SkyNxt – Android app, In browser App

SkyNxt is a Nxt Android client and in browser app, which enables you to use certain Nxt features such as Send and receive NXT, see your transaction history, trade on the Nxt Asset Exchange, use the decentralised voting system, and send encrypted/unencrypted messages via the Nxt blockchain.

SkyNxt writes:

We have created a mobile application that connects to Nxt Blockchain and user will be able to perform following actions:
1. Send Nxt to recipient
2. Trade in Nxt AE.
3. View basic account transaction history.
4. Voting
5. Messaging (prunable yet to be supported)

The code is open source and can be found here

Android app is beta version and can be downloaded from here
Android app supports scanning NXT QR code address feature.

Run in Browser from following link:
TIP: While running from browser make sure you unblock parts through in address bar to detect peers automatically.

Run application by downloading source code:
Unzip after downloading and open index.html in the browser.

Since application may have bugs, & issues. If you find bugs\issues please submit here

All transactions are signed locally before broadcasting. Your passphrase doesn’t leave the device.
When you are installing the app for the first time, it will take 2-5 mins to discover peers and UI may be unresponsive during searching peers.

Originally posted on Nxtforum.org.

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