OpalCoin announces release of Opal Drive


UPDATE 24.03.2015

You can try out the Opal Drive alpha here:

UPDATE 27.02.2015

OPAL Team has just announced, that miscommunication between OPAL and Storj have led to the project being delayed.

Development of Opal Drive is continuing, and we are going to utilize an alternate solution to Storj that we think better suits Opalcoin.

This was a learning experience and we do respect Storj, but have decided to move to another solution for the final product.

Update 1
Update 2


Opal Coin is happy to announce the release of Opal Drive, the latest addition to the Opal cryptocurrency. Encrypted with the same system used in Opacity, which allows a user to encrypt a file with another user’s private key using only their public key, Opal leverages Storj’s existing MetaDisk infrastructure. By using Storj’s MetaDisk infrastructure, users will be able to upload, transfer, and decrypt files all in the wallet via the Storj MetaDisk API. Opal announced Opal Drive February 24, 2015, and is expected to have a basic demo release within 2-3 days which will allow users to upload files with the ability to transfer data coming shortly after.

Opal from the ground up was designed to be an all in one solution for anonymity online regardless. Receiving a 7/7 from Coins Source and a 5/5 from CryptoAsian, Opal is a well-known and trusted cryptocurrency in a competitive altcoin ecosystem. Opal announced the project several months ago, but recent headlines of sensitive information only served further to prove the need and accelerate the development of a decentralized files storage system. With encrypted messages as well as anonymous transactions fully functional, secure cloud storage was the next natural step.

By implementing completely anonymous “push” security, Opal is applying a method first found in cryptocurrencies. By using “push” security, users can only access files that are marked retrievable, a crucial step that alone defends information from prying eyes.

Opal expects that Opal Drive will be used by businesses and individuals alike to store confidential information safely in the cloud. In a digital world where centralized storage solutions are prone to hackers and government seizure, Opal offers a decentralized solution.

Lead developer of Opal, Whit Jack, stated:  “Opal is excited for the potential applications of a decentralized file transfer protocol, based on the same technologies as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  We believe that we can greatly improve the file sharing industry by protecting against hacking, spying, and other nefarious situations.”

Opal has many other projects in the work, such as colored coins for example, which will allow cryptographic loyalty programs and provably fair gambling. Opal has many features planned out in its roadmap, with Opal Drive to be rolled out soon.

About Opal

Founded on September 11, 2014, Opal is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that had no ICO, IPO, or premine. Consisting of a team of 10 members with skills ranging from marketing to coding and development, all expenses are covered by the development team. Opal is currently traded on 6 exchanges and offers a wallet for every major operating system.


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