SuperNET card (cryptocard)

Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 7110939398145553585
Issuing accountNXT-KKNV-8EPK-W2S4-96VTK

Trading and performance:



Website: http://nxtprivacy.org (403 link removed)
Fundraiser websitehttp://bitcoindark.net/anon-cards


SuperNET card (cryptocard). Due for launch by Coinomat later in September or October this year, the SuperNET card will allow owners to send BTCD straight to the address on the card and withdraw as cash from any supported ATM – enabling completely anonymous cash withdrawals. The card will also support NXT and other SuperNET coins. (With an autoconvert service it could effectively work for any cryptocurrency.)


For those worried about the need for postal address, we will also be arranging having the cards available at tradeshows on a cash basis, so you can meetup with the NXT booth and pay cash and grab a random card from the box of pre-issued cards. Then register the number at public internet shop.

NXTprivacy issued the asset, I am waiting to distribute 50% to the BTCD peoples, but they all need to make NXT accts. 10% is in JLH as is typical, so NXTprivacy will end up with ~30%. I expect 10% to go to another party.

This adds value to the NXTprivacy asset as it will get 0.3% of cryptocard transaction volume. It also helps coinomat boost its processing volumes. JLH gets another asset. While I could have done this personally, I have committed to do my best to increase the value of my assets in their respective areas and I use my best judgement when structuring each deal to properly place them in the right asset. When the NXTprivacy assets are finished selling, then the remainder will go to NXTventure assetholders as a dividend.

cryptocard AE description

NXTprivacy is proud to issue the cryptocard asset which will distribute 1% of processed transaction volumes to the assetholders. This card does not require any personal information. All of the processing and handling is outsourced to coinomat.com. Please check NXTprivacy.org for the latest details on fees and limits. Standard ATM fees will apply for cash withdrawals.


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