Nxt News – June 2017 (II): Vision Without Execution is Just Hallucination

June 2017 (II)


Welcome back, fellow Nxters!
Here’s the latest news about Nxt and Ardor over the second week of June:







Below are more details about each topic.

This week’s newsletter is put together by apenzl, jose, and is proofread by Travin Keith.


Wolffang, a Nxt community member, announced the opportunity for community members to create a logo for IGNIS and called creative souls in nxtforum.org to action:

Please let your creativity flow and give input or upload cool designs.

Maybe this can be useful information to start with:

IGNIS meaning:
fire| brightness; passion| glow of passion

One important thing to notice is that Jelurida and the Nxt Foundation have the final say.

We have 2 weeks before this “contest” closes! So let us say we’ll have until the 20th of June.

IGNIS will be the first child chain on the Ardor blockchain platform. It will be a chain that will have all the well-known features (built-in smart transactions like shuffling, voting, messaging, data cloud, asset exchange, monetary system, aliases, digital goods store, multi-phased transactions, etc) of the Nxt blockchain platform. Assets issued on IGNIS will be tradeable across all new child chains as well, with the trading fee in the child chain the user is in. Another upside to holding a stake in this chain has recently been announced by Jelurida, with their proposal of the “JPL license“.

All IGNIS will be created in the Ardor Genesis Block, and 50% of them ( IGNIS will be given to holders of NXT on a 1:0,5 basis, with the other half of IGNIS sold by Jelurida in an ICO, to enable them to do future development and pay bounties.

You can upload your IGNIS logo proposal or comment on the ones already posted at:


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  • Nxt Foundation Will Be At Money2020 Expo 

On June 2017, Copenhagen will once again take center stage as companies and individuals disrupting how consumers and businesses manage, spend, and borrow money come together for this event. Hyperledger will have a large 10’ x 20’ booth space, staffed by IntellectEU, the Nxt Foundation, and Norbloc.

Travin Keith will be going for Nxt Foundation. Go get’em, Travin!!! 🙂

If any of you readers want to attend the biggest blockchain event in Europe and help him out but you don’t have a ticket yet, do use the promo code HYPER200 for a 200 EUR discount off Money20/20 registration.

Source: https://www.hyperledger.org/event/money-2020-europe

Nxt Foundation: https://www.nxtfoundation.io

Money 20/20 Copenhagen Website: https://www.money2020europe.com/

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  • NXT BustaBit Gaming is Coming…

Here an update from Bjorn and the Janus team:

bjorn_bb [6:54 PM]

Just a quick developer update

1. Final ETCbets.com additions and fixes

2. Conversion of BetterBets.io to the new code (NXT will have Parabolic (Bustabit) game!!)

3. Hiring developers, and starting them on the work and businesses coming the next 6 months.

4. Much more TBA
This is over the next month

90% of NXT profits from BetterBets.io are shared among all Janus token holders.

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  • Stocks.Exchange

Stocks.exchange is a new startup which is a centralized exchange that had a soft launch a few months ago with BTC <> NXT / ARDR / JNS / ETH / ADL pairs, as well as NXT < > Nxt assets: JNS / LNK / STEX.

Launched by Vadym Kurylovych (@vk in nxtxhat.slack.com) with the vision of building a “worldwide stock exchange market where anybody from anywhere can invest in any business worldwide using cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, NXT, others) or fiat money” as well as a place where “businesses can issue their stocks (assets, tokens) on major established crypto platforms (NXT, ARDOR, ETH, etc), sell them, do business, and pay dividends to each stock holder in one click”.

Stocks.exchange is currently in development but the exchange is working and said to be is safe and secure to use already. It also pays out dividends from asset issuers to asset holders without the holders having to withdraw to a Nxt account of their own. So, we can infer that “in development” means that Vadym Kurylovych aims for stocks.exchange to become something much larger than just an exchange.

Stocks.exchange has issued its own asset as well, STEX (asset ID 4110498475301476439).

Stocks.Exchange could become that supplement to the Nxt Asset Exchange that will push it back into the ICO game and open the eyes of investors and new entrepreneurs to its advantages over successors such as Ethereum. The Nxt ecosystem hasn’t had a good dedicated BTC < > Nxt AE online exchange since the SAE (Secure Asset Exchange), a popular front-end for the Nxt Asset Exchange, which drove high volume to the AE with its seamless Shapeshift integration.

The current ICO hype isn’t the first in crypto, but the second. We see a broader crowd of investors now than the Nxt AE experienced in the first wave and the Nxt AE has only been improved with more stable features since its launch in 2014. The community marketing budget though has been small to non-existent, and something new is needed to help people see through the mist.

Technology and security-focused startups currently choose Nxt and Ardor, with its scalability and asset trading across all child chains in their own token, as well as startup-friendly exchanges, like stocks.exchange, which see the necessity of allowing asset issuers to pay dividends and may draw attention back to the AE. Nxter.org will, of course, follow (and push) the development with interest, and we welcome to the ecosystem, Vadym! 🙂

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  • Easter Eggs Are Eaten

Last week we told you about NxtBridge OFFLINE, an easy way to create cold storage accounts and sign any Nxt transaction OFFLINE. In the end of the section we wrote:

OOOPS: Did I really expose the passphrase to the demo account in that video? Oh boy. The first who logs in to the account can have the NXT and ARDR in it. There’s also a clue to follow if you log in, which leads to another asset Easter egg!

Few hours later a user had not just emptied the account for NXT and ARDR, but also found that the encrypted Charles Bukowski quote which had been received by the EasterEggs account could be used to open a password-protected file which had recently been uploaded to the Nxt Data Cloud. This revealed 12 random words, the passphrase to an account that held 100 NXTP assets.

Those are long gone now. Congrats to the Nxter that won and who, by the way, surprised us by using the Eastereggs account to cast a vote in Nxter Magazine’s newsletter-poll. – Nice one! 🙂

A new transaction has been sent to the alias EasterEggs. Here’s a clue: Twitter handle @OPeasterEggs.

NxtBridge OFFLINE video tutorials are available at https://www.nxter.org/nxtbridge-offline.

You can use the NxtBridge plugins on any WordPress site to get a Nxt TIP Button, show account ledger, broadcast transactions to the Nxt Blockchain, and show live Nxt AE information, like https://nxter.org/assethub.

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  • Nxter Newsletter will Continue in its Current Form

I issued a poll about this very newsletter last week.

Nxter Newsletter Poll (ID 15893442631575921861).
No minimum balance was required to vote. 1 vote per account.

The result:

  1. We have more readers than voters.
  2. Voters want more of what we give them already.

Thanks to all participants!

If you’d like to help Nxt, Ardor and the Nxter team by writing about Nxt, Ardor, use cases, the AE market, your price analysis, or share other ideas, as well as help us code and spread the word on social media, please let us know. DM apenzl on nxtforum.org, in nxtchat.slack.com, or write us using this contact form.

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  • Get Out There and Shout

Here’s an important reminder, posted in Slack by Snooke, the author of steemit posts like “Why You Should Invest In Ardor And NXT Before It’s Too Late“, and “How I Doubled My Investment in 4 months and now have a Passive Income (…)“.

Snooke states:

I see so many people complaining or asking why NXT and ARDOR don’t reach those highs other cryptos reach. Well, I can tell you: Marketcap mostly has nothing to do with the tech alone. It’s about people knowing and recognizing a project.

You have to get out there! All of you! No matter how small or big in the social world you are. Do something for your investment! Spread the word and people will come. NXT/ARDR has an INCREDIBLE tech and AMAZING platform. I love it since 2013 and tried many more. But still come back to NXT. And when Ardor comes out, I will for sure use it for one of my businesses. (…)

You want NXT/ARDR to reach marketcaps like NEM, Stratis and co? Well, then do your community work and get the word out! Every single one of you! You have Twitter? You have Facebook? You have friends? You have Youtube? Do your part! (…)

Read the full article here:  https://nxtchat.slack.com/files/snoooke/F5N6VD93L/You_want_NXT_ARDR_price_to_rise__Then_read_this_

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  • Janus – Alphonso Morris Jr. Q & A

Three weeks ago, we welcomed Mr. Alphonso Morris Jr. to the Janus Team. The Q & A session with Janus’ new power tool and brand manager on Slack has now been killed by the 10K message limit. For those who couldn’t attend the event, missed it, or want to read it again, we have published this version:


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  • Community Janus XT Token Share Program

In April, the Janus Team introduced the JanusXT token for holders of over 2 million Janus tokens. Those possessing JanusXT are eligible for special privileges and additional dividend payouts from other income streams. The profit distribution from ETCBets.com factors in both JNS as well as JanusXT token holders, and 20% of all IGNIS that Janus receives when Ardor is launched will be paid out to XT holders. The token also entitles holders to 40% of BetterBets.io casino income starting on March 2018. As more Janus business sites launch, more revenue from them will be added to the dividend stream.

Non-whales in the Janus community, known as dolphins and tunas, could only dream of getting a piece of this XT pie. However, this ended in the 1st of June, where an emergency plan for dolphins saw the light of day as a community initiative, with the Janus Team’s blessing, was initiated where a new token was issued on the Asset Exchange:

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=13363533560620557665]

The fund manager, Merk, wrote in the Janus’ Slack:

6 spots remain for the Community Janus XT Share Program. If the 2,000,000 requirement is not reached by Friday June 16th, 2017, any current member already enrolled can purchase additional spots in 100,000 Janus increments to purchase the remaining spots.

The Community Janus XT Token Share program will tie up your Janus tokens until July 2nd, 2018 and they will not be accessible by anyone enrolled UNTIL that date.

Source and more information: #janusproject (Join Nxtchat on Slack)

News compilation about Janus

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  • Adel – Validate Your Nxt Account Now

The Adel community vote has come to an end, and the result is overwhelmingly in favor of moving forward:


Our community has voted and we have a majority “Yes” (by count and by weighted BTCs contributed) to activate the ADEL Ecosystem. Our next big step is to distribute ADL coins to all of you.

Investors: Validate Your Nxt Account

All stakeholders must verify that they have a valid passphrase by generating a token using their Nxt account (https://nxt.org/download/). Once a token is generated in the Nxt account, the stakeholder must copy this token into the appropriate field on the Adel Dashboard. Then, Adel will validate this token and activate the transfer of ADL coins to the stakeholder’s Nxt address.

These steps ensure that:

  1. The stakeholder’s Nxt Address is correct
  2. Their secret passphrase works (because tokens can only be generated with the correct passphrase)
  3. By clicking “Confirm” in the Dashboard the stakeholder confirms they have safely stored their secret passphrase.
  4. They have full access to their Nxt wallet.

Full instructions:


If your Adel ICO account is a new account, you must log in to the Nxt Client using your passphrase and not your account ID to generate the token. A new account is not registered in the blockchain until its public key is announced to the network by an outgoing transaction which is executed from the account OR when another Nxt account announces the account’s public key to the network.

It is always advised to send a transaction from the account or announce the public key to increase security. If you don’t have NXT, you can buy it from the following exchanges: https://nxter.org/exchanges/

Once you receive your ADLs, you will be able to trade them on the NXT Asset Exchange.

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=17477397104276156702]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=17477397104276156702]



You can buy / sell ADL for BTC on https://stocks.exchange/trade/ADL/BTC

By accumulating over 62,962 ADLs, equivalent to about 2 BTC, you will be able to upgrade your wallet to gain “membership status”. As a voting member, you can participate in the direction of Adel while also getting employment opportunities. If you have questions, you can join the Adel public slack channel (https://adelchatinvite.herokuapp.com/). Also, Adel will try their best to quickly respond to email inquiries sent to adel@adelphoi.io

More information: www.adelphoi.io

Twitter    LinkedIn    Facebook     Reddit

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  • Nxt Voting System – Theoretical Use Case

Learn more about the Nxt Voting Feature with this theoretical use case of an election in the small town of Serenity:

The production of the video has been sponsored and coordinated by the Nxt Foundation.

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  • Jelurida Speeds Up the Blockchain

Last week Nxter Magazine reported that Jelurida has reached 100 TPS (Transactions Per Second) with Nxt. This week, IBS Intelligence covered this achievement and wrote:

Jelurida has announced the results of a blockchain workshop ran on 15th May. It claims a dramatic difference in Nxt software performance compared to its competitors, in this case, processing more than ten times the number of transactions that could be currently handled by Bitcoin in the same time frame.

The test workshop, which used a modified version of a Nxt 1.11.5 private blockchain instance, saw three million transactions submitted to the blockchain by a load testing tool, while the nodes behaviour and performance were carefully inspected and profiled.

Jelurida plans to run further tests to ensure that all users can benefit from these optimisations on the public blockchain in addition to private versions.

Source: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/jelurida-shows-off-nxt-platform/

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  • Nxt Explained by KRUT

KRUT a Russian blogger has created a playlist of short and exact videos on YouTube where he explains Nxt, the project and the blockchain features, the Nxt Client, and how to buy NXT.

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  • Tommy World Power: My Top 10

“A list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies I have my eye on.” Ardor is mentioned around 18:38.

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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