C will consist of ATMs that accept both bills and coins, as well as portable C2C devices (C2C Pocket) for merchants. They state: "With our technology, you can better make online purchases by converting your cash to crypto-currencies, as well as use our printed cryptocurrency bills for use in retail chains worldwide." C2C is an asset token issued with IGNIS on the Ardor platform.

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CiviliXation Digital COOP


Nothing this week that we heard of.

You can enlighten us here if you know any better. 

There is, of course, ongoing project development, and also a clone coming, which will airdrop 40% of its tokens on NXT holders. Read more here.

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A Reminder about... IGNIS

What makes IGNIS so special? We see new Ardor child chains announced. But remember - the ICO? Fukk u scammer u. Is IGNIS just an NXT clone, a get-rich-quick scheme for Jelurida?

From ArdorNxt.slack.com:


So what's the point of Ignis? Don't get me wrong, I welcome more child chains, but we raised the money on Ignis ICO, and if everyone prefer to have their own child chains, why should we hold on to a coin that has less ROI?


-Asset creation can only be on Ignis
-Account Control (multisig) can only be on Ignis
-Account Properties (blockchain-based attribution) can only be on Ignis

So if users on other child chains need to use any of these, they need to use Ignis. Though I think Jelurida said they would make exceptions for permissioned access public chains.
I don't know if this is published prominently somewhere, but if it isn't, it should.
Don't know if it'll be more ROI either. Just commenting on the use.


Also, smaller organizations won't need their own whole chain or want to pay the fee. So they can use IGNIS or an asset on IGNIS

Also here at Nxter, we've written about Ignis, again and again, in articles, newsletters, on social media. Still, many believe that Ignis is just a "showcase of features" new child chains on the Ardor platform can choose and pick from. No, it isn't so.

Here's a page for you, one that summarizes IGNIS:

- BTW -


The Rya team expect their snapshot of the Nxt blockchain to occur on November 17th. The Rya project and whitepaper proposes to tether money supply to credit as a function of P2P loans

16.10.18 17:46, the Rya team announced:

Hi everyone,
We are pleased to announce that we have published the Rya code under the Jelurida Public License. This is a massive step forward for the project.

Here is the link to the Rya repo hosted at Github: https://github.com/RyaDevelopers/Rya

We encourage anyone who is interested to look over the code. If you have any questions (both technical or general), we would love to hear about it through one of our official channels.

Rya team

Last week we mentioned how NXT holders will receive 0.4 RYA per NXT they hold on the new Rya blockchain, and that Rya will need forgers and nodes when they launch. The Rya project is on testnet. We'll follow it and keep you updated, as we have from the beginning.

ANN | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat

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Crypto is the Mother of all scams, and blockchain is the most overhyped technology ever, a Professor of Economics told the US Senate. I have a few comments. Lior wrote a blog on Medium.

I admire people who think they know it all. People that care to think for us, do the research for us, and then just pass their great results to us. Mastodont brains, using their good education and intelligence to do good for humanity. Then the rest of us can just focus on our families, our banks, our gadgets, whatever we like. They'll take care of us. Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business at New York University, is one such good-doer. He saw it all before, the scams, the bubbles, the rot, the stupidity, the criminality, and he is willing to save us, if we will listen, by sharing his knowledge of this illegal nonsense called blockchain with us. And with the US Senate too, which he did at a hearing, "Exploring the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Ecosystem".

"Crypto-land is an eco-system of con artists, self-serving peddlers, scammers, carnival barkers, charlatans, and outright criminals."

He knows. Everything is shady. He knows. Everything is run by cartels and scammers. He read up, and he is pissed. In a caring economist, expert kind of way, of course. Not an "invested" way. He knows everything about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, he knows that those who buy before a bubble bursts will lose money, he knows about whales and hacked exchanges and price manipulation. He does not seem to know BCNext, or the Ardor platform. He "knows" that a PoS platform does not even exist yet (because Vitalik Buterin hasn't created it?), but if it did it would be a disaster, and hey - what do I know... such a platform hasn't hit the headlines or the "real" academics yet, I see that, so that's what I know.

Well, it's funny. Even though Roubini is talking about blockchains, cryptocurrencies and ICO's, his analysis seems so "last year". Like he is describing the past, even though much of it is still actual. All these problems, all his fears, they are real but they have been addressed, the technical solutions are already found, programmed, being released.

Is this an illustration of the problem of regulating in a fast-paced world?

We create. Then we use. They realize. Then they analyze. We create. They are still trying to understand the MVP, when version 2 is released. But it isn't creators, nor firstmovers, nor the real users but academics, running after the wagon if they even realize there is one, that are called in as "experts". How in the world can anyone make decisions based on that? We have a long way to go.

Where is Ardor in this analysis? It's not to be found on CMC Top 10, so it's invisible. It can't be found in the library of notorious financial crypto scams or scandals, so... it's not there. You can not find the killer app that is based on Ardor, because the platform is a killer itself. Stateless contracts. Pruning of data. PoS. The JPL. Child chain creation is still governed by Jelurida but will become open for everyone in time. Jelurida has decided not to let scammers overflow Ardor with child chains, they say, but instead start with trustworthy businesses, like Dominium. After reading this article I understand why and agree with them. Look at the mess he makes, the conclusions he draws.

"...a bunch of self-serving greedy white men – very few women or minorities are allowed in the blockchain space – have pretended to create billions of wealth out of nowhere while pretending to care about billions of poor and unbanked human around the world."

If I had, as an outsider (like the Senate), and not as a Nxter since 2013, read this 37 pages long rant against blockchain, Roubini might have convinced by his "analysis". But knowing what I know, I've rather come to see Nouriel Roubini as a proud, arrogant, and probably good-hearted man, who unfortunately does not have the any idea about what's going on outside of the limelight, or the slightest faith in the talent, intellect or well-willingness of the real blockchain developers. He likes to convince us that he has understood it all, and probably thinks so too, but we are already aware of the current problems and working past them.

Lior commented on his speech in this Medium article:

Roubini is Right - Reflecting on Nouriel Roubini’s cryptocurrency testimony at the senate on 12 October 2018

"As an entrepreneur in public blockchain networks, my first reaction to this inaccurate and misleading testimony was to dismiss it as yet another horse carriage manufacturer speaking about steam cars, as a turbo propeller engine specialist referring to jet engines, as an MS-DOS user talking about Windows 1.0, or as a Nokia executive reviewing the first iPhone."

"He is ignoring the vast potential of blockchain technology to disrupt other industries such as voting, identity, legal proofs, supply chain, land registries, real estate, and so on. From this narrow, financial sector point of view, one has to agree with some of the claims he makes.

Let’s discuss his points


Consensus | Scaling | Cloning | Security | Market Manipulation


Yeah, I admire people who think they know it all. They must live an easy life, but with a lot of enemies. Another approach, one that I admit to admire even more, is to keep an open mind, be willing to acknowledge that someone else might be smarter than you and even able to solve the questions you couldn't. There's some groundbreaking development going on, and not by scam artists but real blockchain developers.


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