Nxt News – November 2017 (III): Push Yourself Because No One Else Is Going To Do It For You

November (III)

Welcome again, fellow Nxters! Winter is coming but that is no excuse not to continue to thrive and grow. Last week was eventful, as per usual, with the Nxt and Ardor blockchain community. Once upon a time, we struggled to provide quality content, but not anymore. Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers – we hope you are surrounded by good food and family/friends as we surround you with all the relevant news that you might have missed.

The Nxt slack is rebranding, we learned how much money was raised in the Ignis ICO, Jelurida is hiring a new PR firm, a new Ardor video series is coming out, and more awaits our intrepid readers. Learn about the platform and become a part of the community by consuming this newsletter with a warm beverage and an open mind as we indulge your intellectual passion or childlike curiosity about the blockchain and all things Nxt / Ardor / Ignis. We welcome new readers as we grow and expand and we appreciate our old readers returning for another week – it is a thing of comfort to know, that like your favorite pet, we are always here to provide you with the best, and most relevant news about the week that was.







This week’s newsletter is put together by James, Jose, apenzl, and rubenbc.


  • IGNIS ICO, How much?

The numbers have been crunched and over $15 million was raised during the three-month IGNIS crowdsale. This means that Jelurida has enough money to actively support the Nxt platform for at least the next three years, reaching Level 4 on their roadmap. Obviously, the hundreds of millions of NXT tokens can appreciate in value and the platform can be supported for even longer. Jelurida greatly appreciates the wonderful support from all members of the community who invested and participated.

Jelurida wrote:

The IGNIS Token Sale is now over! We collected over $15 M, thank you all for your contribution! The remaining 500 M IGNIS will be given away as a free airdrop to all NXT owners on Dec 25th – holding NXT is your last chance to get IGNIS before the launch!


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  • Nxtwiki – Exchange Integration Ignis

Hooray, your JLRDA tokens will transform into IGNIS tokens, but no crypto-currency exchange currently supports IGNIS. Luckily Nxtwiki has a new article out about how to integrate IGNIS, the token of Ignis into a crypto-currency exchange. Unlike with Bitcoin and their throwaway addresses, Ardor and its child-chain addresses are more expensive to maintain. The following article does a great job of documenting the exchange integration process for any exchange developers out there.

Riker wrote:

Published Ignis exchange integration draft for review https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Exchange_Integration_Ignis
Monitoring for deposits is more difficult in Ardor. We still need to provide an example otherwise it will be difficult task for exchange developers.


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  • Jelurida – Marketing Update

With the IGNIS ICO over, Jelurida has parted ways with Blonde 2.0, the PR firm hired for the duration of the crowdsale. Jelurida is hiring and they are allocating an extensive budget for a new PR agency and a new angle. The technical superiority of Ardor over other platforms when it comes to resolving issues like the “blockchain bloat problem” does not seem to interest many people – readers want specific use cases of this new technology, not a treatise on how it is better than other platforms with more name recognition. As a result, new PR initiatives are being followed and enacted in the run-up to the Ardor launch in six weeks time.

Lior Yaffe wrote:

Our contract with Blonde 2.0 has ended at the end of the ICO, we are now negotiating with another PR agency. We allocated a nice budget for this.

Personally I invested endless hours in learning the PR and marketing business. The reality is that we held dozens of interviews with folks from Reuters, Bloomberg, Techcrunch and others. Only about 10-20% was published and what was published did not make a huge impact.

Going forward we have quite a few marketing and PR initiatives in the pipeline building up toward the Ardor launch and for the long run.

Frankly, it is much easier to pitch a journalist about selling trees in a banana plantation over the blockchain than pitching advanced architecture to solve blockchain bloat.

Just to clarify, I have no complaints about Blonde 2.0, they are pro and do their job. It’s just difficult to PR a blockchain infrastructure project

During the ICO we were paying outrageous amounts of money for online marketing on CMC, Google, Facebook, investing.com and ICO web sites. Probably well over €50K spent just for online marketing.

It’s really hard to standout in this crowded market.
We are working since last week with a professional marketing expert dedicated full time for NXT and Ardor. We will announce details about this soon.

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  • Nxt/Ardor Slack Rebrand

For members of the Nxt slack prepare for a new rebrand as in anticipation of the launch of Ardor, the Nxt slack is set to become the Ardor and Nxt slack. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this update and we recommend you change your bookmark in your browser to reflect the new URL (below) as only temporarily will a redirect from the old one exist. You have been warned!

Vanbreuk wrote:

Hello all, the name of this slack community has been updated to reflect from now on both the Ardor and the Nxt communities.

nxtchat.slack.com becomes ardornxt.slack.com

Slack will temporarily redirect the old URL address to the new one, but please update your bookmarks for this Ardor & Nxt slack to https://ardornxt.slack.com !!
Users of the Slack application should see the group name automatically updated to ardornxt.

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  • Ardor News Teaser

Everyone likes videos. Jelurida, as part of their marketing blitz, has partnered with the newly formed ANG and LD Studios to produce videos that document the unique features and history of Ardor. This video series will exist alongside Nxter’s own video series that will explain the technical aspects in a series of tutorial videos. Expect the Jelurida series to premiere as early as this week!

Jelurida and ANG partnered with LD Studios to produce weekly Ardor news videos presented by Starla. We expect to publish the first video around Nov. 20

limitlessbunny said on slack:

As riker said, we partnered with Jelurida and ANG to make an online show ‘Ardor Time’ to promote Ardor all over the world .

Myself is an Ardor believer and we are very proud to be a part of this great project.
Sorry for the typo and the name ‘Ardor girl’ in the sample clip, we are really in a hurry to catch up the schedule so we could release the first episode in time. Thanks for you guys to point them out for us.

And Really happy to see so many people care about the show! Let’s make it great together. If you guys have any ideas about the show please DM me or @ me, Can’t do it without you guys.

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  • Ardor vs. the Competition, Pt. 6

We present to you the most recent installment of the “Ardor vs. the Competition” series. The latest installment describes and contrasts Ardor against Komodo/SuperNET.

Ardor vs. the Competition, Pt. 6: Komodo/SuperNET

Find the previous posts below:


  • Chinese Community – News Updates

More of our recently written content has been translated, by our great community, into Chinese. Rock on globalization, rock on!

Last week’s news:

Nxt 新闻 – 2017年11月 (II): 对你拥有的感到满意,对你想要的感到兴奋

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  • Spanish Community – News Updates

Did you know that Spanish is the language that is spoken across the most countries on Earth? For all of you who knew that, good job! But what only few knows is that now the exciting “Ardor vs. the Competition” saga has been translated into Spanish – bueno!

Enjoy the whole saga in Spanish:

Follow the Spanish Nxt/Ardor Twitter and you will never miss an update.

And don’t forget –  all our previously released newsletters are also available in Spanish.

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  • Ardor Price Alert, Chart and News on BitScreener.com

An interesting video on Ardor from BitScreener.com on Ardor and how they think that Ardor might be primed for a breakout. Watch the video to learn their opinion while seeing some of the latest movements in the market.

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  • Ardor (ARDR) Review NXT 2.0 – Cryptocurrency Review

We appreciate coverage of all of the platforms in the Jelurida ecosystem, but we do ask that you get the facts correct. The following review is factually incorrect on a few points, highlighted below. We hope that a clarification is issued shortly from Cryptocurrency Review.

Apenzl noted these inaccuracies:

NOTE: Nxt+Ardor is written in Java not JavaScript, that’s a big difference!
NXT holders did not get 50% but 100% of ARDR. And soon they’ll get +50% of IGNIS. 🙂

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Widely appreciated blockchain expert, Bas Wisselink, features in this video about blockchains, and specifically mentions Nxt and the unique approach the platform had when it came to decentralization at its launch four years ago. A worthwhile and informative video.

Bittopia wrote:

In this episode we discussed the blockchain/crypto movement and how it has progressed along and the mainstream adoption and its impact on the idea. Also an overview on Bas’s involvement within Nxt Foundation and now onto helping people understand the applications of blockchain far beyond the currency application.

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  • More Conclusions from Tokyo Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference

The Tokyo conference, attended by Travin Keith of Agavon and the ANG (Ardor and Nxt Group), had this to say about the conference two weeks ago.

Today in Toyko, we held the largest Nxt and Ardor meetup with over 150 people registered in attendance. The photo only shows 1/3rd of the people in attendance. During the meetup we also held a public vote for the Katakana version of the word “Ardor”.

Effusive praise from Riker:

Amazing work Travin, I wish I could join you there.


Thanks. There will be more events soon and we can surely go. My translator and business partner Taiichi Fox is also worth crediting. He had to translate technical terms that I was using and had to translate all of my answers during the Q&A, whether it was to community members, government employees, or developers, which lasted for a total of two hours. Definitely not easy.

Shoutout to CtC, an ANG member, which sponsored and paid for almost all fees for the meetup location, my travel costs, and everything else. Because of this, ANG did not have to pay anything. (Agavon paid for all remaining costs as they were ancillary)

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  • Funny Video by ZARK‏

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth, like at least a million!

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  • Crypto Woman: Raving Fans

News from the Elizabeth (aka QBTC aka Crypto Woman) as she reached out to her supporters and followers last week.

Elizabeth wrote after Riker comments (see Jelurida – Marketing Update)

Elizabeth (qbtc)
RAVING FANS – that’s all of us. Did you know that we have a lot of untapped marketing power? How many of you have read the book “Raving Fans” or are familiar with the concept? Did you know that many businesses direct the largest part of their marketing budgets to building a fan base? And here we all are!

We are passionate, ideologically and financially invested, informed and concerned. But we are not rallied or focused! For every thought we have that somebody else isn’t doing a great job, I challenge us to engage in the conversation outside of closed channels. Post ORIGINAL thoughts, repost others with thoughtful and positive comments, share content freely.

If you want to be more invested, create original content on Steemit, Medium, your own blog or an article on LinkedIn. And share it.

Foray into bitcointalk.org and Reddit and spend some of your energy there.

For that matter, how many of you have accounts on LinkedIn? Go there – that’s where the serious crypto and blockchain people are finding each other now. It’s the place to professionally engage in a conversation and present ourselves as professionally worthy of the recognition we are craving

Some have challenged me on the share buttons and individual pages with images on the website. This was done for you – the fan base – to spread the word. This works! If you don’t like my images, grab some of your own and use them in your articles and posts – click through rates increase astronomically with an image.

We can moan and complain, but really one of the biggest goals of PR and marketing today is to rally a fanbase. Let’s recognize our power and be proactive in helping the solution! Let’s recognize the value we have here as a community and treasure each individual contribution while we rally together as a formidable fan base to spread the word.

Btw, Elizabeth is doing a great work with https://www.ardorplatform.org/




All about NXT:

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  • Janus – Status Update

News of another rebrand/remodel and a clarification was issued by the Janus Team, presented below.

Bjorn wrote:

We are going to remodel the ANN OP on bitcointalk.

To survive we must adapt, this means shifting from a dividends model to a more action based token usage model – in other words, like the BAT team we must shift Janus and any other token that may or may not come to life into a means to pay/use for currency and services.

A token receiving divs because a user purchased is a security. A token used in a business model as payment for something like JNSHash falls into an area not considered a security. Its then more of a currency. Please understand that this is very important we make this shift.

I do not want to meet anything in the future to impede progress for all of us.

On a personal note, I find it terrible that a very efficient system like the NXT/Ardor developers have built for dividend distribution cannot be used in a public manner due to ONE country’s current stance on this. Sure more may chime in and join the bandwagon but this is unfortunate, however the change forces action, and action for JNS will be good.

The new reward model:

I will attempt to clarify the best way I can:

Janus dividends in the way they were done the past year violates SEC security laws, it keeps us from being listed on many exchanges, and is dangerous to our team’s future. What JNS tokens will be used for to avoid legal nonsense is, in our business, they will be part of a currency or way to purchase services.

[For example] JNSHash as a service means you can buy into the 4 tiers a set amount of hardware hashing power so you as the Janus token user are using your tokens owned to gain this hashpower, it’s the only form [of payment] we are accepting for JNSHash. In time, if we can grow this farm to 2-10x it’s current size, we will open the door to those who own less than 100k Janus tokens (tier1) to buy/sell/trade on a per token basis for hashpower similar to Hashnest, www.hashnest.com.

So now you no longer receive divs but you are receiving payouts from the service you purchased [or accessed] via ownership.

Our path will be to grow this over time along with the sites and Scrapers.
4 months ago I asked our development team to integrate a tokenization model to push activity and site value. This means, for example, if a person writes a followup to a media article like “Trumps a nuclear lunatic” and a bunch of users comment and like the user’s post, he will receive tokens, but this is something we will detail on launch and after.

The target for Janus has always been mainstream then mixing blockchain in, and it should be fully obvious by the latest Q2 2018. The [scraper] site will come well before that, the rest follows. If the political/news scraper is even mildly successful we will put out a site for all viable industry, each with the action based token model. The framework code is already there, and we will utilize it to the fullest. Trademimic will and should hit before Q2. Yes, it’s not on the timeframe we wanted (myself included) but all of our team working their faces off to deliver. Sometime in December I plan to have JNSHash officially go live with Luis’ help before Ardor launch.

JNSHash Tier Plan

Tier 1: 100k – 250k JNS
Tier 2: +250k – 500k JNS
Tier 3: +500k – 1.8 mil JNS
Tier 4: 1.8mil+

You have to own this many but they are not sold to us – you keep your Janus but earn your tier by amount you own.

The Tier Contract Plan will be valid for one year, and once finished it can be renewed. Renewal cost will be determined 90 days prior to first year contract end.
Payouts will be sent from daily to weekly depending on coin chosen and when threshold is reached.

In some circumstances bonus coins from new coin launches will be sent to each member of each tier. When this occurs we will announce and collect appropriate wallet addresses for the bonus coins.

Tier rewards announcement will come shortly, Luis is finishing them up over the next week.

Also before months end I should have news regarding doubling the farm’s electrical supply. This of course could translate into double the farm size.

Please observe first then decide, we will use portions of our % from the farm to build it, so the first numbers will change when we add more machines as well. It will be done 1 year payout contracts, but we will try our best to grow it to compensate for difficulty changes.

Join the “Janus Token” YouTube Channel

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=4348103880042995903]

[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=4348103880042995903]



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  • Adel – Status Update

Adel announced a new website and new videos from a conference last month in Prague.

They wrote:

Adel Launches adel.io ▲ NEW website
We’re proud to announce Adel’s new website! We’ve been working diligently on a solid foundation and launchpad, and now, our next phase is well underway. The new page reflects the exciting future of Adel, and includes a knowledge center filled with fresh content that’s easy to navigate. In addition to finding everything you need to know in one place, we’ve connected all of our social platforms, watch lists, exchange listings, news and blogs. Check it out and show us some love on Social Media https://adel.io

Deloitte NOTED Certification ▲ Fintech Popup Accelerator
Deloitte has released two new videos showcasing its fintech innovator conference in Prague last month. Adel was one of a handful of startups chosen out of hundreds to present at Fintech (R)evolution. This first video is a one-minute wrap up of the event:https://youtu.be/vIRX5pIcZ5o – while the second video provides the full 1 hr. 15 min pitch from Deloitte’s top five startups (in English and Czech): https://youtu.be/R-SKqy4JkAw

Join Adel on Telegram ▲ Start Something Great
Have an idea for a #blockchain startup? Connect with us now on @Telegram https://t.me/Adelphoi

Follow Adel on Social Media▲ Facebook
Throw us a ‘like’ if you’ve got a moment and we’re always here if you have any ideas, feedback or questions. https://www.facebook.com/Adelphoi.io/

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[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=17477397104276156702]


More info

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  • Bitswift – Status Update

Bitswift is being integrated into the Ardor wallet! Looking good.

Bitswiftbro wrote:

November Client Newsletter http://bitswifttechnologysolutions.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/i/AB1282DD74FFE73B2540EF23F30FEDED/B9F86BB54276480363B21DE8DA818551

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[NXTBridgeAssetStock id=12034575542068240440]




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  • [ANN] for FARLAWEB Holders

For legal reasons, any holders of the FARLAWEB token are entitled to a buyback.


I will stop paying dividends on the end of 2017. I announced before that eventually I will stop this asset because of legal reasons. I will put a buyback offer on Nxt Asset Exchange (asset id: 17491339106794048806) at the original price of € 0,06 per asset.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=17491339106794048806]


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  • NRS Update – Version 1.11.10

The latest stable version of the NRS client is out. Gone is the IGNIS Token Sale page, and minor bug patches and mobile optimizations have been implemented. Obtain the latest download of the NRS client below.

Change log:

Removed the IGNIS Token Sale page.

Mobile app bugfixes, node.js module improvements, other minor bugfixes.

Updated jetty to 9.3.22 and bouncycastle to 1.58.

Get it


  • Updated Android Client App

More support and functionality for Android mobile users who want to have light NRS client on their phone. Eventually, probably, there will come an iOS version too.


Riker – Updated Android mobile app https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.10.apk
sha256 fddc74a2683bd4124e2f81751d170154a2127a3d8b11cd72ed9ac13591160f04


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  • Ardor Update – Version 2.0.5.e

A new mandatory version of the latest Ardor testnet client is out. Dabble and explore this experimental release at your leisure. Changelog listed below.

This is an experimental release for testing only. The source code is not provided.

Change log:

This release is a mandatory update for all Ardor testnet nodes. It will perform
a rescan on first start.

Client UI improvements for the new asset control, composite phasing, and asset
increase features.

The default transaction deadline has been reduced to 15 min instead of 24 h.

Mobile app now connects to ardor.jelurida.com by default.

Use ARDOR as default account prefix. Using NXT or any other prefix continues to
be supported for logging in.

Allow whitelisting of specific bundler accounts using the property
nxt.bestBundlerRateWhitelist. If set, only bundler rates announced by the
whitelisted accounts will be used.

Fixed bugs in peer networking, parsing genesis block json, by-property voting.


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  • Weekly Reminder: About forging and security

Not many people remember the theoretical vulnerabilities that exist with extant blockchain platforms. The conversation below highlights that the PoS architecture of Nxt / Ardor is at least as protected from DDoS attacks as PoW architectures. The blockchain has some theoretical issues but they are statistically insignificant and exist within the realm of pedants spouting about the philosophy of computer science. The security concerns and vulnerabilities of blockchains are of little to no concern for users. Security in the blockchain is inherent and far superior to extant technologies.

The conversation is below:

Josenxt – So, if we were under attack , as long as one legitimate node manages to stay up and keep forging with the highest stake of all, the network would be safe. New pairs that want to join the network will rely on that legitimate now to rebuild the network again, isn’t it?
But, concerning the eclipse attack, I guess my NRS client initally is unable to know what nodes are legitimate and which ones aren’t. Does it mean that as long as the threshold (¿total forging power in the network?) is higher than a set figure, the forging node with the higher stake is considered the most legitimate? (I hope I’m no saying any nonsense, as I said before this technical side goes way beyond my knowledge)

Petko – what you say is true, it’s same for PoW – just replace “forging power” with “mining power”. In fact in PoW, since all miners are crowding into pools, it should be easier to ddos the legitimate pools – since they are smaller number. Theoretically PoS should be at least as secure against ddos as PoW. There is always an option that we had (or still have) some bug that bitcoin doesn’t have – it should be fixable same way like it is working for bitcoin.


Sirpask – Any improvement in the Ardor forging protocol to avoid attacks with false chains?
If my node is connected to 8 nodes, seven of which are trying to trick me by presenting me with a fake blockchain, but one presents a legitimate string. Is there any way for my node (automatically) to detect the only good node and ban the other 7 false nodes? The power of forged and what decides that Blockchain would be the correct one is the amount of NXT or Ardors that the attackers have?

Petko – Yes, your node should automatically blacklist the 7 rogue peers. The code for that is in BlockchainProcessorImpl.java line 655
What is used to decide the “true” chain is the cumulative difficulty of the chain, which is proportional to the amount of forging power used to build that chain.

Josenxt – Ok, it’s clear that the forging power is the most important thing for the security of the network, and the forging node with the biggest stake is the most trustworthy If we went further, I can see that (according to https://nxtportal.org/monitor) the current active (forging) stake in the Nxt platform is 288,214,449 NXT. I also can see that (according to https://mynxt.info/accounts) some exchanges (such as Bittrex, which is clearly identified in that list) have a huge (potential) forging power (currently 126,940,991NXT). What would happen if someone managed to get control of that account (some hackers, a government, by mistake… it wouldn’t be the first case that an exchange has been hacked :guiño: ) and sets up a malicious node that joins the network with an ilegitimate blockchain and making use of all that forging power?

Petko – bad things will happen. This is not the idea – so big part of the stake to be kept in centralized exchanges (this is poloniex btw – NXT-NEQW-Q7UK-MUNN-B2L4P 145,000,004)

Jose – Is there any way to avoid or minimize this risk? It’s not that I don’t trust centralized exchanges (well, actually I don’t trust them at all 😀 ), but I really think that some of those exchanges been hacked have more to do with someone from the inside have had their hands in the till… while saying it was an outside attack.
I guess that you can’t really use the client to blacklist an account from such a big exchanges to start forging (plus it wouldn’t be decentralized, althought the Nxt client properties file includes a list of well known peers in it). Is there any other way around to further protections against it? I don’t know, maybe harcode a grace period for these big Nxt accounts (let’s consider a big account those over a set threshold, let’s say when it’s over 25% of the active stake at that moment, for example) so that they can’t start forging inmediately unless it’s clear they are not in a fork…

Petko – we cannot impose different rules for big accounts. What exchanges can do at their own will is to lease their forging power to an account whose secret they intentionally lost or hid very well (if they don’t intend to forge but seems bittrex does forge). Note that if the money in these accounts are stollen, it would be a disaster anyways. We must think how to incentivise stakeholders to forge or at least keep their funds in their own wallets. Why do you think so many users keep their funds in exchanges? Are they exchanging all the time, or is it just simpler?

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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Scaling a Blockchain vs. Scaling a Tangle

Blockchain expert, and co-founder of Jelurida, Lior Yaffe wrote an excellent Medium article about the nature of scaling a blockchain vs a DAG. An excerpt below explains in great detail about this interesting quirk of distributed ledger technologies.


From the article:

As someone who spent endless hours working on blockchain load testing and scaling, I can testify that decentralized networks operating under heavy load will naturally generate forks even when all participants are honest and work by the protocol rules. I can also testify that switching to a better fork is one of the most heavy operations a node needs to perform since it has to undo changes made by existing transactions in the popped off blocks and apply the changes made by the transactions included in the blocks of the better fork.

However, I claim, that an advantage of a blockchain over DAG is that a blockchain is only sensitive to the order of blocks not to the order of transactions and this fact makes it no less scalable than a DAG.

For a blockchain this is not a serious problem since block generation is made artificially difficult thus limiting average block generation frequency to 15 seconds on Ethereum, 1 minute on NXT/Ardor and 10 minutes on Bitcoin. This means that even under heavy load, forks caused by conflicting blocks are infrequent and when they do occur, nodes has time to perform the large processing required to switch to a better fork in order to synchronize the state with another node and before yet more blocks are generated.

In a DAG implementation however, the latency of transaction propagation and the possible order differences is causing several problems while transaction throughput increases and nodes start getting transactions submitted by other nodes for which one or two of the approved transactions are not yet known to them and therefore will be unable to add them to the DAG.



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  • fail92fail – Survival of Blockchain and Ethereum vs. Alternatives

Technical article describing the solutions that Ardor, uniquely, solves with its child chain architecture.

3. Ardor solves the common (to all blockchains) bloat problem, relying on an innovative parent/child chain architecture and pruning of the child chain transactions. It shares some similarities with plasma.io, based on NXT blockchain technology and already running on testnet.


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  • Mercati24 (It) – ICO Criptovaluta: cos’è, come funziona, come investire

An Italian language article about all things Nxt. Detailed and knowledgeable about the system, we present this to anyone who consumes Italian blockchain news.


Steemit – Investigating the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies, Part 18/50: Ardor

An in-depth white paper by Steemit that lists Ardor as being among the Top 50 cryptocurrencies. A comprehensive list and analysis of every token, including Ardor. Worth the read.

They wrote:

The most emphasized aspect of the entire 50+ page white paper is this fact: The issued tokens are not built on “sidechains,” they are (as Jelurida calls them) “child chains,” the children of the “parent chain” such as Ardor.

The difference between “sidechains” and “child chains” is that the latter are more closely related to their source. Child chain tokens are exchangeable for any other token from the same parent without an exchange. Sidechains are more independent and require their own security/processing.

In this system, the parent chains are paramount. They do the bulk of the work and account for most of the blockchain’s settings. The parent chain is what keeps all the other tokens liquid and working.




  • CryptoPost – Ardor Is a Favorite Against Bitcoin


  • Ardor – NXT to Go UP?

YouTube user “CryptoCurrency Analysis” has posted this:

I would like to share presentations that I like and that I prepared on my own. I am very pleased if you follow my vote and vote. I have a Dream , when I come to a certain level, I will focus only on it.
  • TradingView – NXT Buy Opportunity

The market gives us a new high which can be used for placing buy orders. The price moved above the cloud. If it also breaks the downtrend line and the local high, we’ll get a signal confirming further upward movement. If ADX line rises above 20 level, it will support the market movement. Entry level is 0.070500 with stop orders below the previous low at 0.058500 level. Profit targets are 0.080000 and 0.100000 levels. Trade recommendations on Hacked.com: https://goo.gl/4K6zWv Trading Signals for Crypto: https://t.me/dlavrov_tch True ECN Forex Broker: https://goo.gl/dsiQN8 Free Forex Signals: https://goo.gl/rHLWcE


  • TradingView – ARDR BTC Daily and 4hr Chart 18th Nov 2017

Quick TA on ARDR we got some fundamental news with NXT/IGNIS, ARDR looking to be a strong player into 2018 there is a strong support shown by the red line and the Gann fan looks like a triangle forming on the 4hour chart and expect to play within this before breaking out



  • TradingView – Back to Accumulation zone

Now you may have another good opportunity to get some ARDR at a good price before next month launch of the main net. Personally, I think ARDR is a project with a team with reliable track record, an interesting product, and lack or poor PR 0.00% strategy. All of this is good as we are at firsts steps of crypto and first steps of ARDR. You can find more information at https://www.ardorplatform.org/ never do things blindly. About the chart: MACD suggests more downside movement and the horizontal support has proven to be strong ( trend line is probably useless). I’ve been accumulating on bounces on the strong horizontal support and it’s been working fine so long. You can see here ARDR/USD https://www.tradingview.com/x/G5KYNEgY/ Some kind of triangle or ascending triangle with support building and accumulation taking place that suggests a big move at the end of the year (when main net will launch)



  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Live ARDR stats from the Nxt Blockchain Asset Exchange:

[NXTBridgeAssetInfo id=12422608354438203866]

[NXTBridgeAssetPrice id=12422608354438203866]

[NXTBridgeAssetCandlestick id=12422608354438203866]


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