Jelurida’s Weekly Wins – June 7, 2019

GPS token airdrop announced for Ignis holders based on forthcoming snapshot on July 14

Coinerz Group have been working on the Triffic loyalty point gamification application for nearly two years. This week, it was announced that Coinerz Group reached their funding target and are planning an airdrop of their remaining GPS tokens. Jelurida wasted no time in spreading the news through Upbit's disclosure program. Anyone with IGNIS tokens will receive 1 GPS token for every 5 IGNIS based on a snapshot of account balances scheduled for July 14th. Note that exchanges are not participating in this airdrop, therefore, you must move your Ignis to a wallet to participate.

Jelurida Africa officially opens office to the public

An official office has been opened in Lagos, Nigeria to serve as the central meeting location for potential clients and partners of Jelurida Africa. The first meetings have already taken place, and more are planned for the coming weeks.

Hackernoon highlights Ardor platform's load testing and scaling experience

After releasing the full Ardor Load Test Report 05/2019, Lior Yaffe reflected on Jelurida's experience in a blog post that has since been republished by Hackernoon. Read the full article for an inside look at the key takeaways from the company's recent testing.

EspacioIT partnership kicks off with 4-day training

Alberto Fernandez was on-site at EspacioIT's offices for a comprehensive 4-day training on blockchain technologies and ideation exercises. EspacioIT is a subsidiary of Grupo Villar Mir focusing on software consultancy services. This was just the beginning of what is expected to be an ongoing relationship between Jelurida and EspacioIT for exploring and building out blockchain applications.

Jelurida set to sponsor and speak at FinTech Junction Tel Aviv on June 26-27

Jelurida is a bronze sponsor of the upcoming FinTech Junction on June 26-27. Lior and Alberto will both be on stage for individual speaking slots and panel discussions throughout the 2-day event.

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