SuperNET Newsletter #16

Welcome to the SuperNET.

As always, lots of exciting news to tell you about. InstantDEX is nearing beta launch, and James has not only been debugging but also beefing up SuperNET security and developing his Ramchain-coin idea further. SkyNET will soon be ready, filesharing has been added to the SuperNET Client, an asset dividend has been released, and more are in the pipeline.

In short: SuperNET is growing by leaps and bounds!


  • SuperNET 2.0.1b
  • InstantDEX beta
  • Jay v.1
    • dividend released
  • MGW asset update
  • Dividends in the pipeline
  • New Supertech
    • crypto777
    • fiat crypto transactions
  • SuperNET projects
    • lots
  • Coins functionality
  • SuperNET CORE coins updates

SuperNET 2.0.1b

The updated SuperNET client:

  • Added loading indicator after login.
  • Added language flag selection on login page (English, Chinese, Russian are fully implemented.
  • Added Opal Drive in Services (require Opal wallet running)
  • Fixed a bug where widget (in Projects, Services, Community, Help) did not trigger if blank panel space was clicked.
  • The ‘Close’ button for modal now appears in top right header bar, except for coin operation modal which follows the original style.
  • Added token check on msig deposit address.

See how to access the latest addition, Opal Drive (alpha), through the SN client: https://vid.me/DcI8 How to share files with Opal Drive: https://vimeo.com/123345942

Download (full) client

SuperNET v2.0.1-beta
sha256: 01C750B348CEC0A4F6CD145D1F44DBEBA074C8C51FD29FD388FC4E2CC6977C7E

Windows installer: SuperNET_for_Windows_Beta-2.0.1.msi – 72.7 MB
SHA256: F245F11DA69AD13BF1944871F095D358B9D3B1B5DE970045D80CC0755F15BE8A

Please clear your browser cache or press ‘ctrl + f5’ on login page whenever you update your client.

Download Lite Client

The updated SuperNET Lite Wallet

  • Added Hide forging indicator.
  • Allows predefined server ip to be used.
  • Changes generateToken to client side, avoid sending passphrase to server.
  • Add missing component that caused bug on ‘Send’ nxt and ‘Cancel’ AE order.

SuperNET v2.0.1-beta Lite Wallet – (no blockchain download):
sha256: F98B32914DD666F546FED12A51C5F63400CBB76BEA0CCA2376C54246A42378E7

Please clear your browser cache or press ‘ctrl + f5’ on login page whenever you update your client

InstantDEX beta

Testing and debugging is ongoing. 99% API is done. James pushed a version today that passed his internal tests for everything except combined orderbooks. Latest version supports hybrid trade clearing, and assuming this works, then automatch is the only major feature left still to do, along with historical stats.

eth and cryptosleuth are working on a GUI for the decentralized exchange:

PjnoOTS - Imgur

6OrqAq1 - Imgur-2

Jay v.1

Jay lite client and framework has been released.

A downloadable html file handles your security, encrypts all password data locally and acts as a buffer between your computer and potentially unsafe web services. This way you can use all features safely and easily.

Jones writes:

It can do all Nxt transaction types, and after v.2 all SuperNET transactions.

Jay client v.1

The Client is based on the Jay Framework:

Jay Framework

The jay.js library provides all the basic functions required to create applications that interface with Nxt and the Jay Client. Basic Javascript is now all that you need to be a wallet developer!

Read more here: http://jnxt.org/jay/.
Documentation for developers: http://jnxt.org/docs/. Github: https://github.com/jonesnxt/

You can read more about the future of Jay Client and Framework in SuperNET Newsletter #9.

Jay Dividend released

The Jay Dividend (asset ID 8688289798928624137) has been sent.

7.5% to SuperNET investors.
7.5% to NXTventure investors.
5% to JLH.
40% to SuperHODL.
30% to developers Jones (20), btcddev (10) and longzai (10).

James writes: ‘Jay will generate revenues via deals similar to the one it made with InstantDEX, eg. a percentage share of the fees generated. 20% of InstantDEX fees will be around 1 NXT per trade (if both sides use Jay). The initial release does not support InstantDEX yet, so revenues will have to wait until then. I would assume a significant amount of the revenues will be dividended out as the Jay framework has no direct server infrastructure costs.‘

It was announced in the last SuperNET Newsletter, that the Jay dividend would be released when less than 8,161 SuperNET assets were left in BTER. However, the trigger was not met before Jay got launched, and as James wrote: ‘if Jay is actually in production, then we can make asset release, but then no complaints about dividends that would get stuck in BTER.’ !

Our advice to SuperNET/UNITY owners stays the same: Don’t trust your values with centralized exchanges but withdraw your UNITY to your Nxt account / SuperNET multiwallet.

MGW asset update

James writes: ‘MGW will get at least the 5% revshare from InstantDEX, so this makes its cashflow value at least 10% of InstantDEX. It will also be able to make some fees from deposit/withdraw/autoconversions, but until we are in the slow user growth phase, it is best to keep fees minimal to maximize the userbase.

MGW [asset ID 10524562908394749924] has some server costs to pay for, but it should trade probably ~8% of InstantDEX. As volumes go up, the 8% will approach 10% since the operating costs will become a smaller and smaller percentage.’

MyNxt releases MGW plugin

The plugin is free to install and enables users to easily tap into the power of the SuperNET MGW Distributed Exchange through the MyNxt webwallet. This will make it possible to exchange Multigateway coins, like NXT for Bitcoins, with simplicity and minimum risk.

MyNXT does not store any coins but uses the MGW service to convert them to mgwCoins as well as send them to your desired destination.

Simply go to https://wallet.mynxt.info, log in and install the plugin. You are good to go in 30 secs.

Asset dividends in the pipeline

Omnigames and SNN (SuperNET News Network) are in the pipeline, along with a few others that are not issued yet.

Read about Omnigames here:

And SNN here:

Fumanchu (SNN) writes: We are waiting until Summer to move out of soft launch, so don’t expect much from SNN until then. Currently I’m pitching the platform to established publishers to link in or provide resources for the network. So the front end seems dormant but things are actually cooking behind the scenes.’

View the front end here: https://supernetnews.org
Endorse the SNN Project: http://startgarden.com/ideas/detail/supernet-news-network

New Supertech

James writes:

‘crypto777 library is my new sourcebase that I started writing, I am combining ideas from TF [Nxt Transparent Forging], new tech from CfB, and just doing what makes sense to me. [It] turns out I am doing things that are similar to previously described ftp://intranet.dei.polimi.it/users/Carlo.Piccardi/VarieCda/ArticoliStudenti/i15.pdf,
https://www.cs.unm.edu/~saia/papers/RandomBeacon.pdf and others, but it is a method that I will use to solve network security, quantum computer attacks and Pangea realtime betting.

I believe I improved on BCNext’s TF, at least I have a method to practically do thousands of tx per block, with a very fast blocktime, but this is still “theoretical”. Once the older projects go into maintenance mode, I will have time to experiment.

I put together a little proof of concept ramchain coin, [which] uses authenticated nonces, two stage encryption (arithmetic coder + OTP) and blocktimes fast enough for poker. This is also the same method I will [use to] enhance the security level for the SuperNET, but it’s nice to have an entire coin codebase that I wrote (with plenty of advices from CfB) in ~1500 lines of C.

The crypto777 “coin” (I think I will name it CLOCK as the blocks come out like clockwork) is a framework to add a decentralized consensus onto anything, eg. Pangea chips, but I am also investigating BTCD sidechains as it makes no sense to release yet another coin when you can enhance an existing one.

CLOCK supports the concept of a ledger, which is simply a balance tied to an account and there are transactions that modify the ledger. I use 48 byte signature and 32 bytes for simple tx, but all the tx handling I would prefer to be totally abstracted away from CLOCK itself. (…) So a node would subscribe to a tx stream type X, Y and Z and only have to deal with them and if a tx type B is having a problem, it would just mess up ledger B, while all the other ledgers just keep on going. So like a blockchain OS, you can run multiple “processes” but just one consensus chain.

My breakthrough idea is to overlap the time variable consensus generation with the actual blockchain data, since the consensus is only about which nodes are to become generators (no tx data at all), there is little room for disagreement, forks, etc. and this chain builds very fast. <2 seconds in my localhost test network of 128 threads. I have a logN network topology, so add 6 hops at worst case 500 milliseconds each hop still gets us to 5 second blocktimes for the consensus chain. Now we have a consensus chain growing once per 5 seconds and that means the data chains can be any time above this and it will be like a CLOCK.

With the line count being so low, it becomes feasible to get a full code review for any and all flaws. If I can totally abstract out the blockdata semantics, then it will be a framework for any sort of data consensus, in realtime, that a subset of nodes can maintain.

Instant backed and pegged fiat crypto transactions?

Since the codebase is so small and I fully understand it, I can start to solve the more difficult issues, like a backed and pegged fiat crypto, realtime ledger consensus, hmm actually I think those are the only two unsolved things left.

I will announce more specifics after I get a test version of a more useful system working.

SuperNET related projects

SuperNET Tees


lionelpreacherbot has made a limited quantity of SuperNET T-Shirts. The price is 1400 NXT. Global shipping available, please see listing for details. Go to Store ID NXT-QW8T-M25B-7WN3-EXNMA or simply search: Tshirts, SuperNET, or Clothing in the Nxt Marketplace and click the listing with the size of your choice.


The SuperNET silver coins (asset ID 1976421459488798622) are shipping!

SuperNET Barbecue Festival

The Pre-announcement of the BBQ Festival





ATOMIC has gone into testing.


Documentation: http://atomicdac.org/?page_id=11033

‘ATOMIC is a DAC, the asset holders actually “own” the company. So lets say that ATOMIC makes a profit of $100 during the monthly period and you own 25% of atomic assets. You would get $25 of the $100 as a 25% owner of the DAC. The profit is coming from minimal exchange and ledger recording fees. I believe it was jl777 who said that we will keep the fees pretty low in the early stages to attract more users but you’re still getting your cut of the profits dependent directly on how much of the DAC you own.’, writes Cryptaxe. Asset ID 11694807213441909013.


BTCD has been integrated into the exchange. You can exchange it to other crypto as well as to fiat, inlcuding withdrawals to any Visa/Master card and bank transfer. All crypto exchanges are instant.

Half-anon Cryptocards are available for purchase.
Follow these instructions: https://coinomat.com/fswc.php

Internal balances

Coinomat has enabled interest-bearing accounts at Coinomat.com. If you maintain a balance of 10 USD (/EUR) and above you are credited with a daily interest of 0.06% (currently). The interest is credited every day.

If you are a CoinoUSD holder you are eligible for interest payments, without even depositing your CoinoUSD at your account. In order to connect your NXT account with your Conomat.com account for receiving CoinoUSD interest you need to log in at Coinomat.com using token authorization in your NXT client. After that the interest is credited to your Coinomat.com account as long as you keep CoinoUSD in your NXT or Coinomat.com account. 1 CoinoUSD = 1 USD.


FMlite has moved to: https://freemarketlite.cc

blackyblack has updated the site to include ratings and feedback of sellers. This, for now, is a centralized solution and ratings are isolated from other Freemarket nodes. Full decentralized ratings is an issue the FM team is working on.



As for ETAs, early April for playmoney test release. Live release most likely in June.

SuperNET Radio Network (SNRN)

“Security Saturdays” @ 2 PM EST has been launched. It’s an hour long show with a different topic every week  aimed at educating people on the subject technology. The April 11th  Subject is “BTCD & Teleport”.  Lootz and Colin12 are the commentators.
SNRN has two other shows in the final stages of development and  strategies timed to become active with the the public release of SuperNet.
All shows:

Coins functionality in SuperNET

The SuperNET CORE coins have been chosen with great care for their dev teams and unique tech but not all CORE coin features will be implemented in the SuperNET wallet – only chosen features.
James explains:

Supernet is not a coin, so any coins afraid it will take over is a bit like facebook worried the internet will take it over. The internet has website A, B, C, … the combination of all the websites, is the internet. Now a specific website F, it is part of the entire internet, but it is its own website. The presence of other websites doesnt detract from it.

It is not a zero sum thing at all. It is possible for a new participant to gain, while all the pre-existing participants also gain. This is due to the value of networks being proprotional to N*N. The bigger the network the more each addition boosts everyone else and the more the new participant gets, like a snowball rolling down the mountain. And supernet is not just the coins, not just the software, not just the investments, not just all the asset projects, just like the internet isnt just Facebook. What can you do with the internet? What can you do with SuperNET?

BTC, fiat and all SuperNET CORE coins can be easily transferred in and out of the SuperNET Client, be traded with ease in the in-wallet decentralized exchange (InstantDEX, in beta), because without OPAL, you will not get access to OpalDrive, without FIBRE, you don’t get the chosen FIBRE features, etc.

The features being developed by some of the CORE coins for the SuperNET GUI functionality are currently as follows:
Opal – Opal Drive p2p filesharing
BTCD – Anonymity-related functionality
Bitstar – Further development of their in-wallet localbitcoins-like p2p trading platform
VRC – Decentralized VeriBit/SuperBit
Fibre – Further development of Fibrelock alongside an optional FibreOS package for SuperNET users. 

SuperNET CORE coins news


Public Beta of ZeroTrust

Pay your bills with Fibre
https://www.bitbill.eu, and also at https://www.litepaid.com/

FibreOS 2.0 will be presented with a device that you can connect anything you want to and it will give additional options for the more advanced users – supernet wallet, core coins wallets and some additional features from itself. It will present the great supernet tech and supernet core coins tech, and enable people to use one solution for everything they need, everywhere. With all SuperNET features like InstantDEX exchange etc, Fibre wallet, SuperNET wallet, Opal wallet, Vrc wallet etc, you will just turn on what you need, and you can install more software additionally, if you need it.


I guess you heard…

Real-time websocket connectivity

Nxt Mobile – trustless smartphone application

Transactions signed locally * send NXT * assets details * asset exchange operations (place bid/ask) * transactions details * request payment * multiple account management * generate and scan QR codes * use with your trusted node for extra security * more * … Developer: fmiboy.

NRS v1.5.0e released

This is an experimental release for the Voting System and 2-phased transactions.
It enables these features on testnet, and is a required update for all testnet nodes.

The NRS client comes with a new plugin system, enabling third party developers to provide additional functionality for the client.

Earn with your website or advertise with your banner
Nxtad.net now lets you deposit and withdraw NXT, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BTCD and DASH

Get more NXT and SuperNET related news on http://test.nxter.org and https://nxtforum.org.


Colored Coins GUI released

Opal Drive alpha released
‘Opal Drive is the ultimate file sharing platform: Decentralized, easy, simple, quick. Opal Drive is a fork of Syncthing, and we’re building Opal integrations that will possibly even be pulled upstream.‘, writes bassguitarman.

OpalDrive can be accessed from Opal Wallet and the SuperNET Client.

‘Opal is in the process of hiring a go developer for this project, and needs support to help afford the work to make Opal Drive the best file transfer system out there. If you want to help, you can donate via lighthouse, and you will be forever appreciated for helping Opal develop.  If you don’t want to donate, we still love you.’

You can download the project file here: https://github.com/OpalCoin/OpalCoin/releases/download/fund/opal-drive.lighthouse-project


VeriCoin 1.5.2 available
NEW users pls visit http://vericoin.info
Existing users go to File > Help > “Check For Updates”.

VeriCoin Roadmap Updated

Official VeriCoin YouTube Channel
Please subscribe at – https://youtube.com/user/vericoinchannel


New Bitstar wallet update, with Supernet lite wallet built in:


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