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What is the N&S BBQ Festival?

The BBQ Festival is a special event being planned for the Nxt and SuperNET communities. Its success will depend not just on the number of people attending but also on its potential to create new opportunities for Nxt and SuperNET. The event program is still being finalised. For the moment, the important news is:

  • The Festival will take place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland from Thursday 30 July to Sunday 2 August. 30th and 31st July are business days; 1st and 2nd August are community days.
  • Inexpensive accommodation (29th July-3rd August), to include all meals, will be provided.
  • The big Barbecue Party will be held in the evening of Saturday, 1st August.
  • The event program will follow the 4 big goals of the BBQ Festival (see below).

We are currently organising a crowdfunding campaign to determine the level of interest in the community and therefore the likely size of the event.

Please note: the event will be open to Bitcoin and other crypto communities/ventures. Especially the business days. But, as the Festival’s name suggests, the main focus will be on Nxt and SuperNET.

What are the goals of the BBQ Festival?

Some fun for the community

First and foremost it’s all about having fun. Barbecue = Conviviality! and Conviviality, as we all know, needs Beer! This is Summer, we are on the lake side, let’s have some fun.

The most fun-filled part of the weekend (at least officially!) will be Saturday night (1st August). It’s not only the Nxt special BBQ, it’s also the national day of Switzerland: so, get ready to enjoy a free Fireworks’ Display  on Lake Neuchâtel.

Visibility in the Swiss Economy and Social/Print Medias

Over the course of the Festival, I’ll be trying to gain as much exposure in Switzerland as possible for Nxt and SuperNET, especially on the Thursday and Friday (30/31 July) including: a press conference, a public presentation in the University and a meeting with Swiss businesses (all currently work in progress).

I’m already in contact with some local organisations to organize something cool. But there will need to be more than just 5 people attending the event for it to be credible.

Building the Nxt ecosystem and developing the tools

During the community days (Saturday/Sunday, 1/2 August) we will have fun/drinks/meat/vegetarian food but we’ll also be building Nxt as well. To that end, I’ll be organizing some workshops and also some lighter-hearted mini events, including a ‘hackathon’.

If you want to organise something in connection with the Event involving the use of Nxt and/or SuperNET features, please contact me as soon as possible.

Using the Nxt and SuperNET features

The Event itself is an IRL showcase for the Nxt features. We want to integrate as many Nxt and SuperNET features as possible in the Event’s organisation:

  • MSCoin (for the payment)
  • Asset
  • Marketplace
  • Voting system

Using SuperNET and the Multigateway, you can pay with any of the SN core currencies.


I’m Lionel Jeannerat, I live in Neuchâtel and I’m a freelance entrepreneur (http://www.valeurdhistoire.ch/). I’m known as Ludom in the Nxt and SuperNET community.

I’ve been involved in the Nxt community since December 2013 and I’m an early investor in SuperNET.  My reputation is good and I’m a respected member in the French community. I’m also the administrator of the NXTER.ORG magazine.

I have some experience in event organisation: Festivals and Fiestas (Ludesco, Erasmus Students Network, etc.).

Last year, I organised the first Nxt Barbecue. It was a great experience and now, with the help of other people, I want to organise a new and bigger one.

What is this crowdfunding campaign?

Participation and timing

The crowdfunding campaign begins 16th April and ends 6th May.

To subscribe:

  • Buy “Rewards” (as in Kickstarter) at our shop on Nxt Marketplace.
  • Send a bank wire (SEPA) to one or other of our two bank accounts, as detailed below (together with a message stating which category of rewards you’re buying – see below – and specifying the Nxt address to receive the BBQCH and/or Assets).

Nxt account (our shop):


Bank account (CHF):

Lionel Jeannerat
Rue de la Cassarde 18
2000 Neuchâtel
IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 1409 6058 6

Bank account (EUR)

PVHevents EUR
Lionel Jeannerat
Rue de la Cassarde 18
2000 Neuchâtel
IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 9167 2865 9

The Rewards

Supporter: 5 CHF = Receive 50 BBQCH

LittleNXTER: 285 CHF = Receive 3000 BBQCH (5% discount)

Please note: estimated reward value is the equivalent of 2 days at the Event (Registration fees + 3 nights + food).

MediumNXTER: 342 CHF = Receive 3800 BBQCH (10% discount).

Please note: estimated reward value is the equivalent of 3 days at the Event (Registration fees + 4 nights + food).

SuperNXTER: 391 CHF = Receive 4600 BBQCH (15% discount).

Please note: estimated reward value is the equivalent of 4 days in the Event (Registration fees + 5 nights + food).

VIP (limited 5): 550 CHF = Receive 5000 BBQCH + 1 VIP token.

Please note: those who support us by very generously buying a VIP token will get a Surprise Extra Benefit during the festival.

TBH, it’s still a surprise to us as well as we don’t yet have any ideas what it should be; so, by investing in a VIP token you’ll effectively be challenging us to come up with something extra special for you!

So, go on then: challenge us!

Supporter-Investor (limited 20): 630 CHF = Receive 3000 BBQCH + 50 PVHevents Assets.

IMPORTANT: Our estimates of the reward values are just that: estimates. The value of the little/medium/superNXTERs rewards are purely the corresponding amounts of BBQCH specified above, nothing else.

If the accommodation is more expensive than our estimates, you will have to pay the difference, but if it’s cheaper you’ll save some BBQCH for the weekend drinks. Wooooh!!!

First goal

The first goal of the crowdfunding is to reach the equivalent of 3000 CHF (~300’000 NXT). It is the equivalent of 10 people attending the event for 2 days.

If we don’t reach the first goal, we’ll cancel the BBQ Festival and instead I’ll organise a simple BBQ in my garden as I did last year.

Stretch goals

The BBQ Festival itself is just one of our crowdfunding goals: we also want to finance new Open Source tools for the Nxt community (useful of course for the BBQ Festival but also for other Nxt Ventures and events). These further goals are:

  • 5’000 CHF (~500’000 NXT): MScoin Easy payment system (Open Source)
  • 8’000 CHF (~800’000 NXT): Concert or DJ on Saturday Night
  • 10’000 CHF (~1’000’000 NXT): Nxt book-keeping, easy and automatic (Open Source)

The more money we raise, the more things we can accomplish.

Let’s make the weekend awesome!

Can I be a special partner or  support the Event in any other way?

We are interested in any joint venture proposals. Let’s help each other!

Let me know if you can personally help organise/run the event or if you’d like to invest or get involved in a joint venture of any kind involving the event.

The organisation begins and everything  is still up for discussion.

Contact me ludom@test.nxter.org or on SuperNET slack.

So, what exactly are BBQCH and PVHevents?

Monetary system coin: BBQCH

The BBQCH is the currency of the Festival. You can use it as a coin.

The type of the MScoin is exchangeable and it doesn’t have any decimal places.

During the BBQ festival, you can use it to pay for:

  • Registration fees for the event
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • And more…

The value of BBQCH is backed by Swiss Francs (CHF).

10 BBQCH = 1 CHF

Asset: PVHevents

The PVHevents assets will be part of the “BBQ Festival” venture. After the festival, the benefit will be distributed to the assetholders.

The asset ID is 16374615450544227361

You can buy this asset during the crowdfunding campaign by becoming one of the 20 Supporter-Investors. A further 3 tranches of 1,000 PVHevents assets will be made available, at the same price of 7.5 CHF/asset, for those specified below to buy privately.

IMPORTANT: The goal of the BBQ Festival is not to make a big profit. It could even make a loss. So, if you invest in PVHevents treat it, in effect, as making a “donation”, and regard any profit as being a “nice surprise”.

There are 10’000 PVHevents assets issued.

Price 5 CHF/asset:

Ludom buys 1’000 at 5’000 CHF (it’s the cash funds in our Bank Account)

Price 7.5 CHF/asset:

1000 sold in our crowdfunding campaign (20*50 PVHevents).

1000 reserved to the Nxt Foundation if they want to buy.

1000 reserved to SuperNET if they want to buy.

1000 reserved to Swiss Investors.

Price 10 CHF/asset:

5000 reserve for more Investment if needed.

Who decides?

The organisers of the event (Ludom and maybe other people too) will be responsible for everything to do with its organisation.

But it’s possible that that some decisions can be taken by the community (choosing music groups, collective accommodation solutions, drinks). As appropriate, we’ll organise a decentralized vote on Nxt based on the MScoin BBQCH.

The PVHevents assetholders will decide after the BBQ Festival if we should distribute all the funds (Bank account and Nxt account) or if we should hold some funds back in reserve to fund a new event.

Can I be scammed?

Transparency is a big part of the project. We’ll publish the bookkeeping based on the Bank account and the Nxt account.

If the project fails and the BBQ Festival therefore doesn’t happen, I’ll repay everybody as follows:

  1. Pay back the VIP buyers in full;
  2. Buy back the BBQCH at a fix price (average of the selling price)
  3. Refund the PVHevents assetholders as much as I can.  

How can we be contacted?

You can contact us by email (ludom@test.nxter.org) or on the Nxtforum topic.

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