NOXAM suspended!

[EDIT 23.5.2014]: NewNxtGames is now paying back investors.

NOXAM was supposed to be a sci-fi MMO browser game.

It was announced in April, issued on the Asset Exchange, and development was moving fast, updates to the community were consistent, when suddenly all threads and the nox.am + NewNxtGames website went “poof!”.

Top8, who had been assigned as economic advisor/game balance.ty for NewNxtGames, announced in the forum that NewNxtGames also had gone silent on him.


As im almost a newbie on this community this is going to be hard, but can’t do it otherwise.

At this moment i dont know anything about the NOX.AM developer. My attempts at PM him are impossible. He is not answering me and he has blocked his ID, the mini forum and his webpages.

I dont know much more about him so at this stage i just prefer to warn the community about the NNG shares listed on the AE.

Shareholders understandably began to panic. Scam!, was heard. And furthermore, the idea of contacting The Sherif of Nxtville were aired out loud not only here, but also in the AE ANN thread:


Not sure what the total damage was but I think this is probably one of the biggest scam in NXT history :(

NXTcommunityfund will offer a 10000 NXT bounty for the realworld identification of the nng scamster, hopefully others will add to this bounty.

I cant undo what happened, but I would like to offer all nng investors a swap of their nng assets with any of jl777hodl @ 2.5, NXTcoinsco @ 19 or MGW @ 3 from my personal holdings. The credit amount would be what was paid for nng, so it would be like they purchased my assets instead of nng.

I want people to know that there are asset issuers that stand behind not only what they do but for the entire NXT community.



Then…. magically NewNxtGames was back, as suddenly as he disappeared. Re-registered his deleted nxtforum-account and started a  thread.


Sorry that I deleted all of my posts and then said nothing.

I can guarantee you that you will get your NXT back. I have a list of all NNG holders. I will soon buy up all shares on the AE.

I took my time for all of this, but then suddenly something came up. So I had to go. You all do not need to worry.

If someone wants to realize it [the NOXAM game], go on! I would send him everything I have so far.


And that’s that.

Oh, you wonder who ‘The Sheriff of Nxtville’ is? Well, that’s another story. But it’s all there in the Nxt BCT Bible.


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