European Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gateway Coinimal is adding NETELLER as a payment option. The move represents the first time a crypto business has ever worked with NETELLER, which offers instant deposits and withdrawals to millions of customers around the world.


Coinimal, a new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchant based in Vienna, Austria, has announced a ground-breaking partnership with NETELLER. Coinimal was launched in December 2014 with the aim of addressing the difficulties of obtaining Bitcoin in Europe and has since become one of the foremost options for both buying and selling crypto coins, including NXT and Litecoin.

NETELLER: a global partner

The development is a natural one for Coinimal, enabling customers to buy bitcoin with the speed and security of an established global partner. NETELLER has a series of payment options including credit cards, prepaid cards and bank transfers, and accepts bitcoin payments as a way to fund cash accounts – making all of these available to Coinimal’s customers via their fully-automated platform.

For NETELLER – which is currently planning to acquire its biggest competitor, Skrill, in a €1.1 billion deal – the partnership is a first foray into the crypto space and comes after several months of negotiations with Coinimal led by CEO Eric Demuth. ‘In my opinion NETELLER decided to do this pilot project with us because they feel that we are the most sophisticated, serious bitcoin gateway in the world, and our compliance is stellar,’ commented Coinimal CEO Paul Klanschek. ‘We are extremely proud to be the first crypto merchant in the world to accept NETELLER officially.’

Growing fast

Coinimal is well positioned to expand in the fast growing European market and will announce new features and partnerships over the coming weeks. Customers can currently buy €25 worth of Bitcoin without full verification of their account, allowing them to test the platform easily.


Read more news from Coinimal @ https://www.coinimal.com/news/


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