Nxter News – April 2018 (V): You May Say I’m A Dreamer, But I’m Not The Only One

April (V)

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Dreams are important, they guide us – they inspire us. Dreams give us visions of what the world can be. But turning dreams into reality is hard work and it is beset by problems. Blockchain technology is the future, but the vision of what the future can be and the reality of the average user experience with much of the space today are completely different. Yet another exploit was found in ERC-20 Smart Contracts – giving the entire concept a “black eye” and again Nxt and Ardor’s Smart Transactions solutions are immune to this exploit as they are pre-programmed by expert developers, simple to use, and built right into the core BaaS software. The dream lives on and soon a new piece of technology will help us reach our vision – Lightweight Contracts (more below).

Last week Jelurida continued to innovate as they released a simple Lightweight Contract that solves a real-world problem for users of the Ardor Coin Exchange, Videos from the 4YFN conference were released that demonstrate Lior’s dream and vision of how blockchain technology will change the world, the Triffic team updated us about their upcoming ICO, a new Ardor themed game was created, we learned that the Ardor client is now translated into over 15 languages, and much more.

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. We want our readers to stay up-to-date with the blockchain evolution and we also want our readers to keep themselves and, their data, as safe as possible. Become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. So lean back and learn about all of last week’s progress.








This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, James, and rubenbc.


  • Jelurida:

Video – How is Jelurida a Pioneer 

Veronica wrote about how Jelurida is emerging as a thought-leader in the blockchain space as they continue to pioneer new blockchain solutions to expedite enterprise deployment and development within global businesses.

Hey everyone!

One of the most significant pioneering accomplishments we can lay claim to is the Proof-of-Stake algorithm demonstrated in Nxt and passed along to Ardor. The efficiency in speed, scalability, and benefit environmentally for both private and public Blockchains is powerful. Also, the fact that our Blockchain solutions are built using Java allow more developers than any other Blockchain language access to the platform, and the ability to start developing right away.

One of the many Q&A topics we cover in our new series with Jelurida co-founder Lior Yaffe:

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 Video – Jelurida and BaaS, Finalists at the 4YFN Awards

The following video of Jelurida’s finals presentation at 4YFN from earlier this year is being released. In it Lior speaks passionately and entertainingly about how blockchain technology is more than a passing trend – it is a rapidly maturing and developing technology that will change how governments, businesses, and individuals interact!

Marketing Accomplishments: Q1 2018 | Jelurida

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  • Ardor Bootcamp

Community member ‘efunkem’ has created the first introductory course for Ardor on Udemy, one of the largest online repositories of courses available. His intro-level course on Ardor is designed to be accessible, with no previous coding knowledge needed. Hours of guided content will allow anyone who pays to be able to gain a deeper appreciation of Ardor and the concepts of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

He wrote on Slack, after being called out:

I submitted this to Udemy last week and didn’t even know they had released it, I literally found out from you guys! To be honest I’ve gotten really interested in Ardor recently and made this basically while I was learning for myself. So if there is something that seems wrong, let me know and I’ll change it! I figured if I was going to go through the work to learn it, I might as well record it and share! Also, I have coupons if anyone wants one so you can get it for cheap, just let me know!

Its fairly basic, no advanced Java coding or anything like that. I was trying to keep it geared towards beginners. A few things were hard to show, for example, I couldn’t get live screencaps of shuffling. But I figured it was a great way to share at least some of the wonders with other people and spread the word!

More info

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  • Ardor CryptoRocket

In our last Nxter newsletter, we saw a HODL THE [Ardor] COIN game released by Austrian web agency Limesoda. This week a community member, FJ, posted about a new Ardor themed game: Ardor CryptoRocket. This Asteroids clone sees the player avoiding falling dollars (a great and not very subtle sign about Ardor’s growth potential ;)).

Hold Ardor and avoid the falling dollars!
Collect Ignis (gold color = extra life)


Let’s create a fun and games channel…


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  • China’s new NXT Forum

The Chinese NXT community has become known to many ArdorNxt.slack readers and active tweeters as a vibrant, dedicated and swarming one. Within our global ecosystem of Nxters, we deal with the unfortunate language barriers as we all share the love of the same tech, use the same wallets and clients, and promotes the same blockchains. Sometimes these barriers result in culture clashes, simple misunderstandings. We, at Nxter, believe it to be of utmost importance to bridge these language and culture caps as we insist on communicating, finding common grounds, and helping each other to move towards a better future – together and through decentralization; this new Chinese NXT and Ardor forum goes a long way towards that goal!

Last week saw the launch of this Chinese forum, created by Zang, the developer of the WalletNxt app. Use it.

Also, Nxter relaunched the Chinese version of the Nxter newsletter, with fz1128, Feng, as editor and translator.

If you want to promote Nxt, Ardor, a child chain, or an asset-related project, publish an article or a dev blog in Chinese, do not hesitate to contact him.

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  • Exchanges

A new week brings new challenges and new crypto exchanges and we compiled a simple and easy to digest list of the latest relevant changes. Opportunities to demonstrate support for ARDR / IGNIS and NXT are still out there:




A new listing opportunity has appeared with CryptalDash




Adedayo Adebajo, Exchange Relations manager at Jelurida, writes:

We have applied to have our tokens listed on CryptalDash and now it is time for the community to upvote for the approval! Let’s work together to make this happen. We have about 52 hours – until May 1st – and voting more than once is allowed and encouraged.

Here are the links to vote for Ardor and Ignis.



The link for NXT will be available once it is approved.

Is Binance Warming Up?


The above page appeared on the Binance Exchange’s website last week. As most Nxters will know, we have an ARDR listing under evaluation on Binance.


Let your voice be heard:




You can vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS:






You can also vote for NXT/ARDR/IGNIS here:





ARDR an NXT have been listed on CoinSwitch.co Exchange

They wrote:

We are pleased to inform the community that we have added ARDR on CoinSwitch.co.

We are a one of a kind crypto-to-crypto exchange aggregator and users can compare prices of LRC and 300+ other coins across of our partner exchanges and buy at the best rates without having to create an account on the partner exchanges. Partner exchanges include KuCoin, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Changelly, Shapeshift, Changer etc.

Fees are 0% to 0.75% depending on the exchange you select, on top of the selected exchange’s fee + the network fee.


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  • Ardor Review in Russian

This short Russian-language review of the Ardor platform is well made. Посмотрите видео и узнайте, для чего была создана криптовалюта Ardor. Честный обзор Ardor

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  • Jelurida will Assist CEBIT Festival 2018 in Hannover, on June 11th -15th

Veronica wrote:

For those in the community eager for us to have more exposure, we have some good news. Of all the startup platforms in Europe at the moment, none are as fast-growing or international in scope as SCALE11 at CEBIT, and Jelurida is pleased to announce that we will be on stage & have a booth within the Blockchain zone of the conference. This is exciting exposure, and we are proud to represent Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis at this event! https://buff.ly/2EiE77e

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Elizabeth – ANG is officially sponsoring The State of Digital Money. We will have a booth. I needed to select one logo to promote so I chose Ardor. Check the logo on the website. The booth will also provide info about NXT and IGNIS. There will be a full page ad in the program.


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  • Meetup in Madrid: BLOCKCHAIN – SMART CONTRACTS, on May 7th

The second edition of Campus Madrid’s Blockchain for Business Meetups will introduce you to the concept of Smart Contracts. Also, the Ardor testnet will be demonstrated. Make sure to bring your own laptop, download the client and gain hands-on experience with IGNIS and ARDR.

Join the Meetup

The first edition of the Blockchain for Business Madrid Meetup was recorded, and the well-prepared session is truly a must-see for everyone with an interest in Nxt, Ardor, Ignis, other child chains, BaaS, Jelurida, and business adoption of the tech we love:

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  •  Triffic – Status Update

The Triffic team updated the community with news about their upcoming ICO and are highlighting how compliant with government authorities it is, a necessary step needed to differentiate one’s product from scam ICOs. Details about the stages of the ICO are below.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the 95% completed GPS Token purchase site and dashboard with built-in affiliate system and KYC from Identitymind.

After the Triffic ICO, our plan is to open source this to help others issue ICOs using Ardor.

James Malach wrote:

We are selling a total of 100,000,000 GPS Tokens in several stages.

The price for the main ICO is US$0.20 per GPS Token, but we are also having a two week presale where week one has a price of US$0.12 and US$0.16 for week two.

We also have an institutional investment price of US$0.08 per GPS token which is available to accredited investors who are spending over US$25,000.

Triffic will work worldwide. Depending on the country you live in, an accredited investor (US example) is someone who is either worth more than US$1,000,000 or someone who earns more than US$200,000 a year. It’s got some sort of tax implication. Other countries will have different rules.

The Coinerz Group is incorporated in Singapore and we tend to spend half our time in Chiang Mai and half our time in Singapore.

The Triffic Telegram Group is at

Triffic is the first fully compliant ICO and pending child-chain to be launched on the Ardor platform.

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  • Bitswift Child Chain Update

Bitswift launched a child chain on Ardor with the Genesis Block, on January 1st, 2018, yet, some Ardor users still do not understand exactly what Bitswift stands for. What follows is a detailed response to one common question.

LtBrix commented:

I don’t mean to be rude, but Bitswift is being developed for 4 years. When will the first step be done?

Paul Busch, Bitswift, wrote:

Well yea, 3 of those years we were running on old proof of stake tech that we scrapped in favor of Ardor.

We wanted a product that we could actually bring to our customers and have them use it without us worrying about it. Finally we have that now. I feel confident in Ardor that our chain / tokens are secure and presentable.

So now we can start building out the apps on top of this architecture… which is where we are at. Load up the old client and you will see what I mean.
Apple took like 20 years to finally take off… give us some time man.

Bitswift had a troubling start, with the main development group basically vanishing within the first year of development. Leaving me with 0 funds to continue and a bad reputation around Bitswift known as a “pump and dump”. So what you see has all been out of pocket basically, and mostly me…it took a while to get to this point considering all the set backs. I am glad we are here now though.

You can look at it this way, in 4 years we kept the valuation of the Bitswift tokens moving up, extended the community and built strong foundations and partnerships to move forward on. All these things are important even if you dont see a final product yet.
Basically in 4 years I have been concentrating on how to bring people to the technology. I have not been focused so much directly on the technolgoy itself (such as adding to the protocol, increasing block speeds, alternative consensus mechanisms, extended protocol capabilites). My priorities were to set secure foundations, with a professional image including launching viable and profitible companies behind Bitswift so that it may interface with reality.

So when you are asking the questions “What was done” dont look at the tech, look at the social, community, partner interactions and business developemnts, those things are actually far more important than the tech in my opinion. And that concludes my long ass answer to your questions.


Thanks. To be clear, I am impressed with your work and everything you are posting on bitcointalk and I like your approach to the development of Bitswift. On top of all I believe you mean everything you said and that you are honest. The proof is there for everyone to see since you have been transparent about every development step on bitcointalk. I certainly don’t see this as a PnD scheme and that’s why I’m holding my tokens. I wish you all the best in further development.

Paul Busch:

Thanks. Bitcointalk may not be the best source for info as there is a lot of old and irrelevant info there from where we first started.. sending our business customers to bitcointalk is prob not in good interest. Lots of troll posts and just general bitcointalk stuff.
I have been trying to keep it updated and maintaned with relevant info as we move forward.

Feel free to contribute to the project where ever you can. I think one thing for certain we are lacking with Bitswift is people opting to contribute. You dont have to ask to do things. Just do them. If they add value to the ecosystem you will see that reflected in the tokens. This is mainly how I have been operating.





Discussion about Bitswift, a child chain on Ardor.
Our Reddit received a face lift, plz go check it out and subscribe if you have not already.

Join Bitswift on TelegramDiscord, and Reddit.

Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem

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  • Janus – Status Update

The Janus team released the following news and clarification about the concept of Exchange for hashpower.

Following last week’s announcement from Janus:

Samu C:

Can you clarify the ’hashpower exchange’ part?
What is going to change, how, and are any procedures needed from token holders?


[More info] will be released to users shortly before launch of the exchange. Much has to change for business purposes, but this opens several opportunities; marketing directly as a means of trading hashpower, setting price per JNS based on what markets feel it’s worth, and payouts direct to traders accounts. It’s much better long term and automated which is what we wanted to occur for users over time.

Follow Janus on Telegram and Twitter

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

Here is how to Claim your Kreds Balance if you are a Janus Holder.

Do you want more info about Kreds? Visit: https://www.kredsblockchain.com/

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  • Ardor and Nxt Client Upgrades

Lior announced on Twitter that the official Nxt and Ardor clients have been translated into 15 languages!

Also last week, we see in Slack #developers channel that changes will be made to the Coin Exchange in the Ardor client UI.

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  • Another Exploit In Ethereum Smart Contracts

Another bug was discovered with ERC-20 tokens, this time regarding depositing into certain platforms. This exploit makes many of the ERC-20 tokens vulnerable to malicious price manipulations. Lior Yaffe comments below on the technical nature of this exploit and explains how Ardor smart transactions are not vulnerable to this vector of attack.


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  • 1000 Transactions per Second? Lior Answers EOS

Oftentimes claims that are too-good-to-be-true are outright lies and fabrications. Other times they are merely severely misleading. Last week EOS claimed that they reached over 1000 transactions per second (TPS) on their blockchain. The TPS was achieved under artificial, sterile conditions with nodes running on the same machine – completely ignoring the real-world of network latency. It takes time for computers to talk to each other and eventually, milliseconds add up to entire seconds. Lior Yaffe called them out on Twitter for their hyperbolic claims. The EOS claim is misleading.


My take on this, I guess this puts an end to [the] millions TPS story…

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  • Walletnxt.com – Third-Party Wallet – Update

  • Last week there was an update for this third-party all-in-one Nxt & Ardor wallet solution. This product definitely looks nice, but we have not reviewed it, yet. This product also demonstrates a nice link between our Chinese community and our English-speaking ones.

  • Zhang released the following changelog:

    1.Repair detail list to load data repeatedly
    2.Address Import: Transfer canmanually enter PassPhrase
    3.Fix Adding Assets: Closing Other Assets Removes NXT
    4.Modify the total amount of market unit BTC
    5.Add Quotes Secondary Page Currency Exchange Quotes
    6.Repair currency number 500 is displayed as 0



    More Info

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  • Weekly Reminder

An important issue plaguing adoption of blockchains by businesses is the fact that Smart Contracts can be programmed poorly! Ethereum bad – Ardor good! Not really, of course, the situation is much more nuanced than simple binary statements like that. But, nonetheless, the process should be simple, safe, reliable. So far Ethereum has not done a good job of promoting Smart Contracts as any of those things, see also the aforementioned ERC-20 exploit.

Jelurida’s unique solution is the Lightweight Contracts. A huge advantage of Lightweight Contracts is that they cannot lock your funds up if they fail to execute. Lior explains these virtues in a forum exchange below:

The exchange went as follows:


riker – This is probably the most expensive bug in history, they moved an account specific contract to a general library and forgot to remove the kill function. Quite a common mistake actually, I had a similar bug with a mainframe integration product when someone ported the code from C where it was used for a single session to Java where is was used as a server and forgot to remove the System.exit() call when a session was terminated under certain condition. This System.exit() was triggered at the worst possible moment taking down the server during loadtest at a customer site, but not close to locking $260M

logan – and now the 260Mio Dollar question (for a coder noob like me): Can something like that happen with Ardor Lightweight Contracts too?

thomasveil – I guarantee you that once ardor is heavily used, bugs will pop up. But only part of the contracts itself are on the chain… most custom (and badly reviewed stuff) would be script that the proceeds can fix.

riker – The lightweight contract cannot lock funds since the contract account is a normal account so anyone who holds the passphrase can release the funds in case the contract failed to run.

There could be other problems, for example a DAO like hack, where funds are used not for their intended purpose can happen if there is a bug in the contract, which allows a hacker to trick the contract into sending funds to their account.

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Ardor Lightweight Contracts Use Case

Lior highlighted a good example of how simple Ardor Lightweight Contracts are to implement while solving real-world problems. A very annoying aspect of Ardor for first-time users is that in order to use the coin exchange functionality of the Ardor UI, you need to have ARDR in your account to pay for the transaction to convert IGNIS or AEUR into ARDR! This is a frustrating roadblock, but one that the following Lightweight Contract can simply remedy.

The contract source code:

package nxt.addons.contracts;

import nxt.NxtException;
import nxt.addons.AbstractContractContext;
import nxt.addons.BlockContext;
import nxt.addons.RequestContext;
import nxt.addons.TransactionContext;
import nxt.blockchain.Chain;
import nxt.blockchain.FxtChain;
import nxt.util.Logger;
import org.json.simple.JSONValue;
import org.json.simple.parser.ParseException;

import java.math.BigInteger;
import java.util.List;

 * Sample contract which receives amount in child chain and returns amount in parent chain according to the coin exchange order book.
 * Allows obtaining Ardor without first having Ardor in the account.
public class ChildToParentExchange extends AbstractContract {

    public void processBlock(BlockContext context) {
        // Read the contract configuration
        int maxAmountFXT;
        JO contractConfigParams = context.getContractConfigParams(this.getClass().getCanonicalName());
        if (contractConfigParams != null && contractConfigParams.isExist("maxAmount")) {
            maxAmountFXT = contractConfigParams.getInt("maxAmount");
        } else {
            maxAmountFXT = 50;

        // Look for payments from 6 blocks ago
        int height = context.getBlockJson().getInt("height") - 6;
        if (height < 2) {

        // Read the transactions in the block
        JO params = new JO();
        params.put("chain", 2);
        params.put("height", height); // exactly this height
        params.put("type", 0);
        params.put("subtype", 0);
        params.put("recipient", context.getConfig().get("account"));
        JO getExecutedTransactionsResponse = context.sendRequest("getExecutedTransactions", params);
        List transactions = getExecutedTransactionsResponse.getArray("transactions").objects();
        if (transactions.size() == 0) {

        // Iterate over the transactions and make the payments
        for (JO transaction : transactions) {
            long amountNQT = transaction.getLong("amountNQT");
            Chain chain = Chain.getChain(transaction.getInt("chain"));
            CoinExchangeOrders coinExchangeOrders = new CoinExchangeOrders(context).invoke(chain, amountNQT, maxAmountFXT);
            long returnAmount = coinExchangeOrders.getReturnAmount();
            Chain returnChain = coinExchangeOrders.getReturnChain();

            // Send the payment minus transaction fee
            JO input = new JO();
            input.put("recipient", Long.parseUnsignedLong(transaction.getString("sender")));
            input.put("amountNQT", returnAmount);
            long feeNQT = context.getTransactionFee("sendMoney", returnChain, input);
            if (feeNQT >= 0) {
                input.put("feeNQT", feeNQT);
                input.put("amountNQT", returnAmount - feeNQT);
            } else {
                context.setErrorResponse(10003,"%s: cannot calculate fee", getClass().getName());
            context.createTransaction("sendMoney", returnChain, input);

    public static class CoinExchangeOrders {
        private AbstractContractContext context;
        private long returnAmount;
        private Chain returnChain;

        public CoinExchangeOrders(AbstractContractContext context) {
            this.context = context;

        public long getReturnAmount() {
            return returnAmount;

        public Chain getReturnChain() {
            return returnChain;

         * Given amount and child chain look at existing coin exchange orders to calculate amount to return in Ardor
         * @param chain the child chain
         * @param amount received amount
         * @param maxAmountFXT do not return more than this amount (this contract is designed to handle small amounts)
         * @return object holding the returned amount and chain
        public CoinExchangeOrders invoke(Chain chain, long amount, long maxAmountFXT) {
            // If someone sent Ardor to this contract, send it back so that the amount is not locked
            returnAmount = 0;
            if (chain == FxtChain.FXT) {
                returnAmount = amount;
                returnChain = FxtChain.FXT;
                Logger.logInfoMessage("Do not pay this contract in Ardor, sending back " + returnAmount);
                return this;

            // Load the coin exchange orders using the getCoinExchangeOrders API
            JO params = new JO();
            params.put("chain", FxtChain.FXT.getId());
            params.put("exchange", chain.getId());
            JO coinExchangeOrders = context.sendRequest("getCoinExchangeOrders", params);
            JA orders = coinExchangeOrders.getArray("orders");

            // If there are no orders return the original payments
            if (orders == null || orders.size() == 0) {
                returnAmount = amount;
                returnChain = chain;
                Logger.logInfoMessage(String.format("There are no buy orders for the child chain, sending back %d %s", returnAmount, returnChain));
                return this;

            // Calculate the Ardor amount based on coin exchange market rate
            returnChain = FxtChain.FXT;
            long childTotal = 0;
            for (JO order : orders.objects()) {
                long childAmount = order.getLong("quantityQNT");
                long parentAmount = order.getLong("exchangeQNT");
                long parentPerChildRate = order.getLong("bidNQTPerCoin");
                childTotal += childAmount;
                if (childTotal < amount) {
                    returnAmount += parentAmount;
                returnAmount += BigInteger.valueOf(amount - (childTotal - childAmount)).
                if (returnAmount <= FxtChain.FXT.ONE_COIN) { returnAmount = amount; returnChain = chain; } break; } // If the Ardor amount is larger than the max amount, return the payment without performing the swap long maxAmountFQT = maxAmountFXT * FxtChain.FXT.ONE_COIN; if (returnAmount >= maxAmountFQT && returnChain == FxtChain.FXT) {
                Logger.logInfoMessage(String.format("Ardor return amount %d bigger than max amount %d sending back %d in chain %s", returnAmount, maxAmountFQT, amount, chain));
                returnAmount = amount;
                returnChain = chain;
                return this;

            // Return the amount to pay in Ardor
            Logger.logInfoMessage(String.format("amount paid %d in %s amount returned %d in %s", amount, chain, returnAmount, returnChain));
            return this;

To use this contract, send between 5 and 50 IGNIS to the contract account ARDOR-VEUQ-JZN2–22T9–4QKWV, wait for 6 confirmations and you should see an ARDR payment sent back from the contract account to your account.

This is a good example of how Ardor Lightweight Contracts are simple to implement, and can solve real-world problems.



  • Tingtau – The Story of Jelurida: NXT, Ardor, Ignis

This post covers, briefly, the complex history of Jelurida and their main products. It is a story long time readers know by heart and one that newcomers can learn better from other sources, but the picture they paint is effective enough.

They wrote:

A private firm, Jelurida, has created NXT, Ardor and then Ignis in which the later one is the extended version of the previous blockchain platform. It has been working in the blockchain field for past few years. With each passing day, minute changes are done in the existing codes or applications in order to improve the existing ones and create better blockchain toolsets.

It has become necessary as earlier cryptocurrencies have undergone malicious attacks which led to the huge loss of economy. Thus, Jelurida is a much-needed company with respect to market’s demands. It is using the state-of-the-art technology to create new blockchain applications and codes.

Even Jelurida has provided the assurance to NXT token holders that they need not worry after the release of Ignis coins as the token holders will get 10% of the new coins. Jelurida has taken care of every aspect related to blockchain and has tried to remove all the obstacles coming in the way of secure and transparent blockchain platform.


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  • Chipin – 10 Altcoins and Platforms to Hold You Over in February 2018

We recover this February article because it recommended Ardor as one of the 10 best innovative projects. Perseverance and patience are important traits for both businesses and people to have. This article is bullish on ARDR for the year and their suggestions months later seem wise – a good read.

Below is a list of 10 innovative blockchain projects to put your mind at ease and get you through the month of February. Rest easy knowing that a fundamentally sound project, and perseverance, trumps the short-term gains, and euphoria, of a flawed and useless one.

Why you should keep an eye on it

Ardor’s blockchain-as-a-service model, and use of Java (one of the most widely used programming languages in the world), will serve as a catalyst for easier business permeation of the blockchain ecosystem, and ICO incubation. What’s noteworthy is that Ardor has already launched its first child chain, Ignis, offering a P2P asset exchange, monetary system, and marketplace. Furthermore, additional child chains are on the docket for this year, ultimately, leading to more real use cases and separating itself from other BaaS projects such as ARK, LISK, and STRATIS.


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  • TradingView – ARDR Ready to Move. 400% Profits Potential by InTheBellyOfCharonsWhale


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  • TradingView – Ardor MASSIVE BULL-RUN by kperMan


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  • TradingView – Ardor Trading Opportunity by weslad


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  • TradingView – Ardor Huge Potential por CryptoBearish  


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over the past couple days:

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That is all for this week, Nxters. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. The blockchain world is blooming and maturing every week and the sky is not even close to the limit of the potential for this great technology. Keep on dreaming about the future you want to see and then be the change that makes it happen. See you back here next week! We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

Help Nxter.org grow and help us continue to provide excellent and focused coverage on the ever-growing blockchain space by rewarding us for our hard efforts. Donation address: NXT-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2 / ARDOR-TK9J-MEKH-MUP9-HFCH2.

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