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It Always Seems
Impossible Until It’s Done

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

What is truly impossible? Licking your own elbow? Yes. Teach goldfish to play clarinet? Positive. Code and launch a decentralized blockchain platform that smokes AWS, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Ethereum? Done. And bring it to the mainstream? We'll see about that.

There's a new promising testnet release, Jelurida's Lightweight Contracts hackathon is ongoing, team members are in Malta discussing Full BaaS versus Cloud BaaS solutions and pitching Ardor, others are laying final hands on the next Ardor mainnet release, which will push Lightweight Contracts to the mainnet and launch Dominium's real estate child chain. From the community, we have Nxt and Ardor mobile wallet updates, Nxter puzzles with IGNIS prizes, and the RYA team growing, warming up to their mainnet release and a 1:0.4 airdrop to NXT holders. Oh. And then the world's first property bond on blockchain was just launched on the Ardor powered Dominium platform.

We thank you, for letting us take you through another week that was;

Ardor 2.2.0e Released


Mandatory testnet upgrade introduces 10 seconds block time, Dominium real estate child chain, new Asset Properties feature, Voucher fix and Lightweight Contract improvements

On Friday 12:00 CET Jelurida released a MANDATORY upgrade for testnet nodes.

The new release includes:

- Upgrades to the Lightweight Contracts

- The Dominium child chain 

- Asset Properties feature, new API
- attach metadata to assets, in the form of name/value pairs

- Loading transaction voucher which contains an attached encrypted message fix

- The average block time will be reduced to 10 seconds on testnet, after block 455000 to allow faster testing and development and to test the feasibility of reducing block time should the need arise on mainnet.

- Freezing of assets and currencies, to be used for tokens that are scheduled to become child chains, Migration of a frozen asset or currency to a new child chain, Loading of account balances for new child chains
- as seen when the ARDR asset and the IGNIS ICO token (JLRDA) were ported from the Nxt blockchain to Ardor

Full changelog

Hackers beware:

All existing [Lightweight] Contracts will have to be redeployed on testnet and contract runners using a previous version won't be able to run contracts deployed using the current version.

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Ardor in The BaaS Landscape

Veronica Torras discussed the BaaS landscape at a MITA meeting in Malta. Ardor is the first and currently only working Full Blockchain-as-a-Service platform running in production

Veronica told us:

"We had 30 people in the room, most of them from several minister departments of the government in Malta, few students and one startup. This was a private event for the MITA people. We are looking forward to the event of this evening where there are over 50 people inscribed."


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Blockchain MT

Malta is, with its crypto-friendly policies, re-branding itself "Blockchain Island". It seems to work. On Nov 1-2 Jelurida is visiting along with other world-leading blockchain companies  

Prime Minister Honourable Joseph Muscat kicked off the event which is packed with great keynote speakers, networking events, ICO pitches, a hackathon, and an award show - among other things. Jelurida is ready to help at booth 260, so maybe McAfee should drop by and discuss clones?

LWC Security Model

Smart Contracts are known for their awesomeness - and for being exploited and cause severe losses of funds. LightWeight Contracts are secure stateless Java contracts on the blockchain

Lior Yaffe explains the security measures taken by Jelurida before the launch of Ardor's Lightweight Contracts framework on the mainnet. Your funds are safu, as Lightweight Contracts execution is not part of the blockchain consensus. As a contract runner, your node is safe because Lightweight Contracts run in a "protected sandbox, which protects the local node from any malicious activity attempted by the contract". Jelurida did not invent this security system but has built in one of the already proven security frameworks available already - the Java enterprise-grade security model, JAAS.

"...we chose to integrate the Java permission system into the internals of our code. We trust the Java engineers and the 20-year legacy of mission critical Java applications to provide the best possible security framework for our contracts."

"To reach the full potential of the technology, we would like contract runners to run contracts developed by 3rd parties they do not fully trust. Supporting this would provide an “App Store” like marketplace experience for contracts, where any node runner can choose to run any contract without having to trust the developer of the contract much the same way apps run on smartphones."

Read more in Lior's post here.

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Nxter Puzzle | Algebradabra

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Seek Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

About this week's brain workout, Mr. Madfox writes:

The task is to choose the right equations and make a passphrase from them.
Order - left to right.


All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - some are still unsolved and with IGNIS to be claimed.

Ardor Lite Version 2.0.2

The Ardor Lite wallet allows for simple/fast interaction with the Ardor blockchain and its child chains on web or Android devices

Ardor Lite developer MrV777 has an ongoing application process (a nicer word for bloody battle?) going on with the Apple Store. Now awaiting their verdict for the third time - and so are we - while other crypto apps he made just seem to go right through. In the meantime - another update made to the Android version of Ardor Lite was pushed to PlayStore. He wrote:

Just minor changes, mostly translations. Thank you to those that contributed
• Small style improvements
• Updated translations for Korean, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch
• Added translations for Galician, and Portuguese

There's also an online web version available at wallet.ardor.tools, the code is open source and will be reviewed by Jelurida.

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New WalletNxt Version

WalletNxt supports NXT, ARDR, Ardor child chain tokens, and a selection of NXT clones. This week a new version was released 

NxtWallet is a multi-coin wallet, developed by community member Zhang, originally for the Chinese Nxt and Ardor community, but the app has an English version and has met adoption outside of China too.

WalletNxt is available on Google Play for Android devices, and on its website, Zhang is also offering an online version, a desktop version for Windows and Mac, and an iPhone version, which can be downloaded and installed at your own risk.

Added this week was an "Android Compatible" version, which works on Android 5.0 and older versions. Zhang stated:

Added Android compatible version: https://walletnxt.com/
Compatible: Android 5.0 or below. If you are unable to use the normal version, please use the compatible version, the compatible version cannot use the scan code function.

NxtWallet supports NXT, ARDR, IGNIS, AEUR, BITSWIFT, plus a number of selected Nxt clones, currently counting: ACTN, MTR, HEBE, APL, MOTIV, EAC, and RYA should be upcoming.

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Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.

Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 

Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc


Upcoming Events

Meet Jelurida and the ArdorNxt Group in Malta.

Booth 240.

Malta Blockchain Summit

Adedayo Adebajo will be speaking at the first West African Cybersecurity & Blockchain Technology Conference in Lagos. 


Jelurida attends Asia Blockchain Week, one of the major international platforms for showcasing innovative Blockchain solutions.

More information

ANG and the community continue to compile the blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.

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Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?

Token News of The Week



Last week Ardorgate's banking partner Mister Tango announced that due to contract cancellation with their current payment card provider, Mistertango payment cards are de-activated and no longer working from November 1, 2018.

Martis, Ardorgate, wrote:

OK, long story short. Because MT is too crypto friendly, their Mastercard service provider cancelled their contract. Just like that. But the good news, they are working with the new provider, a new card will be available in near term.

This does not affect Ardorgate users. Your fiat funds are safe, your AEUR tokens on the blockchain are safe (of course), and the Ardorgate EUR < - > AEUR gateway works as always.

New cards can already be pre-ordered in your MisterTango account dashboard, on the mobile app or their website. All users who sign up for pre-orders will receive a 1 month's free Personal+ plan, worth 4,99 EUR, they write. 

About AEUR

The AEUR token from Ardorgate can always be exchanged 1:1 for Euro through a 3rd party bank, Mister Tango. With AEUR you can transfer money cheaply, crowdfund, trade, or have an ICO in Euro - decentralized on the Ardor platform. With Ardorgate and a Mister Tango Mastercard you can spend ARDR, Ignis and other child chain tokens in shops.

Learn more: ANN | Website | Twitter



Max Property Group has launched the world's first property fund on blockchain, Dominium announced. Dominium users can subscribe to the fund online, pass KYC procedures digitally, purchase regulatory compliant property bonds from as little as €1,000, and once the fund is fully subscribed, trade the tokenized assets with other users. 

“The use of blockchain technology means that investors can participate from just €1,000 as opposed to the €10,000 minimum that we had to set for the previous Dutch fund.”

On November 10, Dominium's ambassador in Nigeria, Mr. Kingdom Linus, will be representing Dominium at the West Africa Cyber Security & Blockchain Conference in Lagos, Nigeria. Tickets are free, and interested parties can schedule a private meeting, with limited slots available.

About Dominium

"Dominium utilizes Ardor to establish a fully transparent blockchain based real estate platform. “Having closely followed several blockchain technologies from conception, including Ethereum, we strongly feel that Ardor is the platform with the best features for our business, especially the controlled trading of assets” says Joost de Kruiff, a Dominium Blockchain Advisor. The child chain is expected to be operational in over 120 countries by the end of 2018".

Dominium will become a marketplace for property sales and rentals, and will also register property management activities, thus creating a fully transparent historical chain of information, serving tenants, buyers and investors alike. Dominium will also allow third party fund creators to set up property funds with standardised documentation, under an umbrella licence.

Learn more: ANN | Website | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

The Dominium child chain will be released on November 30. DOM token will be tradable on the decentralized Ardor Exchange immediately after its release. You can buy DOM tokens from the ICO, or earn DOM tokens by referring. Sign up and start earning.

You can also read a review of Dominium's child chain project in Nxter Magazine.

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EZYcount ICO


Vivien wrote this article about the advantages of tokenizing software licenses.

About EZYcount

EZY Taal is a token issued on the Ignis blockchain, and tradeable across the Ardor platform. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

Learn more: Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter | Join the ICO

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CiviliXation Digital COOP


Lee Gibson Grant announced in ArdorNxt.slack:

You can buy CiviX shares at 0.50$ till 31st October. After that they will increase to 0.75 and 15 days later 1$. Anyone that buys on the pre-funding rounds will also recieve DTMI tokens as a reward on top of the shares purchased.

In the meantime, Drachmae can be found at Moldova Cyber Week:

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The Hackathon

October 22nd, 2018

Opening Date for Submissions
November 22nd

Deadline Date for Submissions
December 6th, 2018, 11:59 UTC

Winners Announcement
January 1st, 2019

3 Ardor Hackathon Challenges

Challenge 1:

Currency Exchange

  • 1st prize - $4000
  • 2nd prize - $2000
  • 3rd prize - $1000

Think you have what it takes to automate the process of currency exchanges? This is your chance to prove your skills by creating a Lightweight Contract to exchange between Bitcoin and Ignis.

More details...

Challenge 2:

Cloud Storage

  • 1st prize - $4000
  • 2nd prize - $2000
  • 3rd prize - $1000

Decentralized data storage has gotten lots of hype, but most blockchain platforms are still figuring out how to offer this type of feature. In this challenge, you will use the existing Data Cloud on the Ardor platform's child chains to take cloud storage and streaming to the next level.

More details...

Challenge 3:

Identity Verification

  • 1st prize - $4000
  • 2nd prize - $2000
  • 3rd prize - $1000

Fake social media accounts are a major issue, with platforms like Twitter implementing their own verification process. On the Ardor platform, we think this process can be done better. Join this challenge to develop a Lightweight Contract based on reputation management and identity verification.

More details...

It's on.

Source | Terms and Conditions | For Hackathon emails | Ardor Learning Hub

There will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session in early November - Date TBD, 2018.
Prizes will be paid in IGNIS tokens equivalent (using the CMC rate at the moment of payment).

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Lightweight Contracts Documentation

Watch, read, test, play and learn.
Ardor Lightweight Contracts offer a totally new way to create and deploy smart contracts to a blockchain network. Start here.

Lightweight Contracts - Wiki

After a frantic effort, the Lightweight Contracts wiki is updated with thorough documentation and many helpful screenshots to aid anyone, especially would be Ardor devs, in the installation and usage of Ardor's advanced Lightweight Contracts functionality. Many add-ons and unit tests have been developed to support your coming learning experience.

Wiki page

Lightweight Contracts - The Blogs

Lior Yaffe has been blogging about on his journey towards releasing the brand new contracts concept.

Read the Medium articles

Lightweight Contracts Seminar w/ Lior Yaffe

Below Lior elaborates on the theme of “simplicity” regarding this unique Contracts framework.

- BTW -



This week, Rya's stablecoin/decentralized monetary system-proposal was analyzed in a Medium article. The Rya team is growing and a snapshot and airdrop will occur on November 17 

Rya is getting attention. Besides the folks flocking to their Telegram group to ask questions about the airdrop (keep your NXT in an account YOU control), and RYA price and exchanges (there is no price, no centralized exchange listing, no ICO, the market will decide, etc.), also more devs have joined the team, and interest in the  testnet, project, and its whitepaper is picking up. Good, taking into account that Rya might be run and developed by a talented (anonymous) team right now but that it is also going to be dependent on a decentralized community-run network (remember Nxt?) and participants in the system. For this reason, understanding what the platform is about, reading the whitepaper and visiting their website is so important. Rya is here to make banks obsolete. Not to get a pump on centralized exchanges. How about it.

Website/whitepaper: https://ryacoin.io/

This week a Medium article, "A stablecoin for the apocalypse", discussed RYA's position in the "stable coin" landscape, comparing it to what currently exists. The author wrote:

"...economic autonomy and decentralization are big frickin’ deals. ...

Also, questions about scale, security and how these stablecoins address credit, money creation and other features seen in the fiat economy should be considered carefully."

In the eyes of the author, this is what the Rya team has done. He waves goodbye to fiat and "pegs" like USDT, Maker, Truecoin, Tether, et al, as he reaches the conclusion that

"[Rya's] concept is elegant and seems to promise money supply rate changes as offered by fiat, but in a completely decentralized way while being a better store of value than fiat. Also, P2P loans replace the need for institutional loans seen today. Economically speaking, Rya could exist in a vacuum and be perfectly fine.

Rya seems to have the potential to provide a secure, divisible and scalable solution that fits the apocalypse-ready template very well."

Rya is based on a clone of Nxt's source code, but its "Proof of Trust" algorithm makes use of 2 tokens - RYA and TRUST.

Read the article

The Rya team states:

“Bitcoin is a great store of value but is volatile due to its fixed supply. Fiat currency is less volatile because regulators impact the price of the currency but we don't want to rely on them. Rya proposes an automatic decentralized money supply solution based on p2p loans amongst other things which stabilizes the price of rya. This is the only way to truly make banks unnecessary.”

Testnet bounty is still OPEN. Join for FREE Rya -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffJrQMg8UWFCpg2FvL1R1AdVy7hiuMv2czSeg2iLsuq1SIsw/viewform

Here is the link to the Rya repo hosted at Github: https://github.com/RyaDevelopers/Rya

ANN | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat

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