NRS 1.11.7

Nxt Client (NRS) 1.11.7 Get it Get it Get it Exe and dmg digital signature: “Stichting NXT” .sh Sha256:dca642ffa8a2508c72af9246dc224af3f4e523427b77b1e7a026fe0ea57e05cd  nxt-client-1.11.7.sh Release 1.11.7: https://bitbucket.org/Jelurida/nxt/downloads/nxt-client-1.11.7.zip 1.11.7 .zip sha256: bfed4c5c2df82e876f88885c1d0501810edf49fc4998d694e74852d6ab176d57  nxt-client-1.11.7.zip NRS 1.11.7 release notes This release adds the ability to submit a JLRDA purchase transaction from the IGNIS Token Sale page even before the sell offer has …

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