Nxt News – October 2017 (III): If you Really Love Something Just go out and do It

October 2017 (III)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Fall is now here and we have the major news of last week. The IGNIS ICO continues with the Fourth Round, Riker visits Barcelona, Ardor release timeline, salacious lies and much more! You are in the right place for comprehensive coverage of all things Nxt / Ardor / Ignis.

Whether you are a long time reader or a new one, we here at Nxter have news for you. All the highlights of the last week in the exploding blockchain space are covered here. We aim to keep you informed and up-to-date, dear readers. Lean back and absorb all of our hard work as we present you the news of last week.






This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.



  • Ardor Release Timeline 

Finally, some news to write about regarding the Ardor release timeline. A detailed release timeline was released. The short version of the story is that Ardor will get two more testnet upgrades in anticipation of the New Year. Yes, that is right, The Ardor Genesis Block will be forged at 00:00 on Jan 01, 2018. The Snapshot will be taken on 25th December.

Ardor Roadmap

  • Oct 28 – Nov 04
    • 5th and last ICO round, 100 M JLRDA plus all unsold JLRDA from the 4th round and minus marketing expenses are put for sale at 1.45 NXT each as announced
    • Any remaining unsold JLRDA tokens will be kept by Jelurida until the Ardor snapshot and the resulting IGNIS tokens will be used to fund future development and promotion
  • Nov 04
    • Ardor testnet 2.0.4e release
    • Starting from a new genesis block and deleting the current testnet
    • Adding major new features: Asset Control and Composite Phasing
  • Nov 24
    • Final Ardor testnet release
    • Source code is released for review under temporary license, no cloning allowed
    • Node JS module and Mobile App operational
    • Only security and critical bug fixes after this date
    • No further API changes
    • Four years anniversary for Nxt celebration
  • NXT Block Height 1630000 – Approximately Dec 25
    • Ardor genesis snapshot recorded at block 1630000
    • Transactions with ARDR, Bitswift, and Janus assets disabled on the Nxt blockchain

  • Dec 27
    • Ardor generally available software release
    • Source code released under the JPL
    • Forging not yet possible to give time for users to setup nodes, and perform final verification of snapshot balances
  • Jan 01, 2018, 00:00:00
    • Ardor genesis block timestamp reached
    • Forging starts automatically
    • Ardor blockchain becomes fully operational
  • 2018
    • Continue development according to roadmap

Nxt roadmap

  • Dec 24-25
    • Hardfork, freeze trading of ARDR asset and other assets included in the Ardor Genesis Snapshot
  • Q1 2018
    • Develop Nxt as a simple and secure crowdfunding solution for new ICOs
    • Position the Nxt Blockchain Creator Kit as a viable solution for new blockchain projects
    • Add permission layer and peer communication encryption for private blockchain solutions
  • Q2 2018
    • Merge features added to Ardor which do not rely on the parent/child chain architecture


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This is the last week to participate in the Fourth Round of the IGNIS ICO. The latest batch was released and this is the absolute last chance to buy JLRDA at 1.05 NXT. The penultimate Fourth Round ends October 21st at midnight. We thank all of the community who supported Jelurida by participating in the ICO. They are close to the 10 M Euro milestone, detailed in the ICO roadmap. Do not worry, there is still one round left, but the ratio will be 1 JLRDA to 1.45 NXT.

From Jelurida


Ignis ICO Schedule
Dates JLRDA tokens for sale Price of 1 JLRDA in NXT
Aug 05 – Aug 12 60,000,000 0.40
Aug 26 – Sep 02 80,000,000 0.55
Sep 09 – Sep 16 100,000,000 0.76
Sep 23 – Oct 21 100,000,000 1.05
Oct 28 – Nov 04 up to 100,000,000 1.45

Riker- We now surely reached the 5M€ and are looking to reach the 10M€ milestone. We need all the help we can get from you guys in order to get to it.



Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain


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  • Riker speaking at “Blockchain Solutions Forum” in Barcelona

Riker spoke at the Blockchain Solutions Forum last week. His speech contained a lot of great material and is a must watch for anyone who wants to better understand the NXT/Ignis/Ardor ecosystem. The video also has high level information that is sure to delight even the most knowledgeable of our readers.



The IGNIS ICO Presentation

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  • Ardor vs. the Competition , Pt. 4: Waves

A new article in the “Ardor vs. the Competition” article series was published last week.

The fifth in the series, the benefits of Ardor over other competing blockchain solutions are explored in great depth.

A couple months ago Segfaulsteve began writing a wonderful and detailed account of Ardor and the many advantages it has over the competition. His first post highlighted the technological supremacy Ardor has over Plasma, the next installment talked about the LISK blockchain and the functionality provided by it, and the third compared Ardor against NEM/Mijin/Catapult. The fourth covered the debacle with the IOTA code base.

Ardor vs. the Competition, Pt. 4: Waves

You can find the previous posts below:

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  • Ardor.world – Articles and Services about Nxt, Ardor, Ignis

The first three comparative articles of Ardor vs. The Competition are now available in Russian. Thanks to all the help from our great community. We have so much great content to promote, the difficulty is in translating it, well, for our large base of readers who are Russian speaking, here you go: 

Ardor.World Updated!
Add Nxt Blockchain activities https://www.ardor.world/en/analyze_nxt/
Analyzed 1,415 days of network life Nxt blockchain
Translated three articles from nxter to Russian https://www.ardor.world/ru/news/


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  • Austria Released First Blockchain ‘Call for Project Ideas’

In Austria, there was a general consortium for project ideas that revolved around the blockchain. Two Ardor based ideas were presented.


More info

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  • Dan Charbonneau, CEO of CBT Nuggets, joins the NxtCommunity Slack

Hooray for growth and big names – last week the CEO of CBT Nuggets joined the Nxt Community slack.

Using the alias charbo, he wrote:

charbo in #trading channel 
I’ll introduce myself since I’ve been the topic of conversation here. My name is Dan Charbonneau and I’m the CEO of CBT Nuggets. At CBT Nuggets we make IT training and have a mission of continually improving the learning experience for IT professionals. Training (education) is like working out at the gym. It’s good for you but it’s hard work. It’s tough to get motivated to do it. We’re developing a cryptocurrency to be deployed as an ARDR child chain that will provide a financial incentive to learning.

The reason why I’m buying so much ARDR is that when we launch it isn’t going to be with an ICO. It’s self-funded. The value of our cryptocurrency will be pegged to ARDR on a 1-to-1 basis. The initial launch will be with 50M of the new cryptocurrency paid for with 50M ARDR. The currency will be redeemable on a 1-to-1 basis for ARDR so it has value out of the gate.

Learners will buy training content with the new crypto and consume the content. There are quizzes throughout the content so you can prove you learned the material. When you answer the quizzes correctly, 30% of your purchase price is returned to you. In addition, everything you learn is stored in the blockchain so we will maintain a lifelong record of learning for you. When you interview for a job, you’ll be able to show the interviewer everything you’ve learned. The transcript will of course be private only for you and shared with the people you choose.

Anyone with the ability to teach can upload content. Once the content is vetted, it’s listed in the catalog and they earn currency with each purchase.

All holders of the new currency do our version of forging. 5% of every transaction is distributed as a block reward on a weighted random basis.

I’m a believer in ARDR, and in blockchains in general.

By the way, I need 50M of the new currency because we’ll be offering the currency for validated learning to all of our existing customers at cbtnuggets.com and I plan to give away the equivalent of 100ARDR with every download of the new client along with profile creation.

I’m hoping this changes education worldwide, providing greater access to quality content and adding competition and the principles of the free market economy to education at all levels.

Follow CBT Nuggets on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and/or Google+

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  • Chinese Community

The latest video diary of Lior Yaffe’s great trip to Shanghai for a Meetup last month is out. This was the first official presentation in China by Jelurida about NXT/Ardor/ Ignis. These fun diaries document the momentous week that was for the burgeoning Nxt community in China and for Lior himself.

Don’t miss the other videos published two weeks ago!

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  • Travin Keith presented – “Blockchain: Making It More Than Just a Trend”

Our good friend Travin presented, on behalf of Agavon, at BrightTALK. Entitled “Blockchain: Making it More than Just a Trend” his talk speaks to the vast potential that lies untapped in the blockchain. What we know it to be today is just scratching the surface of what it will be in the not too distant future.

He wrote:
About this webinar

Perhaps one of the buzziest of buzzwords for the past few years has been “Blockchain”. But for those who are well-versed in the technology and the goings on of the industry, it is definitely more than just hype.

Join this session where a panel of experienced Blockchain specialists will discuss:

-Viability of Use Cases – Just because a centralized database can be more efficient doesn’t mean it’s the most viable

-Preventing Blockchain from Being Just a Trend – if blockchain isn’t viable as the solution, it shouldn’t be used

-Public vs Private Blockchain Use

-State of the Industry – Understanding that a lot of the platforms and frameworks are in their early stage of development and that support may not be readily available

  • Travin Keith will be a Speaker at the 10th Heidelberg Blockchain Meetup

Damn, this guy is good and busy! He revealed last week that he will be a speaker at the prestigious Heidelberg Meetup.

He wrote:


Travin Keith is a long-time member of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community since 2013 and has been involved in numerous projects and communities such as the Nxt Foundation, SICOS, Hyperledger, BitcoinMarkets, and his own company, Agavon. He will be starting off his presentation with anecdotal stories about his early days in the space and how he came to work full time in the industry while living in the northernmost town in the world – Longyearbyen, Svalbard, then will go into a few details about his current projects as well as observations and thoughts about the current state of the space. His presentation will end with an interesting free use case currently presented in story form.


  • Crypto Woman – Let’s Build a Blockchain Together!

Last week American YouTube blockchain celebrity, Crypto Woman, annonced that she had a great idea for implementing a secure and cheap messaging service built around the messaging protocol built into the NXT platform. She is still looking for people willing to help her make her vision of a cheap and secure blockchain based secure messaging platform a reality.

She wrote:

“Build it and they will come…”

– Some of you noticed I am building a blockchain on NXT – both as a public service and demonstration of how easily it can be done. I am hoping the community will take part in this and have been looking for ways to open the dialog.Now I want / need input on how to rightly distribute the tokens. There will be other conversations too. I have a hosted Zoom and have set up a scheduled meeting for every morning at this time (6am EST – 7am). Please download the Zoom app and join me here. I’d love you input!

Join me here: https://zoom.us/j/6085743832



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  • Janus – Status Update

Bjorn updates us and we continue to look forward to the launch of JNSHash mining, whatever it will be!


bjorn –  I have to finish work with a developer before I can explain the second aspect, thanks for your patience.

JNSHash Mining

Someone is going to have fun with his “adult Legos” as these cards undergo significant modding.

ETA: For information regarding JNSHash and how it will affect Janus tokens comes second week of November. At that time another part of video progress should follow. One thing, for fairness sake is that part of the requirement, if you desire to partake in the mining aspect, JNS user must have a minimum of 100k tokens. (100k min JNS for the base tier, 4 tiers total).

There is another step but its another benefit and not been made public. Not even XT groups know this yet. I have to finish work with a developer before I can explain the second aspect, thanks for your patience. comjnsxt and JanusXT already qualify. Top tier is anything over 2 mil JNSHash. All I have for today, be well all.

ascendus – JNSHash will mine Bitcoin Gold right after the chain goes live and GPU mining software release.

Join the “Janus Token” YouTube Channel

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=4348103880042995903]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=4348103880042995903]

You can find a list of all paid dividends here. Also, follow the Janus news on https://nxter.org/janus, and Janus Twitter.

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  • Adel – Status Update

Adel is looking to grow their Blockchain Startup Incubator brand. They are looking for great ideas that they can help nurture and grow into a disruptive and transformative reality.

They wrote:

Have an innovative idea for a Blockchain business? Six steps to turn dreams into reality – Join Adel Blockchain Startup Incubator

Read the latest great Adel article by Wolffang:

Adelphoi: “I am more than just a trader’s coin” — Adel Ecosystem Ltd.

Follow Adel In Medium

Adel’s first incubated project will be iFin.io.

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=17477397104276156702]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=17477397104276156702]


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Bitswift continues to look to build an advisory board. If you own a significant amount of Bitswift tokens (15,000 +) you are elligible to be a voting member on the advisory board that governs the future rollouts and implemetations of the Bitswift tokens. The tokenswap that ended a couple of weeks ago has nearly half a million unclaimed tokens in it.

They wrote:

We are still looking to build a Bitswift advisory board. Seat members must hold 15,000 Bitswift tokens. PM us if you are interested.

balance remaining unclaimed at this time: 446,879.3936604

​Last day for token swap. If you are still on the old blockchain you are going to have a bad time

We will make some formal announcement about the outcome of the swap, including what is to happen with the unclaimed tokens. We will use them to transparently develop the Bitswift ecosystem, we also promised we would be eliminating a portion from supply adding increased scarcity attribute to all remaining. Our shop is having products added it to it as we speak, its quite a tedious process but we have hired someone on now as dedicated product manager. We have also started to put together a dev team to start rolling out on our digital product line. The future looks good #bitswift.


[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=12034575542068240440]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=12034575542068240440]



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  • DeBuNe – ERC20 Token Swap

In the first newsletter of this month, we announced the Debune token swap. It is ongoing and there are only 15 days left to participate in it. Act fast before you forget and miss out on the opportunity.

Nxt News – October 2017 (I): Success is Not Measured by the Position you Have Achieved in Life but by the Obstacles you Have Overcome

Their update:


So far 90’670.6862 DeBuNe assets have been sent back to be swapped with ERC20 tokens.

There are still 158’772.24 that needs to be returned Before the end of October, or else they will end up not being swapped.

Whoever desires to swap the DeBuNe assets with DBN after the launch of the DeBuNe blockchain, please send them back specifying so in the message.

15 days left.


[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=6926770479287491943]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=6926770479287491943]

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Cardano More Secure than NXT?

In what can only be called outrageously false, Cardano claimed last week that they were somehow more secure than NXT. Clearly they did not do their homework before writing this claim. Lior Yaffe responded, point for point, in his Medium blog, throughly putting this claim of Cardano’s six feet under the ground: dead and buried.

“The first significant work on proof of stake was conducted by the team of the Nxt cryptocurrency, but their protocol had significant flaws and no formal verification.”

He wrote:

You get that? A token launched to mainnet 10 days ago claims that the NXT POS protocol which is running securely in production for 4 years, as a public blockchain, in hacker infested environment “had significant flaws”. Maybe they should say “has significant flaws”, what are these flaws? They didn’t say.

I decided to take a look at their Whitepaper but ran into a 50+ pages wall of text full of mathematical jargon which is practically unreadable for a software engineer like myself.

Then browsed through their documentation and quickly found pages like DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PAPER AND IMPLEMENTATION i.e. the paper describes an amazingly secure system (?) but this is not what they implemented. Then they describe a naive UPDATE SYSTEM MODEL which lets the stake holders vote if to upgrade to a new version, good luck with that, and BOOTSTRAP ERA which allows only “bootstrap stakeholders” to generate blocks and will end “when bootstrap stakeholders will vote for it”. Why would they vote for it?

Dear Cardano team, please show some respect.


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  • Cointelegraph – Industry Experts Believe Bitcoin Headed to $6,000

Lior Yaffe, Nxt & Ardor core developer was interviewed about his take on the ceiling for Bitcoin. He sees a ceiling, but the supremacy of BTC is not going away immediately as it is the fiat currency of the crypto world, much like the USD is the fiat currency of the financial world.

His quote:

“The recent increase in Bitcoin’s value is likely due to it being the de-facto exchange currency between the fiat and crypto worlds, much the same as the US dollar is between fiat currencies. It is quite obvious that Bitcoin is not going to replace any fiat currency any time soon due to scaling issues and the waste generated by the POW process. Going forward I predict that most innovation in the crypto world in the mid to long term will take place on POS based blockchains, but being the bridge between the worlds gives Bitcoin a huge short term boost.”


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  • Improprieties Cointelegraph Article

We do not usually talk about propaganda articles promoting other coins in this newsletter, but every now and then we are forced to, specially when we realize that these articles contain, for unknown reasons, some improprieties concerning the Nxt blockchain. That has been the case with Cointelegraph this time:

…Pure PoS without continual use of PoW was first conceptualized by NXT but its first actual implementation occurred on Blackcoin (BLK). Blackcoin was …released in February 2014, a month before NXT

That is the only mention of Nxt, the first 100% POS crypto platform, that you’ll read in an article which is, supposedly, devoted to PoS coins. And that statement is a blatant and outright lie.

Nxt launched in November 2013. It can be verified here, here or here, or in many other publically available resources. Even Cointelegraph itself mentions the date Nxt was launched in some of their previous articles. Some users and well-known members of the Nxt Comwell-knowne also pointed Cointelegraph their mistake:

Apenzl commented

Nxt launched in November 2013 as the first 100% PoS coin ever. Who doesn’t know that? It even says so on Nxt’s website but you don’t provide a link to it – why?

It looks like you let some dude from Blackcoin community tell your what’s the recent story of PoS, and then you call yourself “Cryptoeducator”? Please do your research and stop spreading misinformation, thank you.

The Nxt core dev team releases the world’s first scalable PoS blockchain-as-a-service platform in Q4 this year. It’s not some “idea”, it’s finished and you can use it on testnet, yet you do not mention this acknowledged project at all. Why o why don’t you think a scalable PoS child chain platform with built in smart contracts like p2p marketplace, Aset Exchange, crowdfunding, dividend payment, data cloud, shuffling, voting, etc, belongs in “The History and Evolution of Proof of Stake”?

We expect Cointelegraph to fix their mistake as soon as possible. A media with this reputation should not tolerate this. Jelurida and Blonde 2.0 are already pulling their strings to make this happen.


Blonde 2.0 rep spoke with the editor of CT and she will make sure that they will amend it.


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  • Briandcolwell – Ardor & Child Chains: A Blockchain 2.0 Innovation, But Is This A Coin We Really Need?

Death by bulletpoints awaits anyone who reads this well-researched article about the many, many pros of the Ardor platform. Thank you Brian, for this accurate summary of the Ardor Platform.


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  • Themerkle – Accenture and BNP Paribas Experiment with Nxt Blockchain Technology

Article about the growing acceptance of NXT blockchain solutions being used by large financial institutions to secure their transactions. A very informative read.

TheMerkle banks NXT Blockchain

The number of different cryptocurrencies coming to market over the years is almost impossible to count. Some of the older altcoins are still around today, although not everyone will remember most of them. Nxt is one of the older currencies in existence, though it is mainly known for its services to developers these days. Specifically, it now allows for more transparent bank transfers, which is of great interest to BNP Paribas and Accenture Spain.


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  • TradingView – NXT/USDT Poloniex – This Particular Pair Includes TWO Schematics

Those two Schematics are Wyckoff Distribution Schematic #1 and Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #2 . As usual, I have copied and pasted the cover chart within these comments for easier view of text bubbles: snapshot Here is a link to an image of Wyckoff Distribution Schematic #1: https://imgur.com/nOJl0Dd Here is a link to an image of Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #2: https://imgur.com/945poSJ Here is a link with “basic” understanding of Wyckoff and his teachings: http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:market_analysis:the_wyckoff_method Famous quote of Wyckoff: ”…all the fluctuations in the market and in all the various stocks should be studied as if they were the result of one man’s operations. Let us call him the Composite Man, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and manipulates the stocks to your disadvantage if you do not understand the game as he plays it; and to your great profit if you do understand it.” Wyckoff referred to them as the Composite Man. I refer to them as the “Composite Group.” We appear to be in the “late” stages of Phase “B” in both Schematics. So, lets look at Wykoff’s description of Phase B in “both” schematics: First, Wyckoff remarks on Phase B of Distribution Schematic #2: Phase B: The function of phase B is to build a cause in preparation for a new downtrend. During this time, institutions and large professional interests are disposing of their long inventory and initiating short positions in anticipation of the next markdown. The points about phase B in distribution are similar to those made for phase B in accumulation, except that the large interests are net sellers of shares as the TR -0.80% evolves, with the goal of exhausting as much of the remaining demand as possible. This process leaves clues that the supply/demand balance has tilted toward supply instead of demand. For instance, SOWs are usually accompanied by significantly increased spread and volume to the downside. And his remarks on upcoming Phase C: [By the way, TR -0.80% = Trading Range; NOT a stock to trade] Phase C: In distribution, phase C may reveal itself via an upthrust (UT) or UTAD. As noted above, a UT is the opposite of a spring. It is a price move above TR -0.80% resistance that quickly reverses and closes in the TR -0.80% . This is a test of the remaining demand. It is also a bull trap—it appears to signal the resumption of the uptrend but in reality is intended to “wrong-foot” uninformed break-out traders. A UT or UTAD allows large interests to mislead the public about the future trend direction and to sell additional shares at elevated prices to such break-out traders and investors before the markdown begins. In addition, a UTAD may induce smaller traders in short positions to cover and surrender their shares to the larger interests who have engineered this move. Aggressive traders may wish to initiate short positions after a UT or UTAD. The risk/reward ratio is often quite favorable. However, the “smart money” repeatedly stops out traders who initiate such short positions with one UT after another, so it is often safer to wait until phase D and an LPSY. Often demand is so weak in a distribution TR -0.80% that price does not reach the level of the BC -0.35% or initial ST 0.45% . In this case, phase C’s test of demand may be represented by a UT of a lower high within the TR -0.80% . So, their’s a possibility we may not go as high as some may think. Yes, it’s going up at least “near” the top of the trading range in my opinion. Could it go higher and negate Phase “E” ??? Not sure, time will tell… Notes will be provided shortly for Wyckoff remarks on Phase B of Accumulation Schematic #1: 14 hours ago Comment: Phase B: In Wyckoff analysis, phase B serves the function of “building a cause” for a new uptrend (See Wyckoff Law #2 – “Cause and Effect”). In phase B, institutions and large professional interests are accumulating relatively low-priced inventory in anticipation of the next markup. The process of institutional accumulation may take a long time (sometimes a year or more), and involves purchasing shares at lower prices and checking advances in price with short sales. There are usually multiple STs during Phase B, as well as upthrust-type actions at the upper end of the TR. Overall, the large interests are net buyers of shares as the TR evolves, with the goal of acquiring as much of the remaining floating supply as possible. Institutional buying and selling imparts the characteristic up-and-down price action of the trading range. Early on in Phase B, the price swings tend to be wide, accompanied by high volume. As the professionals absorb the supply, however, the volume on downswings within the TR tends to diminish. When it appears that supply is likely to have been exhausted, the stock is ready for Phase C. Phase C: It is in phase C that the stock price provides goes through a decisive test of the remaining supply, allowing the “smart money” operators to ascertain whether the stock is ready to be marked up. As noted above, a spring is a price move below the support level of the TR established in phases A and B that quickly reverses and moves back into the TR. It is an example of a bear trap because the drop below support appears to signal resumption of the downtrend. In reality, though, this marks the beginning of a new uptrend, trapping the late sellers, or bears. In Wyckoff’s method, a successful test of supply represented by a spring (or a shakeout) provides a high-probability trading opportunity. A low-volume spring (or a low-volume test of a shakeout) indicates that the stock is likely to be ready to move up, so this is a good time to initiate at least a partial long position. The appearance of a SOS shortly after a spring or shakeout validates the analysis. As noted in Accumulation Schematic #2, however, the testing of supply can occur higher up in the TR without a spring or shakeout; when this occurs, the identification of phase C can be challenging. 14 hours ago Comment: It is my opinion that we should pay more attention to Accumulation Schematic #1 with its notes rather than Distribution Schematic #2 with it’s notes. I recommend you divide up into 3rd’s what you’re willing to invest in your trading with this pair. One 3rd for an entry NOW. Second 3rd held in reserve for a pull back Final 3rd held in reserve for Sign of Strength (SOS) If there is no pull back, you decide on if and/or when that other 3rd is to be engaged at a point of your choosing.

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  • TradingView – Holding Ardor

Ardor is in a nice triangle which is bound to break up in oner or two months if not weeks because of the mainnet launch.


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  • TradingView – ARDR to be a 10x for Stone Hands

10% guaranteed 24 hrs -0.05% . 10x if you want to enter in a long position and hold with stone hands


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  • TradingView – ARDR Here we go

It is a golden cross in the circe. It is in the cloud too, so we can see 7k, even above.


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Live stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=12422608354438203866]

[NXTBridgeAssetCandlestick id=12422608354438203866]


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And that is all for this week, Nxters. Make sure you have more of your favorite warm beverage available as you stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the ultimate round of the IGNIS ICO, the new year launch of Ardor, ongoing projects, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more, visit our site. We explain in much more detail about Jelurida, Ignis, Ardor, and everything else that is pertinent to this momentous ICO.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed, dear readers. See you back here next week!

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