Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 10524562908394749924
Issuing accountNXT-JXRD-GKMR-WD9Y-83CK7

Trading and performance:

MGW (multigateway)


Website: http://multigateway.org

Multigateway AE description:
each MGW asset represents .0001% of multigateway multigateway will generate minimal fees from deposits and withdraws of cryptos into NXT AE. It uses a separate multisig acct for each depositor. It will have ongoing server costs and to minimize the cost of depositing and withdrawing crypto assets into NXT, it will keep fees as low as possible. Currently its projected revenue source will be via auctions for listing altcoins and altcoin giveaways. Such revenues received net of operating costs will be distributed to asset holders. multigateway isnt a non-profit, but it also isnt designed to be a massive profit generator. Any investment in multigateway will help cover operating costs and help the NXT community.

Useage of MGW

Download the Multigateway extension and you will have an additional submenu in the Nxt Client side bar called “Nxt Services”. In the upper right corner you can start a short tutorial as well as choose which coin you would like to use.

At the time of writing Multigateway accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and BitcoinDark (BTCD).

Users receive a unique deposit adress for each coin, which is linked to his NXT account. If you deposit coins in the Multigateway you receive the same amount in coin assets. These assets are tradeable against NXT in the Asset Exchange. You are also able to withdraw the coin assets against the lowest fee on the market, you only need to enter a withdrawal address.

Each coin asset represents one coin and is backed by the coins deposited in the Multigateway.
The coins are stored in multisignature wallets on three different servers belonging to three trusted businesses.


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